TEAM Model AI Smarter School

TEAM Model Smarter Classroom + TEAM Model Lecture Observation Lounge + Data Decision

TEAM Model Smarter Education Design Concept
TEAM Model
An all-round smarter education solution

TEAM Model Smarter Classroom is a kind of smarter classroom based on HiTeach Smarter Teaching System, which is also the basic constituent unit of AI school. Starting with “teaching” and “learning” in class, TEAM Model Smarter Classroom perfectly integrates all kinds of software, hardware and cloud AI, big data required in the class. Without complicated operation, it can help teachers and students to achieve the ideal state of modern classroom and flip the traditional teaching scene.

“TEAM” indicates e-Teaching, e-assEssing, e-diAgnosing and e-reMediation, which connects the learning process before, during and after teaching, focusing on the learning of each child. TEAM Model Smarter Education Support System make it easier to realize such modern educational concepts as student-centered teaching, cooperative learning, TBL, PBL and 1-to-1 teaching.

TEAM Model Products Composition and Operational Structure

Convenience, Efficiency, Intelligence, Big data

The entire TEAM Model product series is mainly divided into classroom and cloud service, and the applications can be integrated with each other. The classroom part includes:
1. HiTeach 5 teaching software,
2. HiTA 5 TEAM Model teacher APP,
3. The student-end Web IRS or IRS response device matched with HiTeach, and the cloud service part includes:
4. IES 5,
5. AClass ONE used by students, and the
6. Sokrates Digital Lesson Observation Platform for teachers' professional development.
TEAM Model series

Example of interaction between teacher's HiTeach operation and students' devices

TEAM Model AI Smarter School Functional Blueprint and Related Instructions

Various Smarter Classrooms + Learning Assessment +Student Assessment Data Analysis + Digital Lesson Observation + AI Lecture Observation Lounge
TEAM Model AI Smarter School is a modern smarter school that implements the world's leading HiTeach Smarter Teaching System and makes full use of AI & educational big data services, such as AI Text Analysis and AI Sokrates, forming a systematic, large-scale, and normalized school that allows smart technology to effectively improve the quality and effectiveness of teaching and learning.

(A) Teaching Material Syllabus 1. A structured syllabus catalog, a more efficient co-preparation platform, and more convenient access to teaching materials and test papers!

(B) Smarter Teaching
1. The 4As of Effective Engagement Strategies of HiTeach 5
2. Operation methods of homework (assignment) assigning, homework submission, and homework review
3. HiTeach 5 Teaching Function Combined Application
4. The model of TEAM Model Team-based Learning: Vision and Practice & TEAM Model Based Smarter Learning (TBSL)

(C) Smarter Assessment
1. HiTeach 5 Instant Paper Test Application Instruction
2. OMR Exam Scanning System
3. PLAYTOL Learning Assessment Analysis System

(D) Digital Lesson Observation
1. Digital Lesson Observation Records ⦁ Fast aggregation ⦁ Gathering the wisdom of all
2. AI Sokrates Teaching Analytics Service
3. 9 Q&A you must know about Sokrates Digital Lesson Observation
4. TEAM Model AI Lecture Observation Lounge (LOL)

(E) Smarter Management1. IES 5 Smarter School Management: A smarter platform that is well-managed and easy to use for teachers
2. PLAYTOL Learning Assessment Analysis System: Scientific learning status analysis and accurately improve student performance
3. Digital Lesson Observation & Sokrates Exclusive Lesson Examples Channel Management 

Four Strengths
The most complete smarter teaching support system
The most advanced AI educational data analysis
The most mature teacher professional development platform
Applicable to the development trend of international education

HiTeach Dual AI Technology
Dual AI applications support teaching and learning

Product and service relationship diagram of the TEAM Model AI Smarter School

Support System

The system has accumulated 20 years of research and development in educational technology; it is a complete solution for developing smarter schools. It includes smarter teaching systems, smarter learning services, analysis and management platform cloud services, and behavioral analysis system that can effectively promote teaching and learning. It is the largest application of smarter school support system in the world.

Development Platform

Teachers are the key force of school innovation. The TEAM Model AI Smarter School provides a platform that accelerates teacher professional development. Using AI Sokrates System as the AI smarter coach for teacher professional development can quickly cultivate smarter teachers, refine smarter teaching models, and display smarter classrooms.

Data Analysis

TEAM Model Smarter Classroom is not only the classroom for smarter teaching, but also the foundation of AI educational big data collection and analysis. There are various teaching application models, including IRS/TBL/1-to-1/Mobile/Distance Smarter Classroom and TEAM Model Smarter Classroom Observation Lounge. These smarter classrooms can automatically collect teaching & learning data and use AI technology for data analysis to, improving teaching quality and efficiency.

Education Brand

The TEAM Model AI Smarter School has built successful cases in over 10 countries and regions, including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Jordan, Bulgaria, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesian, Japan, the U.S., Nigeria, Pakistan, India, and more. Over the past 20 years, TEAM Model has built more than 3,000 smarter schools and 50,000 smarter classrooms.