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Mr. He Xinyi, principal of Taoyuan Guang Ming Junior High School

Mr. He Xinyi, principal of Taoyuan Guang Ming Junior High School

Teaching experience and wisdom education experience
Instructor, Private Hengyi Middle School, Taipei County
Instructor and Equipment Leader, Taoyuan County Shanjiao National Middle School
Taoyuan County Eight German Civil Middle School Registered Leader, Full-time Teacher
Taoyuan County Guangming National Middle School Preparatory Office Part-time Personnel
Taoyuan County Guangming National Middle School General Affairs Officer, Training Director, Academic Director
Taoyuan County Guangming National Middle School Alternate Principal Seconded to Education Bureau
Principal of Taoyuan Municipal Dagang National Middle School
President of Taoyuan City Guangming National Junior High School

The Educational Belief of President Xinxin He
As the leader of education, President He Xinyi's potential educational thoughts will affect the planning, operation, promotion and practice of the entire school affairs, and its importance is self-evident.
1. Humanistic education concept-The essence of education is to affirm human dignity and respect human values. The purpose of education is to promote self-realization and complete human values.
2. Philosophy of postmodern educational thoughts-Education should develop in the direction of loosening, pluralism, decentralization, conform to the spirit of a democratized society, pay attention to multicultural education, and respect individual differences.
3. Psychological view of multiple intelligence theory-each child is a unique individual, and each child has his different advantages. Education should "strengthen its strengths and drive its shortcomings" so that children can use their superior wisdom to fully develop their potential and multiple wisdom.
4. The administrative concept of transformational leadership-this stage should be an era that emphasizes the use of group wisdom. As an executive leader, it should also have modern leadership thinking.

From educator to education operator

Principal He Xinyi encouraged himself with a fable story of "Big Buddha and Stone Stairs". As the principal, he should take students as the starting point, stand at a high place with school navigators and education operators to make a promise, and lead the school education partners to achieve the ideal of education The goal is to allow teachers and students to become the "Big Buddha" that everyone admires because of the school's pondering, rather than the "Stone Steps" that anyone can walk without a sculpture.

Guangming Junior High School quickly became Smarter School
When President He Xinyi first took up the Guangming Junior High School in 2015, he introduced the concept of smart classrooms. In order to build teachers' confidence in smart classrooms, President He took many teachers to TEAM Model Smarter Education headquarters to explain and demonstrate carefully TEAM Model Smarter Classroom's teaching mode allows teachers to personally experience the help that smart classrooms can bring to students. After all the teachers are confident in the wisdom education of Tamadou, TEAM Model Smarter Classroom is introduced in batches, so that students and teachers can adapt to the new teaching method step by step.

After the completion of the construction of the smart classroom, the cultivation of smart teachers is the primary subject of President He Xinyi. The principal and the school administration team planned the Guangming Junior High School's unique smart teacher development plan-"Decisive Battle Bright Top" to bring teachers Ways and rewards for entering story situations to promote teacher professional growth, and fun activities can also stimulate more teachers to participate in it, thereby accelerating the speed of intelligent schooling of Guang Ming Junior High School.

Principal He Xinzhang regularly held class preparation training camps, carefully selected suitable courses to represent the school to compete, and found a bigger stage for the school's smart teachers. He won the championship in the Cross-Strait Wisdom Classroom Invitational Tournament for three consecutive years. In 2018, he also won the award of Excellence in Science and Technology Leadership. It is also because of the good results of these competitions that the competent authorities attach importance to the importance of smart education, and then the Education Bureau assists in completing the construction of smart whiteboards in all classrooms.

Classic Lessons First Grade Middle School Creatures "Squid and Octopus Are Silly"

In daily life, there are often creatures such as flower sticks, squid, octopus, soft silk, and penetrating seafood on the dinner table. It is difficult to distinguish them. This class uses the different characteristics of these creatures to allow us to quickly identify and use The search form learned is more clear.

The application of the search table is a necessary ability for middle school students, and it is also the focus of learning in the previous middle school curriculum. However, in the new syllabus, students not only have to learn to use the search form, they also have to challenge themselves to build a search form.

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