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How to choose the ideal Smarter Teaching System? Realize innovative teaching to turn education around: Four major elemen

The development of a smarter school requires budgets for establishing smarter classrooms and, most importantly, introduction of a smarter teaching system for turning education around. As a school leader, how do you choose the ideal smarter teaching system? If technical experts and education experts have different opinions toward innovative teaching, or if budget executors and teaching users are not on the same page regarding innovative teaching, there would be conflict in system selection, causing the education turnover to fail.

Public course activity of the Ministry of Education held by Oman in 2016

How to choose the ideal smarter teaching system to realize innovative teaching for turning education around? The secret lies in the four major elements: sophistication, success, achievement and accomplishment; smart selection for fulfilling dreams:

I. Sophisticated and steady smarter teaching system

The smarter teaching system to be introduced should naturally be sophisticated and steady. Such system can serve various teaching models onsite to facilitate a support system for teaching and learning. The adoption of an unverified or combined teaching system often ends up in an ordeal for unsophisticated and unsteady teaching innovation. As education is a centennial endeavor, a sophisticated and steady system must be selected discreetly. The most scientific methods are investigation, argument and trial. An inspection team should be formed to investigate the schools and school districts using the smarter teaching system, discuss its sophistication, steadiness and applicability, introduce it into the school district or school for trail and experience, and establish a meticulous introduction plan to realize the goal of education turnover through innovative teaching.

The 2019 Global TEAM Model Smarter Education Presentation will be held at Computex Taipei.

II. Smarter teaching system with successful experience

A smarter teaching system that has been introduced in schools successfully should be selected. The systematic and normalized large-scale system should have succeeded in implementing various aspects of smarter teaching, including courses, teach qualification, system, teaching material and teaching methods. By selecting a smarter teaching system and copying its successful experience, the introduction period can be shortened and the introduction obstructions can be reduced to expedite the turnover. Take for example Taoyuan City which has introduced TEAM Model Smarter Teaching System successfully, a team went to Zhejiang to inspect the smarter school districts in 2016, and it observed the 2016 Cross-Strait Good Smarter Lesson Contest to study and analyze in detail the results and experience of TEAM Model Smarter Lectures. After working hard for over two years, Taoyuan City promoted successfully the Digital Smarted School Plan, established and developed dozens of smarter schools, and acquired excellent achievements leading the smarter education in Taiwan. Taoyuan’s smarter teacher teams were champions in the 2017, 2018 and 2019 Cross-Strait Good Smarter Lesson Contest, so this has established a firm foundation for developing smarter schools in Taoyuan.

Taoyuan team Champion of Cross-Strait Good Smarter Lesson Contest in 2017, 2018 and 2019

III. Smarter teaching system with outstanding achievements

An ideal smarter teaching system is one that can enhance students’ accomplishments and literacy. However, verifying whether an innovative teaching system is effective or whether there is significant difference is more difficult than verifying if a new medical drug is effective. The follow-up study often requires at least 3-6 years. Take for example the TEAM Model Smarter Teaching System, the experiments and studies on innovative teaching were initiated over two decades ago, including the IRS Smarter Classroom and the Student-Tablet Smarter Classroom. After significant teaching experiment results were acquired, further studies had to be conducted on experimental plans for large-scale introduction based on the experimental results of one or several classrooms. In particular, it had to be proved that students can get high scores in high school tests and university entrance exams during junior high. For instance, according to the exam results of Taoyuan’s Da You Junior High School after 18 months’ of C-reduction model, and after the adoption of the TEAM Model System and the 533 teaching model experiment by one thousand students in twenty classes in Shanghang No. 1 Middle School of Fujian for three years, it was proven that students can achieve outstanding scores in university entrance exams.

The teacher is using the TEAM Model Smarter Classroom System

IV. Smarter teaching system with accomplishment development
An ideal smarter teaching system should be a big data educational system that can facilitate and achieve teacher professional development. With the sophistication of AI technology, the scope of application is becoming more extensive, and initial results are beginning to show in the fields of teaching and learning. The TEAM Model AI Sokrates Teaching Analytics Service went into trial at the end of 2016, and it has developed many application models for facilitating teacher professional development, including the teacher professional self-development model and the Sokrates Smarter Post-lesson Discussion Model. The AI Smart Coach Model is like a simulation flight training instrument for pilots, as it can help teachers grasp rapidly the practice of TEAM Model’s T-tech interaction, P-teaching application and C-material practice. For example, it only took one month for the new teachers (over 60 teachers in 2018) of Zi-Teng Elementary School of Indu in Chengdu to be proficient in the system to grasp the technique and ideas of smarter teaching to achieve teacher professional development.
Use the AI Sokrates System to help teachers in professional development

When choosing a smarter teaching system, sophistication and steadiness, successful experiment, outstanding experience, and accomplishment and development are very important!