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Myla H. Gonzalvo, Cupang Elementary School, Philippines

Myla H. Gonzalvo, Cupang Elementary School, Philippines

I have enjoyed my teaching journey and experience with Team Model. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity has enabled me to develop a range of new knowledge, understanding, and skills, which I will continue to enhance through professional practice. It is also a fulfilling feeling that I contribute enjoyment and amazing experience while learning to my clientele as they foster inspiration and motivation to go through.

Academic Qualification
  • Bachelor of Elementary Education- Social Science Major
    Complete Academic Requirements in Masteral Education
Subject: Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao, MAPEH, English, and Math
  • 2022 11th Innovative Smarter Lecture Award - Superb
  • 2021 10th Innovative Smarter Lecture Award - Outstanding
  • 2019 1st Gawad Cupeño - Outstanding Elementary Teacher
  • 2019 1st Gawad Cupeño – Recognition for Implementation of School Programs and Projects
  • 2019 Gawad Bauangueño - Outstanding Elementary Teacher - 1st Place
  • 2019 Gawad Balisong (Area level) - Outstanding Elementary Teacher - 3rd Placer
  • 2019 Story Book Writing Contest (Ang Yeso ni Morinnga)- 1st Placer
  • 2019 District Search for Best Brigada Eskwela School Implementer Coordinator- 1st Placer
  • 2019 Ganap Parangal Exemplary Performance and Outstanding Accomplishments
  • 2019 Recognition International Wash in School- Coordinator



Reflection Video From Myla H. Gonzalvo, Cupang Elementary School, Philippines

HiTeach Smarter System Learning Journey

With the implementation of the distance learning, I have expected that there will be challenges ahead – and I was right. When I heard that our school, Cupang Elementary School will be one of the recipients of the TEAM Model AI Smarter Classroom, I felt proud for I know not all are given such opportunity. However, it made me feel nervous and pressured for the tasks that I know would come along with it; not to mention the fact that our community is still battling with the pandemic caused by COVID-19. Nevertheless, it was comforting to see the way that people behind this project have worked so hard to realize everything that was planned. 

During our sessions and trainings, honestly, I felt the pressure because of the overlapping of activities, webinars, trainings, family-related work, time constraint, and the poor internet connection due to the absence of a stable network provider. All these issues were carefully and properly transformed into encouragement and support through the help and motivation of our school head Mr. Abanto and our supportive trainer, Mr. Jeric Lee. I also believe that positive attitude towards work helped us all carry out the tasks assigned to us.  

Fortunately, TEAM Model AI Smarter School a modern smarter school that implements the HiTeach Smarter Teaching System and makes full use of AI & educational big data services has been successfully integrated in our school. Cupang Elementary School is dedicated to effectively improve the quality and efficiency of teaching and learning in a systematic, large-scale, and normalized way. We aim to provide our learners an environment abreast to the changing world. I am thrilled and excited about the fact that our learners would get the chance to experience this kind of thing. We have known that technology has been an essential part of the teaching-learning process and being able to use it and share it with the learners is something quite fulfilling.

Thank you for HABOOK Group for this brilliant opportunity. REFINE smarter teaching models, DISPLAY smarter classrooms, CULTIVATE smarter teachers, and PRODUCE smart learners. Proud to be TEAM Model Phillippines.


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