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Equipping TEAM Model to Build a Smarter Classroom - TEAM Model Smarter Classrooms (TMSC)

TEAM model is an advanced instructional technology solution developed by a team of experts led by the founder of HABOOK Group., Power Wu after going through decades of research and development. It has combined hardware, software, networking, cloud computing service and other most advanced teaching technologies.
TEAM model covers the comprehensive teaching and learning process, which comprises four major sub-systems of e-Teaching, e-assEssing, e-diAgnosing and e-reMediation. It is a brand new technological teaching service model to known as TEAM model in short.
Smarter Classroom refers to as setting various kinds of information and communication technology devices based on the teacher’s teaching needs to create a convenient, intelligent and efficient teaching environment. Based on the designing philosophy of ICE (Intelligence, Convenience and Efficiency), the TEAM Model Smarter Classroom’s prominent features support teachers in an easier way to incubate and further implement technological innovative teaching models (TITM).
TEAM Model Smarter Classroom (TMSC) is a teaching environment established in accordance with the application framework of TEAM Model. It can be set up according to the amount of funds of this blueprint and complete it year after year, or stage after stage. For example, you may first own the basic computer, projector and Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) before leading in Document Camera (DC), Interactive Response System (IRS) and cloud computing Diagnosing and Analyzing service (clouDAS), and then further install the Online Scoring Network system, learning portfolio system, ezStation Lecture Capture System, Remediation Platform, etc.

Prominent Features of TMSC
Based on the trend of IT-assisted teaching devices available in the classroom, IWB, DC, IRS are top priorities teaching aids that should be installed there. Many classrooms have already equipped with these devices, but they have encountered the problem of practical uses by the teachers.
Currently, as each device has a set of independent application software, this has resulted with a high learning threshold for teachers to apply these teaching aids as they need to learn a set of software on IWB, another set of software on DC, and yet another set of software on IRS beforehand. To cope with practical on-site teaching needs, HABOOK has developed the the three-in-one HiTeach teaching software by seamlessly integrating these three kinds of major teaching aids into one operating platform. This is one of the prominent features of TMSC, and this innovative product has won the Taiwan Excellence and the Jury's special of Best Choice Award.

HiTeach Integrates the operation of IWB, DC and IRS into one system.

After DC has obtained the paper image, the teacher can conduct a voting activity with IRS and explain it with IWB

Utilizing IT Intelligence via Cloud Computing Service
HiTeach is also built in the connection with cloud Diagnosing and Analyzing Service (clouDAS) of cloud computing technology to upload the assessment data and obtain the diagnostic analysis report. Apart from general performance analysis, ranking, correct answer rate and other charts, the reports from clouDAS also include open-and-shut charts of students’ learning performance to provide real-time help for teachers in giving adaptive counseling for individual students. Meanwhile, the test items diagnostic analysis charts are able to help teachers in identifying the suitability and quality of the items to serve as a reference so that fine-tuning their instruction.
The smart functions of TMSC are able to present specifically through automated integration of teaching aids in classroom side and cloud computing services. Hence, the convenience and efficiency of HiTeach and intelligence of clouDAS reports are able to unfold the teacher's application technologies totally.

HiTeach is seamlessly connecting to cloud-based clouDAS

Various analytical reports are generated through the clouDAS.
In fact, as there is a need for each teacher to face dozens to hundreds of students, the determination status of students in learning are particularly important. Teachers are able to obtain the students’ diagnostic reports of test result through the card reader system, online scoring network system or IRS. Furthermore, clouDAS is able to provide a variety of reports based on different subject needs, including academic reports, teacher reports, and student reports, etc., allowing each one of them to view the contents of interests.

Analyzing diversified inputs of test data.

Remedial Teaching in TMSC
What remedial is needed on the learning status of students? In summary, they are nothing more than the following conditions: missed hearing (missed class), not paying attention (disoriented), forgotten (out of memory) and totally do not understand. How to remedy them? The teachers have, of course, many strategies to do remedial teaching, but on-site teaching videos recorded by the teachers are regarded as a simpler way.
The recording devices and multi-port recording system can be installed in the classrooms. Teachers only need to press the recording button to record the entire teaching process and upload the recorded video file to ezCMS multi-port streaming platform after class. Students can then view the class contents through the Internet and review at the parts repeatedly they do not understand.
If proper video tags have been made on these videos and connected with clouDAS diagnostic results, students can then perform the learning remedial on certain key concepts of teaching contents automatically through the learning weakness presented by clouDAS.

The key concept diagnostic result from clouDAS are binding intelligently with video tags.

TMSC and e-student-backpack
If there is sufficient budget, it is even better if TMSC is led in with e-student-backpack project. We shall introduce the intelligent operating mechanism in the follow-up topic. Meanwhile, you may first refer to the contents of the HiLearning e-student-backpack solution.