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The 4As of Effective Engagement Strategies of HiTeach 5

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A Huge Breakthrough In Smarter Classroom Development

HiTeach 5 presents four strategic tools for Smarter Classroom, which we termed as the 4As of Effective Engagement: Allocation, Activity, Assignment, and Assessment. Our many years of research in AI Sokrates data analysis proves that with the appropriate combination of these strategies, teachers will be able to achieve highly engaging and inspiring teaching effect.

4As of Effective Engagement:
Allocation / Activity / Assignment / Assessment

New HiTeach 5 Strategy 1: 
Allocation (Synchronous Content)

HiTeach 5 provides the flexibility for teachers to allocate learning resources to students via the “push” feature. Allocation of learning resources ranges from reading materials, thinking resources, and pre-preparation resources.

Teachers have the option of allocating “current page” of the teaching presentation and “files”. These could be implemented in the form of pre-lesson reference materials as well as post-lesson worksheets.

Reference materials that teacher can allocate to the whole class to promote thinking process to generate some ideas.

This is useful for brainstorming of ideas and as well as pre-reading materials and post lesson task assignment. 

。SYNCHRONIZED ALLOCATION (2) PUSH “Objectified Page (movable object-based pages)”: Click here to learn more.

Allocation of “File” can be used to send reading materials to students as well as worksheets for students to complete during or after the lesson.

This feature can be combined with Synchronized Assignment where students’ task is to complete their answers in these documents and submit as part of their assignment task submission which will be discussed later in this document.

。SYNCHRONIZED ALLOCATION (4) PUSH “Differentiated Push”: Click here to learn more.


New HiTeach 5 Strategy 2: Synchronized Activity (Synchronous Interaction)

The implementation of effective synchronized activities is an effective solution to counter the challenges faced during online lesson. Together with any existing online video-conference system, HiTeach 5 Activity allows teachers to implement questioning, feedback collation, instant analysis, and data-driven decision making, to better understand the learning progress of every individual student.    

HiTeach 5 Activity function includes single answer question, Multiple answers question, True/False question, cloze question, and Buzz-in. These features are crucial questioning strategies commonly adopted by teachers. Simply activate any of these features the system will simultaneously activate the students’ mobile devices, converting it to a corresponding response interface, and the responses will automatically be collated and presented at the teacher’s screen.
The teacher can easily choose to display the overall response data chart and individual student’s answer. Teachers will be able to further conduct focused-discussion, knowledge scaffolding, or deep-questioning based on these essential data.

Understanding students’ learning progress through interactive activities is essential to ensure effective learning outcomes. This is applicable to in-class lessons or online distance teaching and learning. However whole-class interaction in a traditional classroom or online conference learning is a challenge that teachers face. It is even more challenging if understanding of individual learning progress is necessary. 

。SYNCHRONIZED ACTIVITY (1) Single Answer Question
SYNCHRONIZED ACTIVITY (2) Multiple Answers Question

New HiTeach 5 Strategy 3: Synchronized Assignment (Synchronous Task)

A highly interactive lesson design revolves around a student-centric assignment design approach. In the previous chapter we discussed about synchronized activity which is initiated and managed by the teacher. Synchronized assignment, on the other hand, are student-focus whole class assignment tasks. 

Synchronized assignment plays a crucial role in collaborative learning where teachers make use of inputs and data from students’ participation to facilitate knowledge creation. This is especially important during online distance teaching and learning where effective learning outcomes will rely on the interaction between the teacher and students located at individual learning spaces.

HiTeach 5 is newly designed to enhance the teaching and learning effectiveness through various synchronized assignment strategies shown below:
Teacher–Students Interaction: A New Approach

A. What is Synchronized Assignment?

Synchronized Assignment is a new feature connecting HiTeach 5 teacher’s software and Web IRS 5 – web-based student response platform. The teacher can easily begin a lesson with the required teaching material loaded, by clicking a single “Start Lesson” button. Once started the teacher can launch an ASSIGNMENT simply by clicking the “work collection” button at the particular assignment description slide, and the same assignment page will appear on the students’ Web IRS 5 interface. Teacher could monitor the progress of every student’s assignment according to the completion time, seat, and group setting. From the collection view the teacher can select and compare the assignments, annotate, analyses, and organize discussion activities involving the whole class.     

B. Aligned Assignment 

Whenever the teacher navigates to any other assignment page, every student’s view will be automatically aligned and display the corresponding page when the teacher activates the new assignment. This greatly improves the efficiency of the lesson proceeding.

C. Assignment History

While conducting the assignments, the teacher can navigate back and forward to any previous assignment to provide additional support before re-activating it if the previous attempt by the students is not satisfactory. Students could also view the assignment history to make references or necessary amendments according to the teaching instructions.

D. Multi-approach Assignment

While conducting an assignment, the teacher can decide on different forms of submission according to the lesson objectives. For example: page/picture, audio recording, video recording, and also document files (PowerPoint, MS Word, PDF …etc) that generate the best learning outcomes.


New HiTeach 5 Strategy 4: Synchronized Assessment (Synchronous Test)

Covid-19 caused a sharp rise for online teaching and learning solutions, for example, synchronized online classrooms, recorded online lessons, and blended online classrooms. Among these, synchronized online lesson solution poses the greatest challenge, but it is the closest solution that matches with the requirements of a traditional classroom and more, as it ensures the teaching and learning effect and efficiency. 

However, what are the necessary technology support that will be necessary to ensure effectiveness and efficiency? What are the necessary data-driven technology that improves the quality and outcomes of learning?  

A. Synchronized Assessment

Synchronized Assessment makes use of HiTeach 5 assessment and Web IRS 5 response features. Once the lesson is started, the teacher can activate the assessment mode by importing a digital test paper from our question bank stored in our cloud-based IES and clicking on the "Self-pace test" icon. Once loaded, the students Web IRS 5 interface will change to a digital question and answer sheet, where the whole class can attempt the test concurrently.
Along the way. the teacher can monitor the progress of every student and click on "End Test" when everyone has completed the assessment. Once completed, HiTeach 5 will automatically mark every script based on the pre-set answers, calculate and consolidate the scores of all the Single Answer, Multi-Answers, True-False, Cloze Question, and Writing Question. Every student will also receive their results sheet. 

From this point onwards the teacher will immediately be able to understand the performance rate of this assessment as well as the overall performance analysis diagram, to conduct interactive analysis based on the student response data analysis of every question.   

B. Multi-Question Format 

Synchronized assessment is conducted based on the question bank that has been pre-uploaded onto IES via MS Word or MS Excel template. This is how easily our traditional assessment test papers could be converted to a digital question bank, where teachers could conduct assessments as part of in-class learning, post-lesson online assessment, and combination of Script-OCR assessment.

There is also a variety of different types of questions that teachers can choose to combine and form a completely new assessment. For example: Single Answer, Multi-Answers, True-False, Cloze Question, and Composite Question; these questions can be presented with text, pictures, audio, and video materials

C. Interactive Review

Once the Synchronized Assessment is completed, every individual question will be presented as an additional page showing the question, performance statistics, data pie chart, and bar chart. The teacher will be able to conduct a data-driven post-assessment analysis. During the interactive analysis, teacher can make use of HiTeach 5 interactive features like smart pick-out, response data chart (bar chart and pie chart), flip cards (show answer), differentiated push of analysis materials.

D. Performance Data Analysis   

At the end of the Synchronized Assessment, HiTeach 5 will automatically send all performance data to Sokrates Cloud Platform and PLAYTOL Learning Assessment Analysis System. These data will be available for teachers to perform Question Analysis, Results Analysis, Diagnosis Analysis, and Remediation Planning, which will be able to study the performance of the students across different subjects, all subjects, and academic semester. 

Synchronized Assessment is a strategic new feature that meets the demand of this period, providing a comprehensive and holistic assessment approach that enriches the synchronized classroom; ensuring seamless connection between teacher and students via online distance learning; making HiTeach 5 a strategic tool for student performance analysis.