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Maridel B. De Mesa, Cupang Elementary School, Philippines

Maridel B. De Mesa, Cupang Elementary School, Philippines

Digital teaching helps both the teacher and the student to have a life long learning. With the aid of digital technology, the teacher can get the attention of the students and motivate them easily. On the part of the student, they can enjoy every lesson without boredom specially with HiTeach they can interact freely, and they can send their outputs like pictures, drawings, messages, and even voice recordings and discuss it immediately, their answers are being recognized and they have the chance to discuss their reason behind their answer. Using digital teaching with HiTeach 5 makes every discussion fruitful and memorable.

Academic Qualification
  • Master of Arts in Education Graduate
Subject: Science, EPP/TLE (Technology and Livelihood Education), and Edukasyon Sa Pagpapakatao (ESP: Values Education)

  • 2022 11th Innovative Smarter Lecture Award - Excellent
  • 2021 10th Innovative Smarter Lecture Award - Outstanding
  • CES Outstanding Teacher (School Year 2018-2019)
  • CES Most Innovative Teacher (School Year 2019-2020)
  • Division Training Workshop on the use of School Learning Action Cells (SLAC) to improve the teaching - Learning Process in Science 6 Content Areas - Resource Speaker - August 21-23, 2019
  • Division wide Training on pedagogical Retooling in Mathematics, languages and Science - Resource Speaker - October 23-25, 2019
  • 2019 District Research Colloquium - Poster Presenter - September 12-13, 2019
  • SEAMEO INNOTECH -Massive Open Online Course ( MOOC) TEACH ON: Keeping the Passion Alive - Passer


Reflection Video From Maridel B. De Mesa, Cupang Elementary School, Philippines

HiTeach Smarter System Learning Journey

This partnership set another level of challenge for me as a teacher and specially as a coordinator. I can still remember the first time we had our training with sir Jeric Lee, upon observing him on how he used different HiTeach functions in teaching, I was so amazed, but at the same time I had many questions in my head like, "Am I ready for this?", "Is it possible for me to learn all these considering the situation that we can't have face to face training?" and the doubt I had about my ability to carry on the task.

Those questions were answered by the series of training we had. Every little part and function of HiTeach was clearly discussed and I can say that we're able to master it. The patience and determination shown by Sir Jeric and the rest of his team really motivated us to open our mind and heart and embrace HiTeach whenever we have the chance. Excitement on the eyes of our learners upon engaging in different interactive activities using different functions of HiTeach inspired us to make more enjoyable lessons that can provide them life-long learning.

We were so blessed to be part of this project. It provided us another chance to level up our teaching ability. It gave us opportunity to provide more engaging and interactive lessons and offered us a new way of producing globally competitive learners.


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