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How is a TEAM Model Smarter School different from regular schools? There are three advantages.

A smarter school is a school that brings AI teaching and learning services into full play to facilitate development. The TEAM Model Smarter Education Support System has launched the first AI and educational big data service in the world as an educational technology system that can promote the quality and efficacy of teaching and learning effectively.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been applied commonly in the fields of scholars, farmers, artisans and traders, but how are AI smarter schools different from regular schools?

Our TEAM Model team spent an entire year on field application experiments. We carried out systematic and normalized large-scale tests in the 36 classes of Zi-Teng Elementary School, and have collected and instructed over 4,500 lessons. The numerous valuable and astonishing results that we have acquired prove the high quality of TEAM Model smarter schools is way higher than the teaching quality of regular schools. We will be using Zi-Teng Smarter School as an example for sharing the difference of smarter schools.

Zi-Teng Elementary School of Indu, Chengdu, Sichuan

Zi-Teng Smarter School is a brand new public suburban school that made its fourth recruitment in 2018. It currently includes 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Grades consisting of approximately 1,600 students. The TEAM Model Smarter Classroom is introduced in all of the classes for implementation of TEAM Model based smarter teaching.

The AI Sokrates System as added in late November of 2017 for collecting and analyzing automatically teaching data, carrying out smarter post-lesson discussions, preserving Sokrates lesson examples, and forming the positive cycles and positive educational energy of a good smarter school. Zi-Teng Smarter School has three advantages for overturning teaching, including high quality smarter teachers, high quality smarter teaching materials and high quality smarter lessons.

Teacher training facilitates teacher professional development

I. High quality smarter teachers
Zi-Teng Elementary School employs over 120 teachers, among which about a third are senior teachers transferred from other schools, a third are new teachers recruited from normal institutions, and a third are contracted or substitute teachers. Fortunately, Zi-Teng Elementary School has introduced the TEAM Model Smarter Teaching System and adopted the AI Sokrates System. It is like allocating an AI instructor for each teacher for providing teacher professional development with feedback data and refinement guidance. By adopting the three-phase and three-link teacher professional development model, the Teaching System helps new teachers in achieving empowerment training and instruction development within the shortest period of time. In addition, the Sokrates System is applied for preserving the smarter models of senior teachers and establishing the school-based curriculum system. How do you prove that the teachers at Zi-Teng are high quality smarter teachers? The data indexes of the Sokrates AI Smart Coach are the best evidence. In the lesson teaching of Zi-Teng Elementary School, the indexes of the Sokrates technological interaction (T), teaching method application (P) and teaching material implementation (C) have all reached a high level green; the average score is over 75 percentiles, and the indexes of most teachers’ lessons are in the range of 80-90 percentiles. Such high quality has exceeded the expectations of the TEAM Model Team. It would take 2-3 years for a regular school to reach the realm of smarter lessons as artificial intelligence is the key.

Distance instruction at Zi-Teng

II. High quality smarter teaching materials
Collaborative lesson preparation is a mainstream in modern teacher professional development. Each disciplinary domain and sect has established collaborative lesson preparation among teacher communities for collective professional development and wisdom sharing, as well as for enhancing the quality of lesson preparation. Zi-Teng Elementary School has used AI to overturn the collaborative preparation model, extending its value significantly. The collaborative lesson preparation of Zi-Teng includes two strategies, i.e. lesson with homogeneous pedagogy and lesson with heterogeneous pedagogy. Take the former for example, its development procedure is: collaborative lesson preparation, homogeneous pedagogy teaching, data analysis, smarter post-lesson discussion, and school-based collection. The smarter teaching materials produced from collaborative lesson preparation are taught through homogeneous pedagogy teaching, Sokrates videos are collected for data analysis and smarter post-lesson discussion, and teaching materials, videos, notes, Sokrates reports and TOC teaching plans (referred to collectively as Sokrates lesson examples) filled with the wisdom of teachers are preserved. Each unit is a refined high quality smarter teaching material.

III. High quality smarter lessons
Under the support of the TEAM Model Smarter Teaching System and the guidance of the TEAM Model Based Smarter Learning, Zi-Teng Elementary School gives highly interactive student-based lessons, team-based learning lessons, and aptitude-based synchronous differentiated group teaching lessons to achieve the TEAM Model 1-to-1 lesson for each child. The most difficult part is the common high quality among each class. We went to Zi-Teng to observe its character education lesson with homogeneous pedagogy, i.e. the “Themed Class Meeting – Basic Knowledge of Law”, held at 13:30 on Friday on November 23, 2018. All the classes held class meetings simultaneously at 13:30, and the TEAM Model Smarter Classroom System was used for discussions and team-based learning. The content of that week was “Themed Class Meeting – Basic Knowledge of Law”. Based on the ages of the children, each grade carried out respectively collaborative lesson preparation, teaching of lessons with homogeneous pedagogy, lesson recording and data analysis. Under the personal guidance of Principal Min-Li Huang, we visited the smarter class meeting of all 36 classes, saw that every teacher was using the smarter teaching system proficiently, and witnessed a large-scale scene of good teachers, good teaching materials and good lessons. The officers from the Department of Education were astonished as they saw the overturning and innovation.

How many words, Mathematics, Mr. Hong-Tao Ma

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A TEAM Model Smarter School is a modern smarter school with high quality smarter teachers, high quality smarter teaching materials and high quality smarter lessons.