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Principal JERIC LEE (Consultant, Global TEAM Model Sarter Education Research Institute

Principal JERIC LEE is a professional consultant for the Global TEAM Model Sarter Education Research Institute. He is mainly responsible for the counseling and professional training of schools at all levels in the Asia-Pacific region. He understands the importance and pioneering nature of technology integration in teaching, and continues to implement smart education. He can be seen in Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand ...

Mr Jeric Lee
(Consultant, Global TEAM Model Smarter Education Research Institute)
Educational Achievement:
  • Bachelor of Arts, National University of Singapore
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Distinction), National Institute of Edu
  • Diploma in Departmental Management, National Institute of Education
  • Leaders in Education Programme, National Institute of Education
Career Experience:
  • Chinese Language Teacher Secondary School, College
  • Department Head (Chinese Language & InfoComm Technology)
  • Special Assistant, School Appraisal, Ministry of Education, Singapore
  • Vice Principal / Principal
  • Director, Business Development & Strategic Planning in Business Organisations
  • Director of Smarter Education, HaBook Group

TEAM Model education big data and AI got approval from the Ministry of Education of Thailand

Giving the lecture "Digital and AI in Classroom" at the annual forum of Thailand GP Education

Jeric Lee was invited to give a open lecture on "Digital and AI in Classroom" at the 2019 GP Education Annual Forum in Thailand. The lecture was about using big data and AI of education to accelerate teacher professional development. Nearly 600 Thai educators came to participate in the Forum, and the deputy minister of education presented medals in person.