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About HABOOK Group

HABOOK Group, established in Taiwan in 1999, is dedicated to education technology research for more than 20 years, and has developed a complete resolution to school modernization, Our objectives are applying technologies into education, promoting effective TITM (Technology Innovative Teaching Model), strategies, and creating unlimited possibilities of education. TEAM Model AI Smarter Schools, which includes the classroom end smarter teaching system, student end smarter learning service, cloud analysis and management platform service that can effectively promote teachers’ professional development and student learning outcomes. Currently, HABOOK is continuously building the smarter schools around the world. There are over 50,000 smarter classrooms for 2,000,000 students’ daily usage.



Launch HiTeach CC & New Dual AI Service

The lightweight HiTeach CC is launched, which is a free, easy-to-use, free installation, and cross-platform smart teaching software.

HiTeach 5 is equipped with dual AI engines, including AI text analysis tools and AI Sokrates index. The former helps teachers quickly process a large number of words, phrases, and sentences synchronously transmitted from the students in the classroom. The latter, with instant feedback on the technology interaction index and frequency analysis at the end of the class, help teachers familiarize themselves with HiTeach 5.


Release All-New TEAM Model 5 Series

After several years of research, development, and upgrading, pleased to announce the All-New TEAM Model 5.

Including: HiTeach 5 , HiTA 5 Teacher app, Web IRS 5, IES 5 , AClass ONE 5 Learning Companion, PLAYTOL Dynamic Assessment Analytics, OMR Exam Scanning System, and Sokrates 5 series.

The founder, Professor Power Wu, won the "木鐸 Award", the highest honor in education and academia.

Invited by university scholars from the US and China to jointly publish at the WALS 2021 International Conference.

Long-term charity support unit TTL&ITDA was awarded the Gold Award for Charity Contribution by the Ministry of the Interior.



Launch "PLAYTOL Clips" and "Web IRS" to achieve accurate remediation and more convenient real-time feedback for teachers and students.

Organize "Smarter Lecture & Global Pedagogical Review" events around the world to promote AI teacher professional development


The 20th anniversary of HABOOK Group.

HABOOK Group integrated smarter teaching system, teacher professional development platform, and AI education big data analysis, aiming at building TEAM Model AI Smarter School all over the world.


Launch Haboard Smarter Touchscreen

Launch Haboard Smarter Touchscreen which ingrates hardware and software, completing an important part of the smarter school environment construction.


Launch TEAM Model AI LOL /Established GTERI

Introduce the TEAM Model Smarter Classroom “Sokrates AI Teaching Analytics Service”.

Launch the TEAM Model AI Lecture Observation Lounge (LOL) & the Sokrates Platform.

Established GTERI (Global TEAM Model Education Research Institute).

Introduce the AClass ONE Learning Companion App (AClass ONE), making before-class and after-class learning more convenient.


Launch the Distance Smarter Classroom

Realize the long-distance synchronization of multiple classrooms, real-time interaction, and data feedback, effectively promoting the balanced development of instructional resources.

HiLearning Student Tablet Learning System is granted the GESS Award at the Middle East International Education Show.

2013 · 2014

Haboard Interactive Whiteboard / HiLearning Student Tablet Learning System

Haboard Interactive Whiteboard was awarded the 21st Taiwan Excellence Award.

HiLearning was awarded the 22nd Taiwan Excellence Award.

2014 Gold Award of the Learning Technology.

Won the prestigious international Dun & Bradstreet SME Elite Award.


The 4th generation smarter classroom: TBL & Student-Tablet Smarter Classroom

Combine group tablets and multi-point wireless transceiver technology to launch a new team cooperation learning smarter classroom: TBL (Team-based Learning) Smarter Classroom, which precisely facilitates team learning and expression.

Launch the new Student-tablet Smarter Classroom that incorporates self-learning, group learning, decision-making, record-keeping, and other features.

2010 · 2011

The 3rd generation smarter classroom: HiTeach Smarter Classroom

Launch the TEAM Model Smarter Education Supporting System, which provides e-Teaching, e-assEssing, e-diAgnosing, and e-reMediation.

HiTeach was awarded the Jury's Special Award in the prestigious international Best Choice Awards.

2002 · 2005

The 2nd generation smarter classroom: wireless IRS Smarter Classroom

Using the RF wireless multi-point transceiver technology to launch a new generation of IRS, providing more accurate teaching feedback and data analysis.

In 2002, published the world's first thesis on 1-to-1 computing (via student-tablet, etc.) in education: Applying Wireless Technologies to Build a Highly Interactive Learning Environment.


The 1st generation smarter classroom: Infrared IRS Smarter Classroom

Use the infrared transceiver technology to launch the first generation IRS Interactive Response System, initiating the instructional teaching model in a new era.

Vision Tree of TEAM Model Smarter Education

Lasting 20 years, the TEAM Model vision tree is irrigated with the smarter educational principles based on the TEAM Model Smarter Education Supporting System.
Build a mature smarter learning environment.
Taking the principle of TEAM Model Based Smarter Learning as the guidance.
Extract effective smarter model through training the teachers.
Develop TEAM Model Based Smarter Learning class. 
Fulfill every child’s wish.
With the vision of achieving every child.
Realize the educational ideal of student-centered one-to-one Smarter Education.

Global Influence

Thanks to the support of numerous domestic and foreign customers as well as our strong competitive advantages, the HABOOK Group has maintained a stable growth. HABOOK's product sales covers China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Jordan, Bulgaria, Japan, the US, Poland, Nigeria, Pakistan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brazil, India, and other countries and regions. The domain of TEAM Model Smarter Classroom crosses over five major continents, and HABOOK has become the world’s leading brand for smart education systems.