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Geraldine O. Moreto Bayorbor National High School, Philippines


Learning is creation and not consumption, knowledge is not something a learner absorbs, but something a learner creates.
-George Curuos



Geraldine O. Moreto
Bayorbor National High School, Philippines
Academic Qualification
  • Teaching Achievements & Awards
  • First Place Winner in Area Level Adobe Photoshop Tarpaulin Making (2013)
  • First Place Winner in Area Level Webpage Designing (2013)
  • 3 First Place Winner in Computer Hardware Servicing Area Level (2019)
Professional Development Experience (Seminar Presentations / Sharing / Research etc) 
  • Regional Training in K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum for Grade 8-9
  • National Certificate Level 2 in Computer Hardware Servicing
  • National Certificate Level 2 in Food and Beverages
  • National Certificate in Contact Center Services
  • Certificate of Recognition for serving as Judge in Technolympics Area level Competition

Reflection Video From Geraldine O. Moreto Bayorbor National High School, Philippines

HiTeach Smarter System Learning Journey

Bayorbor National High School is privileged to be given an edtech upgraded classroom by Habook Group’s TEAM Model Smarter Classroom. I have no idea on what this Smarter Classroom is all about until I was given a chance to be one of the 5 Key Teachers to have a rigorous training with their versatile Principal Consultant, Mr. Jeric Lee.  Training sessions went well and every day is an opportunity for personal and professional development. Through the training sessions, I was able to have a fist hand experience of utilizing this HiTeach Smarter Class System. 
This pandemic brought many changes in education. However, this situation also opens its door to digital teaching and learning methods for both the teachers and the students by coordinating latest advancements in technology with academics.  HiTeach Smarter Classroom is much more than what I expect from these digital learning.  Implementing this kind of classroom education enhances student-teacher interaction and collaboration. It ensures the education reaches every student with different level of understanding equally.

Unlike the usual virtual classroom, this HiTeach Smarter Classroom System improves student-teacher interaction and communication in a real-time blended learning modality. Using the different tools such as Push, randomizer, Pop-Quiz, Buzz-in and many others, it provides students a better virtual classroom experience and allows them to learn at their own phase. 

Certainly technology has always impacted both students and teachers in the classroom. This HiTeach Smarter Classroom from the Habook Group is truly an asset of the school.


《Lesson 1-Modified》

This is a Technology & Livlihoon Education lesson . The objective of this lesson is to help the students identify the kitchen tools available and its funtional uses

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