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Taoyuan Guang Ming Junior High School, a Smarter School with All-Round Development

Establish Smarter Classroom information

Taoyuan Guang Ming Junior High School was founded in 1999. It was the only school in Taoyuan that provided an air conditioner and a water dispenser for every classroom, which were all smarter classrooms. After Xin-Zhang He became the principal in 2015, he continued to promote smarter classrooms by first introducing it to 8th Grade and then 9th Grade. Due to the outstanding results, the Department of Education helped to introduce the system into the entire school.

Set up an exclusive Sokrates channel to facilitate teacher professional development

After the smarter classroom software was set up, Guang Ming Junior High School combined the cloud platform construction and used IES Smarter Teaching Service to integrate pre-, mid- and post-lesson teaching information; it also adopted AI Smart Coach for evaluation indicators of teacher professional development and growth. In 2019, Guang Ming joined the TEAM Model Smarter School Alliance, and set up an exclusive Sokrates channel for sharing its classic lesson examples with teachers across the world.

Principal He Xinzhang

“At the Top of Guang Ming” for expediting the promotion of a smarter school

In order to promote and implement smarter classroom more rapidly and effectively, Guang Ming invites smarter education expert consultants to conduct training for teachers to understand the state-of-the-art technology usage and ideas. Furthermore, it has established the rewarding measures of “At the Top of Guang Ming”.

Based on wuxia novels’ six major orthodox sects, from Kunlun to Shaolin, thirty levels were set up. Each level included knowledge and skills of smarter technology, such as pick-out, IRS and toss-up, so that teachers could familiarize themselves with the operation and application of smarter classrooms spontaneously.

Teachers received a raffle ticket for each level they pass, and a lucky winner would be drawn at the monthly teacher meeting. If all the teachers in the domain passed the final “Shaolin” level, they would all be rewarded with gift certificates and afternoon tea coupons, and the grand prize, a tablet, would be drawn last. It is hoped that, by doing so, teachers would conduct self-learning and offer assistance mutually for a better smarter school.

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Smarter education consultant training teachers at Guang Ming Junior High School


The 2018 Flag Presentation Ceremony was held at Guang Ming Junior high School, and Director General An-Ban Gao personally presented the flag to Team Taoyuan

Present excellent smarter school achievements

The number of students being accepted into public high schools and public vocational high schools has increased year by year; the acceptance rate increase from 42% in 2015 to 60% in 2017, and the number of 5C students lowered to 4.2%. Furthermore, Pei-Yu Lin and Shun-Liang Zhang, teachers at Guang Ming, have received the First Prize for English and Mathematics in the Cross-Strait Good Lesson Contest for two consecutive years. Guang Ming is the only school that has won First Prize in English and Mathematics for two consecutive years, indicating that its accomplishments in promotion and development are seen by everyone. The school is intending on holding its own Guang Ming Smarter Lesson Contest for smarter school to become a representation of Guang Ming.

The principal said: "As long as the 5C ratio goes down every year, it means that the school's teaching has a very close relationship with wisdom education.

The successful and intelligent Guangming Middle School has increased the vocational admission rate in public high schools year by year, and the rate of students to be strengthened continues to decline. The rate of skilled subjects is close to the national rate. Guangming Junior High School has achieved good results in wisdom education competitions at home and abroad for many years. The Guangming Junior High School wisdom teacher team, led by President He Xinyi, has won the 2017 and 2018 Cross-strait Wisdom Classroom Invitational Championships. It is obvious to all that in the next step, Guangming intends to handle his own Bright Cup wisdom classroom team competition, so that Guangming Middle School can become a representative of wisdom education.

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