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HiTeach 5 Smart Teaching System

HiTeach 5 is a teaching software that supports smart classrooms. It integrates 4 major classroom teaching functions, including classroom management, electronic whiteboard(IWB), teacher-student interaction, and learning assessment, and fully supports interactive learning, task learning, multiple assessments, peer assessment, team-based learning, collaboration, differentiated learning and other modern teaching methods and strategies, it is a powerful system that can completely help teachers in teaching.

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What is TEAM Model?

TEAM Model covers 4 aspects of teaching and is a comprehensive smart education solution.

  • e-TeachingInspire students' enthusiasm for learning and realize the student-centered modern instructional concepts.
  • e-assEssingProvide real-time assessment and data statistics to understand students' learning status.
  • e-diAgnosisA professional learning diagnostic analysis that accurately identifies the strengths and weaknesses of learning.
  • e-reMediationProvide a remedial mechanism for students’ learning weaknesses so that every child can learn well.

HiTeach 5 is the core software of TEAM Model, you can download for free.

HiTeach download (free download)

Focus on smart education R&D

HABOOK was founded in Taiwan in 1999 and has accumulated more than 20 years of educational technology R&D achievements. Specifically designed to meet the teaching needs of teachers, the system is designed to make it easier to practice modern educational concepts such as TBL, PBL, and literacy-oriented teaching. The TEAM Model AI smart school complete solution developed by HABOOK creates a highly interactive and efficient smart lecture, realizes the ideal of student-centered, one-on-one education, and allows every child to learn appropriately.

Why to choose TEAM Model System

Our Strengths

Most comprehensive before-, during-, and after-class integration

Most comprehensive before-, during-, and after-class integration

Exclusive R&D AI technology applications

Exclusive R&D AI technology applications

Free, cross-platform, interactive teaching is super easy!
HiTeach CC (Cloud Classroom) is a cross-platform interactive teaching software developed by the TEAM Model system development team. Using a browser, you can use HiTeach CC's whiteboard function, teacher-student interaction function and learning assessment function on various platforms such as Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, and Linux.

HiTeach CC is a free, easy-to-use, free installation, cross-platform smart teaching software that teachers can use as long as they register for a TEAM Model account. On the student side, the cross-platform Web IRS is used to connect to the cloud classroom, quickly connect to HiTeach CC, and immediately experience convenient services such as interactive learning, task learning and multi-assessment brought by HiTeach CC.

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