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Professor Power Wu | Founder of TEAM Model Smarter Education

Professor Power Wu

The founder of HABOOK Group, founded the TEAM Model Smarter Education brand and system, marketed it globally, promoted innovative educational wisdom. He established the Global TEAM Model Education Research Institute, using AI artificial intelligence and educational big data, to connect more than 10 countries and regions around the world, establish a global smart education research platform, and promote teachers' professional development and international education cooperation research.
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Important Papers

  • Enhance teacher learning and promote curriculum reforms through AI-supported lesson study. /Paper 1:The foundation, structure, and function of the TEAM Model platform.(WALS 2021 Conference, 29 Nov-3 Dec 2021)
  • TEAM Model Based Smarter Learning (TBSL)(ChineseEnglish)
  • Teacher Professional Development Scaffolding embedded in TEAM Model (TPDS)(ChineseEnglish)
  • Sokrates Teaching Analytics System (STAS): An Automatic Teaching Behavior Analysis System (ChineseEnglish)
  • The Professional Development of Smarter Teachers , Smarter Teaching Model and the Achievements Thereof(ChineseEnglish)
  • The model of TEAM Model Team-based Learning: Vision and Practice(ChineseEnglish)

Entrepreneurship Story

Sow the seeds of TEAM Model smarter education around the world

We have worked diligently on TEAM Model, sowed the seeds of TEAM Model's smart education all over the world, and refined the power of education to change the world. It has been more than 20 years!

The educational feelings of a group of normal students
In the budding era of information technology in Taiwan more than 30 years ago, a group of normal students devoted themselves to software research and development at the right time. Under the background of Taiwan's hard industrial development, it was very special to have already invested in the world of software development at that time. Some of this group continue to be full-time teachers, while others continue their studies and start businesses, and devote themselves to the research and development of educational technology, thus creating the development path of HABOOK Group!

Since the publication of the first generation of IRS Smart Classroom in 1999, it has received considerable media coverage. Over the years, with continuous development and innovation, numerous awards have been won, the market has continued to expand, and initial achievements have been made.

There are theories, systems, and coaches
The development of TEAM Model Smarter Education is comprehensive, from the theoretical basis to the support system, and then to the teacher's AI smart coach, providing schools and teachers with the support for continuous innovation in teaching. Team members published the world's first student-tablet application paper, and proposed the term "electronic schoolbag" in Taiwan. Over the years, they have also published a series of smart education books based on theory and practice. In the past few years, using AI artificial intelligence technology, it has successively published Sokrates teaching behavior characteristics automatic analysis of teachers' professional development papers in the world, among which it was also shortlisted for the best technical paper in the GCCCE conference, continuing to demonstrate TEAM Model's theoretical foundation and technology content.

Literacy-oriented, adapting to life and facing the future
Whether it is Taiwan 108 New Curriculum, UNESCO, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), etc., they all develop educational innovations with "competence" as the core. The development trajectory of the TEAM Model system has always been the best system to support competence-oriented teaching. We are very happy to provide a mature and professional support system to educational institutions in this global upsurge of education reform.

School-based syllabus is easier to prepare and share
Providing cloud-based school-based curriculum service functions is a powerful force for the development of smart schools and the exchange of teaching materials. The school-based curriculum is a school-based teaching data resource. The school-based curriculum established by the development of TEAM Model AI Smarter School is a bridge connecting practical cloud resources to teaching applications. The school's school-based resources are co-constructed, co-prepared, and shared, which accelerates the professional growth of teachers and improves the quality of classroom teaching, which is an important manifestation of education under the Internet.

Won the "Muduo Award", the highest honor in Taiwan's educational and academic circles

Awarded by Pan Wenzhong, Minister of Education

The Muduo Award has been established for more than 40 years, and many well-known scholars have won it. For example, Tang Zhimin, the former director of education in Taipei City, and Zhang Ruixiong, the president of Taipei University of Commerce, are all well-known figures in the education field.
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Promote the Global AI Smart School Alliance

Create a pioneer of smart education

TEAM Model Smarter Classroom System spreads all over the world

TEAM Model AI Smarter Schools spread all over the world
Professor Power Wu uses AI artificial intelligence and educational big data to connect more than 10 countries around the world, establish a global smart education research platform, promote teacher professional development, research and development of international education cooperation, and lead smart education to the world.

Committed to promoting the application of global AI technology in teacher training

A number of principals, teachers, and professors jointly launched the teaching and research platform for the AI Innovation College of Teacher Training

Teacher Cultivation AI Innovation Academy Teaching Research Platform
The Global TEAM Model Education Research Institute and the Taiwan Technology Leadership and Instructional Technology Development Association have combined professors and departments of National Chengchi University, Tsinghua University, National Central University, and other colleges and universities to form the "AI Innovation Academy Teaching and Research Platform" with the base school , through the introduction of TEAM Model's smart education technology, it is expected to integrate talents, resources, technologies, etc., to jointly develop a new generation of teacher professional development platform that applies AI artificial intelligence and educational big data, and promote the quality and effectiveness of teacher training.

Promoted by Professor Power Wu to cooperate with the education authorities of Batangas State, Philippines, donated more than 10 million Taiwan dollars, provided smart teaching hardware and software, and promoted the development of AI teacher training in the Philippines.