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Philippine Public Welfare Cooperation Project

Learning never stops, countering the pandemic. Researching & reviewing has zero distance!

In 2020, to promote education without borders and to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic from stopping schooling, HABOOK Group cooperates with the Department of Education, Schools Division of Batangas of the Philippines to assist schools in the Philippines to set up the TEAM Model AI Lecture Observation Lounge, introduce HiTeach Smarter Teaching System and develop a new form of teacher training with Sokrates Digital Lesson Observation system. Through live broadcasting, these school share with the world the new model of teaching, learning, and research.

Online Cross-signing of Memorandum Of Agreement with the Department of Education, Schools Division of Batangas,
Cupang Elementary School, and Bayorbor National High School

Lead schools in different school districts in Batangas are setting up TEAM Model AI Lecture Observation Lounge to transform into
AI Smart Schools

  Cupang Elementary School and Bayorbor National High School

The first to complete the installation of the AI Lecture Observation Lounge, teachers at Cupang Elementary School and Bayorbor National High School have been able to break the traditional online teaching model with the help of the HiTeach Smarter Teaching System, allowing online teaching to be highly interactive and data-driven. In addition, by combining the AI Lecture Observation Lounge, educational experts' feedback, and AI coach, the schools have produced abundant Sokrates lesson videos and quickly trained smart master teachers.

In the same year that the TEAM Model system was introduced, the two schools showed excellent results by completing live online public lessons with the witness of international education experts. What's more, they participated in the Global Smarter Lecture Contest and delivered master classes. In the following years, many teachers from the schools achieved outstanding results in the Innovative Smarter Lecture Award.


  Research on TEAM Model in Improving the Academic Performance of Students

During the lockdown of the pandemic, Bayorbor National High School conducted research on the effect on student grades by using HiTeach Smarter Teaching System. The result shows that using the TEAM Model HiTeach Smarter Teaching System: The Mean Percentage Score (MPS) for the experimental group is 90.992 and 78.888 for the control group, a difference of 12 points! This is an astounding difference and an exciting result of the teaching experiment.


  Road to Smart Province

Since 2022, smart education in Batangas has developed steadily. Schools have conducted self-training and cross-school training to train more smarter teachers and keep up to date with the latest updates of the TEAM Model system.

In 2023, HABOOK and the Department of Education started the 2023 Philippines Enthusiastic Teacher Program, the Division Virtual HiTeach 5 Basic Workshop: AI Enthusiastic Teachers Challenge. The program is set to give out 1000 HiTeach licenses to 1000 teachers who attend the program, potentially benefit more than 200,000 students, and expand smart education to more areas in Batangas.

Over the past few years, HABOOK has been recognized for its collaboration with the Department of Education, receiving the Partner of the Year Recognition, among others. Both parties will continue to promote smart education in the Philippines!