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More than 7800 smart classrooms! ICF's Intelligent Community of the Year: Taoyuan City

Education is a century-old cause and an important cornerstone that affects the next generation. Teachers are the key force in the development of innovative schools. Only a good teacher can guide students on the right path and achieve the potential of every child. Under the reform of the new 108 Curriculum in Taiwan, Taiwan's education tends to be more competence-oriented teaching, and the TEAM Model Smarter Education Support System is able to integrate modern educational concepts and ideas, and use technology to make these ideas easier to practice in the classroom.


Over 7,800 smart classrooms! ICF's Intelligent Community of the Year!

In recent years, the Taoyuan City Government has actively developed smart city construction and promoted school renewal plans. It has built more than 7,800 smart classrooms, making it the smart city with the largest number of TEAM Model smarter classrooms in the world. With the support of the smart education system, the smart city stood out with the "Smart Classroom, Digital School" and other projects in the 2019 Intelligent Community Forum, and was named the Intelligent Community of the Year!

Taoyuan Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan pointed out that education is a kind of enlightenment and ambition. It is necessary not only to guide teachers to improve their professional knowledge, but also to guide students to learn and explore independently. At the same time, hardware construction and software management must be taken into account.

The goals of Taoyuan are quite clear. It is not only essential to introduce hardware infrastructure but also crucial to have software integration and promote teacher professional development. TEAM Model is precisely the best solution to help teachers depart from traditional teaching methods and embrace a modernized smart classroom. The Taoyuan City Government and schools at all levels have recognized this, and thus, the partnership between TEAM Model and Taoyuan has begun, paving the way for progress and development.

Anbang Gao, then Director of the Taoyuan City Department of Education, said: "Starting from the changes of teachers to flipping teaching."

Taoyuan City has been actively promoting the "Smart Classroom, Digital School" project for the past few years, and the results have been remarkable. At the 2019 Global Technology Leadership & Instructional Technology Summit, Director Anbang Gao discusses how smart education has taken root in Taoyuan, how to promote smart classrooms and teacher communities, and how Taoyuan has built smart classrooms on a large scale, won three consecutive Cross-Strait Invitational Tournament for the Intelligence Class championship, and successfully let Taoyuan become ICF's Intelligent Community of the Year.

HABOOK has assisted Taoyuan to build a smart classroom environment since 2015

Started to build 5T maker classroom in 2015

Taoyuan City, led by Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan, started from Taoyuan Elementary School in 2015 to build a 5T smart school. Taoyuan Elementary School has a long history of 118 years. It is a "century school, smart freshman", through smart teaching "maker" classrooms, so that children like learning. This has made the teaching site more technological and lively, and has become a highlight of the teaching resources of Taoyuan Smart School. From the successful starting point of a school, through the next "Smart Classroom, Digital School" project, every school can be equipped with digital interactive teaching equipment to improve teaching quality and learning achievement.

►Refer to the Facebook of Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan: Taoyuan Elementary School Maker Smart School was unveiled and opened: the goal is to extend to 25 schools in the city next year, improve teaching quality and cultivate smart citizens

Actively participate in teaching contests
Cross-Strait Invitational Tournament for the Intelligence Class: Team Taoyuan Won 3 Consecutive Championships

The Cross-Strait Invitational Tournament for the Intelligence Class is a teaching contest that aims to promote and accelerate the professional growth of teachers. Smarter teachers with rich application achievements and experience are selected by the region and organized into a team to participate in a teaching contest. The smart lecture team contest is used to refine and communicate a class that deeply integrates information technology and teaching, and implements modern education concepts to achieve the ultimate goal of "promoting growth through contest".

In the past years, the organizers used the city as the team unit, and invited and applied representatives of different city teams to use different smart education support systems to gather together in the form of urban teams. The participating teams will show and share the most outstanding, representative, replicable, and diffusing smart lesson model with educators in all regions. This activity promotes the practice and promotion of modern education concepts. TEAM Model Smarter Education Support System is one of the top three education support systems arranged every year in this activity.

【Contest Value and Influence】
The world's first smart classroom team contest based on city teams.
Videos, lesson plans, teaching materials, etc. are used to fully record the innovative teaching models of smart lectures in various regions.
Through teamwork, team training, team contest, team reflection, and team growth, teachers develop a new culture of professional development and cooperation.
Team Taoyuan is the biggest winner of the Cross-Strait Invitational Tournament for the Intelligence Class. In 2017, 2018, and 2019, they have been team champions for consecutive years. It shows that Taiwanese teachers are quite proficient and professional in teaching plan design, classroom context driving, and technology use. It is a representative city of smart education.

Professor Power Wu, the head of HABOOK and the founder of TEAM Model Smarter Education, said: "Through the contest, the TEAM Model Smart Education Support System has once again proven its position in the education market. It is like a sports car, which cannot be matched by ordinary assembled cars." Regardless of teachers' seniority, junior level or not, the TEAM Model system can be used well to allow teachers to integrate technology into teaching.

The teachers of the participating teams are also very grateful to the Taoyuan City Education Bureau for their strong support and a lot of logistical assistance, so that the teachers can go for the honor of Taoyuan without any worries.


Taoyuan Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan praised the team that won the team championship of 2019 Cross-Strait Invitational Tournament for the Intelligence Class

The 2019 "Taoyuan Team" is composed of teachers from 5 elementary and middle schools in Taoyuan. They participated in the 4th Cross-Strait Invitational Tournament for the Intelligence Class hosted by Zhejiang Province in Chia. They defeated 19 teams from other cities and won 4 first prizes and 1 second prize. The total score is the highest score, and he has completed three consecutive championships. It is hoped that the teachers of the winning schools will be able to serve as ambassadors for Taoyuan's smart teaching and extend smart education to every school in Taoyuan.


Group photo of the 2018 champion Taoyuan Team


Group photo of the 2017 champion Taoyuan Team

►2017 Event Official Website

During the team training, the biggest gain is not only the growth of team members, but even many teachers in the school are also infected by this atmosphere. Not only do they take the initiative to share years of teaching experience and know-how with team members, but also help team members to prepare together, and co-research. These have established the influence and successful experience of the smart lecture team contest on the teacher professional development.

Quantitative Change to Qualitative Change: Taoyuan Organizes Innovative Lesson Teaching Competition

With the successful experience of participating in the Cross-Strait Invitational Tournament for the Intelligence Class, Taoyuan City also held a cross-school smart teaching competition. The competition was divided into elementary and middle school sessions, teams of teachers from different schools were invited to participate in the competition, and all judges were experts and scholars invited by Taoyuan City.

The scale of the competition was even greater each year. The Department of Education of Taoyuan City invested in all aspects of the event, searching for teachers and organizing pre-competition preparation, making the competition more and more large-scale. The final results of the judging were that the top three teams were all using HiTeach, showing that HiTeach is superior to other educational systems in terms of teaching and learning, from interaction to data decision-making.

Taoyuan holds an Innovative Technology Interactive Lesson Teaching Team Contest

Photos of the competition in the middle school venue

Photo of the competition in the primary school venue

Taoyuan New Teacher Training: Smart teaching becomes mandatory

Taoyuan City's smart education begins with the training of newly hired teachers. On the first day of the training, the new teachers were able to get to know more about the TEAM Model Smarter Classroom and how to use it. On the second day, champion teachers of the Cross-Strait Invitational Tournament for the Intelligence Class allowed 300 prospective teachers to experience the basic operation of smart teaching and the actual participation in the smart classroom. The on-site interaction was enthusiastic and lively.
Lingyi Lin and Huang Chengwen, champion teachers of Taoyuan Team, conduct trainings

Smart school cases in Taoyuan City

There are many cases in Taoyuan City, and we have listed a few smart school here.
► Taoyuan Da You Junior High School

Taoyuan Guang Ming Junior High School, a Smarter School with All-Round Development

A Model of Smart City Worth Learning From

Based on the promotion of the "Smart Classroom, Digital School" project, Taoyuan City was named Intelligent Community Forum's Intelligent Community of the Year, and introduced innovative teacher professional development models to cultivate excellent teachers. It also makes student learning more interesting, and the learning effect is significantly improved.

Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan also said that investment in education is very worthwhile. The city government has built many new schools in response to the population growth of Taoyuan. In the future, it will do its utmost to support the Education Bureau so that education can get more resources.

The evaluation of Taoyuan's education indicators has improved year by year, and in recent years, it has been ranked first in satisfaction among the six major cities in Taiwan in some media evaluations. The Taoyuan City Government hopes to continue to work with principals and educational organizations to promote important education policies and jointly serve as the backing of the school, so that the school's dreams will be bigger and the pressure and burden will be less. Mayor Cheng also hopes that through education, Taoyuan will be able to shine and become the first choice for young families.

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