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China Bilingual Education Group - Hailun Bilingual School | Heilongjiang Province Smarter Education Brand

Hailun Biligual School 01-2
Hailun Biligual School 03
Hailun Biligual School 04
Hailun Biligual School 05
Hailun Biligual School 06
Hailun Biligual School 09
Hailun Biligual School 13
Hailun Biligual School 01-2
Hailun Biligual School 03
Hailun Biligual School 04
Hailun Biligual School 05
Hailun Biligual School 06
Hailun Biligual School 09
Hailun Biligual School 13

China Bilingual Edu&Invest Group - Hailun Bilingual School

Hailun Bilingual School is a private school founded by the City of Hailun and China Bilingual Edu&Invest Group in August 2015.
With the goal of developing a smarter school, TEAM Smarter classrooms have been built throughout the school, and the HiTeach Smarter Teaching System is being used on a regular basis for teaching.

When it comes to Hailun Bilingual School, we have to mention the China Bilingual Education Group as the leader.
China Bilingual Edu&Invest Group was founded in April 2002 and is one of the few education brands in Heilongjiang Province that is dedicated to smarter education. There are many schools such as Hailun Bilingual School and Fujin Bilingual School, and more than 100 schools providing teaching services.


Determined to build the school
Heilongjiang is a province in northeastern China, located in the middle and high latitudes of the continental monsoon climate, the average temperature difference throughout the year is large, with the coldest temperature reaching -18℃, which is colder than other provinces in China.
The economy is dominated by heavy industry and agriculture, with no more employment opportunities than neighboring provinces, resulting in out-migration and a low birth rate. Coupled with Heilongjiang's complex topography, short frost-free periods throughout the year, and less convenient public transportation, making developing basic education in Heilongjiang Province not easy, and the education level is the lowest among the three northeastern provinces.
Hailun Bilingual School is located in the educationally disadvantaged province of Heilongjiang.

To this end, the Director of China Bilingual Education Group, Mr. Zhou Chao, is determined to invest resources in Heilongjiang Province, especially in the remote areas. He has founded a number of schools, so that the local area also has very high quality modern educational resources, and at the same time provides educational teaching services to more than 100 primary and secondary schools to improve the quality of education, with bilingualism, intelligence, innovation, and humanism as the core philosophy of the school.

Smarter Teaching as a Foundation
China Bilingual Education Group is committed to building a major smarter education brand in Heilongjiang Province, and it has been the Group's goal to perfect the smarter classroom.
In 2014, Fujin Bilingual School started to build 31 TEAM Model classrooms, 2 TEAM Model AI Lecture Observation Lounge, and 1 Distance Smarter Classroom.
Hailun Bilingual School was established in 2015 and has built TEAM Model TBL classrooms and 2 TEAM Model AI Lecture Observation Lounges throughout the school.

Bilingual education is a priority
In addition to the implementation of smarter education, bilingual education is also the core concept of the group. In the school-based curriculum of Hailun Bilingual School, there are a lot of bilingual courses arranged, and Hailun Bilingual School employed foreign English teachers to teach the courses.
Teaching by Foreign Teachers

Inspiring Innovative Teaching Models - China Bilingual Education Award
China Bilingual Education Group has been committed to developing smarter education and training smarter teachers in the Heilongjiang region for many years, and held three "China Bilingual Education Teaching Competitions" from 2017 to 2019, gathering six teams from four regions in Heilongjiang Province: Heilun, Tongjiang, Fuyuan, and Fujin.

China Bilingual Education Award has successfully nurtured many smarter teachers and formed "Team Heilongjiang" to compete in various smarter classroom competitions with excellent results!
China Bilingual Education Award Highlights

China Bilingual Education Online Classroom
In 2020, tens of thousands of students were not unable to attend school as a result of COVID-19 sweeping the world.
China Bilingual Edu&Invest Group, which is based on the concept of smarter education, first adopted the TEAM Model Online Classroom solution. During the global pandemic shutdown, they successfully conducted online interactive classes.
Effective teaching of technology interaction and data decision making can also be done online

Detailed Case Studies ►Hailun Bilingual School's Online Classroom


Hailun Bilingual School Smarter Education Development Results

Since its opening, Hailun Bilingual School has been actively building a smarter education and teaching environment, adopting a variety of schooling strategies to develop smart schools, and has achieved fruitful results and achievements.
Total number of Hailun Bilingual School Smart Classes (Statistics until 2020/12/18)

On 11th December 2020, the "Hailun Bilingual School Five-Year Development and AI Smarter Education Big Data Achievement Showcase Event", was jointly held by Journal of the Chinese Society of Education, Global TEAM Model Education Research Institute, Global TEAM Model AI Smarter School Alliance. At the event, principal Yayan of Hailun Bilingual School gave us a presentation on the development of smarter education in the past five years.

Details of the event ► Five-Year Development and AI Smarter Education Big Data Achievement Showcase Event held successfully!

Smarter Teacher Professional Development
For the development of smarter schools, an important part is the cultivation of smarter teachers. In this regard, Principal Yayas proposed a three-step training process, starting with the renewal of teachers' concepts, followed by group training with senior teachers to lead junior teachers, and using the TEAM Model AI Lecture Observation Lounge as a tool for smarter teachers to practice.

Smarter Teacher Reward System
In addition to perfect teacher training, Principal Yan has also established an award system for smarter teachers, dividing smarter teachers into one to three levels for evaluation and giving corresponding awards to smarter teachers who pass the evaluation.

Smarter Education Main Topic
Principal Yan further explained that smarter education at Hailun Bilingual School is based on the idea that smarter teachers must lead the students in their thinking. The main focus of the classroom is on the students themselves, allowing them to learn independently, increase peer interaction, expand their skills, and train them, all with the use of the HiTeach Smarter Teaching System as a teaching aid.

Hailun Bilingual School Five-Year Development Results - Principal Yan, Tai-Ping


Smarter School with Hardware and Software Development

Since its establishment in 2015, Hailun Bilingual School has been using the HiTeach Smarter Classroom for smarter education and is constantly using the TEAM Model AI Lecture Observation Lounge to hone each smarter teacher's skills. This enables the development of smarter education in Hailun Bilingual School, in both software to hardware.

In the past five years, Hailun Bilingual School has used TEAM Model Smarter education technology to open up the channel between teaching, learning, and teaching research, forming a golden triangle of educational data, a new style of teaching, learning and research, and establishing a new milestone of smarter education!

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