What is TEAM Model

TEAM Model, two words that best represent the educational value created by TEAM Model smarter education support system and the power to change the world. Its implications are enlightening, observation learning and seed of hope

TEAM Model covers the four steps of teaching

All-round smarter education solution

  • T:TeachingInspire students' enthusiasm for learning and realize the student-centered modern instructional concepts.
  • E:AssessingReal-time data assessment to master the degree of absorption.
  • A:DiagnosisAutomatic integration and analysis of data to precisely figure out the learning weakness.
  • M:RemediationConduct 1-to-1 remediation according to individual weakness to make every child learn well.

Why to choose TEAM Model

Our Strengths

Most suitable for teaching

Most comprehensive before-, during-, and after-class integration

Most perfect loT information instrument

Most innovative AI technology application

HiTeach 928 is the educational charity version of HiTeach 5. It is a public welfare free version that expands support for teachers to help them better implement competence-oriented teaching. 928 is named after the anniversary of Confucius's birth, who is considered the paragon of Chinese sages. His educational philosophy, to teach students according to their abilities and to teach without distinction, has lasted for thousands of years and is recognized worldwide.

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