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Tools and Strategies for Teacher Empowerment and Professional Development

  Issue Number:HB20230509E    Date: 09 May, 2023   Author:Global TEAM Model Education Research Institute

According to the TPACK theory (please refer to the TPACK theoretical framework for related information), the key goal of building a smart classroom is to be able to deeply integrate Technological Knowledge, Pedagogical Knowledge, and Content Knowledge, so that technology can be used to help teaching.
The training and professional development of teachers is of particular importance. The TEAM Model smart education support system integrates teaching theory, technology-assisted support and AI technology application, and our expertise in the field of education combines professional lecturers in the field, expert guidance, community development and other mechanisms, which will indeed promote teachers' Continuous Professional Development (CPD for short) step by step.

Technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) framework

❁Online and in-person training courses

The TEAM Model Smarter Education Support System has been developed for many years, and it already has a talent pool of lecturers with many practical teaching experiences. Schools that want to introduce tablets for students and one-to-one teaching models, through these experienced teachers, will be able to lower the learning threshold and quickly integrate into their own classroom applications.
TEAM Model System Training & Workshop
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Although affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, teachers have to face variables such as suspension of classes or suspension of some students in their daily teaching. However, teachers and students have become familiar with video conferencing and technology-assisted teaching methods.
The HiTeach system is a teaching system that can support physical classrooms and online classrooms at the same time. Therefore, after the school introduces HiTeach, it will be a good model for teachers to learn HiTeach through online training. On the one hand, you can actually experience the use of Web IRS on the student side, and you can follow the lecturer's instructions to learn how to operate HiTeach. The practical experience can be more comprehensive.

It is also a good way for lecturers to conduct training in the form of remote video conferencing (dual-device learning effect is better)

If offline face-to-face physical training courses are required, it is also recommended that teachers be able to carry laptops, tablets or mobile phones, so that they can follow the lecturer's introduction and practice.

❁AI-assisted Teacher's Technology Interactive Application

The AI Sokrates Summary Notice service of the TEAM Model smarter teaching system can be used to help teachers learn by themselves and quickly enhance the operational capabilities of HiTeach technology interactive tools.
AI Sokrates Summary Notice is one of the data services of the AI Sokrates system. Every time a user uses HiTeach to conduct an interactive lesson, the system will automatically send a notification to HiTA 5 after the lesson is over, providing the Technology Interaction (T) index and Technology Function Triggered Times of the lesson, referred to as AI Sokrates Summary Notice. It provides immediate feedback on the technology application preference and index of each lesson, and accelerate the familiarization of HiTeach technology interaction function, acting as an AI coach that accompanies users to enhance their interactive applications.

How to really master the teaching design and application skills of HiTeach's deep integration? The teacher professional community of many well-known smart schools will help the teacher team design a technology enhancement plan and a checklist for operational ability, and encourage teachers to learn basic abilities step by step. For example, the mountaineering plan of Dayou Junior High School in Taoyuan City (divided into Five-level ability), Guangming Junior High School’s decisive battle against Guangmingding Project (divided into six-level ability), Wenhua Elementary School’s battle for wisdom teaching infinite gloves (divided into five-level ability), etc.

Now, it can also be combined with AI small coaches to assist teachers in technology enhancement exercises. When teachers who use HiTeach for the first time to practice independently, they can get the Green light index (>=70 points) of T technology interaction, and can quickly reach the level of technology integration proficiency. After proficiency, teachers can use technological tools when they should, and integrate them into teaching naturally. Use the T green light indicator on the HiTA 5 app Home tag, and you can grasp it at a glance. In the Messages tab, there are more detailed excerpts for the teacher's reference.
HiTeach & AI Sokrates Summary Notice
Data Operation Scenario 1 of HiTeach 5 and AI Sokrates

Teachers check the T (green light) frequency and detailed data notification in HiTA 5

The technology interaction (T) index is the characteristic of AI Sokrates' automatic collection of technology interaction teaching behavior data, and analyzes the effective interaction index (0-99) based on the combination of HiTeach interaction functions. A T index score of 70 or higher is a green light, a score of 50-70 is a yellow light, and a score of less than 50 is a red light. A higher index can be obtained by using a combination of appropriate technological interactive functions. The functions of basic technology interaction include more than 20 tools such as Pop Quiz, Show Chart, Pick-Out, Scoreboard, and Push.


Learn more about Technology Interaction (T) index

❁AI Sokrates Practice Training Platform

AI Sokrates Practice Training Platform is the world's leading and original smarter lesson hands-on training platform, applying AI to assist teacher professional enhancement and accelerate teacher professional development. Schools/organizations that have implemented HiTeach Smarter Teaching System can apply to use this training platform. With the assistance of AI, each practice exercise will provide immediate feedback on the data features of teaching behaviors and produce complete lesson videos, and teachers use these automatically generated data to more quickly refine and optimize teaching models.

The implementation of AI Sokrates Practice Training Platform is to combine HiTeach with special training authorization, so that HiTeach 5 includes Web IRS authorization for student-end tablets or mobile phones, HiGroup authorization for group tablets or computers, USB video support authorization, and AI Sokrates Screen Video Service Authorization, and then integrate and match the Sokrates Digital Lesson Observation Platform to form a complete AI-assisted practical training mechanism.

Data Operation Scenario 2 of HiTeach 5 and AI Sokrates

After the trainees have obtained the HiTeach authorization for training, the main operation process includes learning the operation application through on-site training or self-study curriculum and videos, using the S button to automatically record classroom teaching videos, submitting works according to training requirements, and guiding experts to review works, etc. .

►For details, please refer to: AI Sokrates Practice Training Platform Operating Process

❁AI Aided Smarter Lesson Study

AI smarter lesson study refers to the application of AI Sokrates service with the support of HiTeach 5 smart classroom system to conduct lesson observation, discussion and professional feedback. Combining expert wisdom and machine intelligence, this is an innovative teaching and discussion activity for observing lessons. During the class observation, the mark records of the experts and the AI marks of AI Sokrates are collected at the same time. After the lesson observation is over, all data will be automatically saved to the Digital Lesson Observation Platform. Lesson observers can use the complete and rich lesson observation data on the platform to conduct lesson discussion activities.
AI Lesson Observation Lounge
AI-supported lesson study activities that combine expert wisdom and machine intelligence

Digital Lesson Observation Platform will automatically generate five kinds of lesson study data, including: A. Sokrates video, B. Sokrates report, C. Observation lesson record sheet, D. My Sokrates, E.excel lesson report, etc. The AI teaching and research data application skills combined with expert wisdom and machine intelligence are listed as follows:
(1) Interpretation of TPC index
At the end of the class, take a minute to interpret the TP index of the Sokrates report automatically generated by the machine, and quickly grasp the basic index of this class. For example, whether the technology interaction reaches a green light of 70 points or more, the application placement of the Pedagogical index, and the frequency of interaction, etc.
(2) Interpreting behavioral characteristics
Use another minute to interpret the characteristics of teaching behavior data, quickly grasp the characteristics of classroom behavior, and check whether the behavior characteristics are effective in the application of teaching methods such as balanced use, combined use, and closed-loop use based on the technology interaction records.
(3) Interpretation of AI-marked slices
Sokrates machine intelligence will automatically generate a hyperlink marked with a time stamp of the video based on the characteristic content of the teaching behavior data. The time stamp hyperlink of this AI mark is equivalent to the feature slice of the video, which can quickly grasp the position of the video in the classroom. A machine mark appears, indicating that a teaching method feature is used, and four slices, indicating that four teaching method features are used. According to the number of slices, it also represents the diversity of teaching methods in this class.
(4) Interpretation of the global norm reference
Using norm reference can compare the relative status of each sub-indicator of this class with the global norm, so as to discuss the teaching method application sub-indices that can strengthen the teaching design, or compare the annual teaching and research goals of the school-based lesson study.
(5) Interpretation of hotspots and slicing
Sokrates will generate a marking information curve based on the marking category and time of the observors. The upper part is the advantage curve, and the lower part is the suggestion curve. When more people mark the time point at the same time, hot spots (prominent points) will appear. According to the marked curve, you can quickly locate the hot spot and slice position of the lesson video, and conduct lesson review on the hot spot and slice.
(6) Interpretation of the collected observation notes
The automatically generated Sokrates Lesson Observation Form is a summary of the complete lesson data and the lecture notes of all expert observation marks. The content includes lesson introductions, lesson observation records, lesson observation attachments, Sokrates reports, norm reference tables, etc. At the same time, you can also view e-notes, teaching materials, and lesson plans.
(7) Expert observation Excel sheet
One-click export of Sokrates data and expert-marked data into Excel files, and the statistical analysis function of Excel can be used to further analyze the sub-indexes of technology interaction and pedagogical application. Or apply executive research software, such as NVivo, for statistical analysis of expert-flagged content.
(8) My Sokrates
My Sokrates is a digital dashboard for personal participation in lesson observation activities, including Sokrates lesson cases, marks, frequently used channels, class observation records, and class observation notices created by individuals.

AI smarter lesson study data application skills
►Ref. Digital Lesson Observation series 1: Pedagogical Review of AI Sokrates
►Ref. DLO AI Ultimate Plan

In the environment of AI smarter lesson study, diverse pedagogy research activities can be carried out, such as Homogeneous Pedagogy Lesson for school-based co-preparation courses, joint study of film slices, or Heterogeneous Pedagogy Lesson for cross-school observation and exchange. Taking Chengdu Normal Yindu Wisteria Primary School as an example, the school often uses joint study of film slices, Homogeneous Pedagogy Lesson, etc. to conduct pedagogy seminars.

The Master Cup Lesson exchange activities are carried out in the form of Heterogeneous Pedagogy Lesson--for example, different teachers teach English classes: "We are going to cross the bridge by bike"

❁Develop professional communities for smarter classrooms

Organizing a Professional Learning Community (PLC) for teachers to promote common beliefs, goals, and visions in smarter teaching is a good mechanism for team professional development. For example, over the years, the teacher team of the Affiliated Experimental Elementary School of University of Taipei (ESUT) has continued to develop a professional community of smart teaching teachers, and has set up dedicated digital lesson observation classrooms. Introduce the advanced AI Digital Lesson Observation Platform, including the AI Sokrates lesson observation system, which automatically collects lessons' data from public lectures and digital lesson observation in the PLC. The TEAM Model Smarter Education Support System has a wide range of customers and many successful cases of community development. We are happy to build communication platforms for these communities for educational institutions.
ESUT's PLC and lesson examples of smart lesson study channel
ESUT's PLC and lesson examples of smart lesson study channel