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Jane M. Leyran, Bayorbor National High School, Philippines

Jane M. Leyran, Bayorbor National High School, Philippines
     Being one of the AI Master class teachers of Bayorbor NHS, it is indeed a privilege to become part of the evolving world of technology and artificial intelligence. When we come back to face to face full blast of classes this School Year 2022-2023, it became more challenging to each and every one of us, teachers and learners. Thus, it is to be noted that an interactive and more engaging activities in teaching and learning process must be observed.  It requires not only highly technological but also be competitive to others. 
     The emerging power of teaching pedagogy of a Filipino teacher plus application of digital teaching, particularly HiTeach and TEAM Model system at Bayorbor NHS could mean an empowered system of education.  It is a very powerful resource for educating Grade 7-9 learners with respect to various subjects of the curriculum. It may develop highly competitive learners in its digital aspect. A more technological approach of learning Mathematics, in particular could be beneficial to the academe.  It would always be a surprise as this system from the HABOOK group would upgrade and continue to support the assistance of being one of our stakeholders and partners in making education an excellent one.

Academic Qualification
  • Bachelor of Science Major in Mathematics

Subject: Mathematics
  • 2022 11th Innovative Smarter Lecture Award - Excellent
  • Ganap Parangal for Exemplary Performance and Outstanding Accomplishments  2018 -2019
  • Gawad Parangal Award for Outstanding Performance on IPCRF 2019
  • Exemplary Contribution as Adopt-a-School Coordinator of Bayorbor NHS
  • Coach of 2nd place winner in MTAP DepEd Math Challenge 2018 - Division Elimination
  • Action Research Presenter (Division Level)
  • Oral Presenter for the Action Research in 2019 District Research Compendium
  • Participation in Regional Training of Teachers on Pedagogical Retooling in Mathematics, Language, and Science (PRIMALS PLUS)
  • Facilitation in the Development of 21st Century Skills for Southeast Asian Teachers
  • Participation in Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) : Teach On: Keeping the Passion Alive


Reflection Video From Jane M. Leyran, Bayorbor National High School, Philippines

HiTeach Smarter System Learning Journey (2020)

It was indeed good news to Bayorbor National High School when it was formally announced that BNHS will be one of the recipients of TEAM Model AI Sokrates Smarter Classroom. The happiness and opportunity that we had as educators were remarkable. HABOOK Group was dedicated to education technology research and has developed complete resolution to school modernization.  As their objectives were concerned, technology was applied to promote effective strategies in the learning process.

Being one of the chosen key teachers from Bayorbor National High School, it was a wonderful experience and journey for the new kind of teaching pattern.  I have been teaching for 13 years from Public School and 6 years from Private School and found that teaching was a never-ending process.  This cycle made me always believe that this 21st Century education could turn to be more innovative and efficient. Through the help of Team Model AI Sokrates Smarter Classroom training, our perception has evolved into another world of experience.  Our learning from this type of education was very exciting yet we always feel brave upon new challenges and technologies that the software being brought by this Habook Group will be friendly and easy to understand.

The first time that this type of classroom was launched last July 15, 2020, we have felt mixed emotions of happiness, excitement, and nervous. Sir Jeric Lee, being our mentor in this journey, had shown his eagerness and encouragement that we will really learn and benefit after several meetings.  From the first time of class demonstration delivered by Sir Jeric, we are amazed upon experiencing as learners and the use of HiTeach Program was very excellent.  We assumed that if this will happen to the set of BNHS learners, they will feel the same way and the teaching-learning process will be more productive.  The interaction of teacher, learner, and technology made the complete package of a smarter classroom. As the objective of the HABOOK Group, of carrying professional development in a very scientific and effective manner, we had identified a very good practice of engagement of teaching and learning as well as data management during the class.

After few meetings of training, we are tasked to perform our own of class demonstration using our created learning materials (Powerpoint/video) and the HiTeach Program.  We had spent our time, effort, and knowledge gained from the trainings in class demonstration and through the aid of AI technology in the Sokrates video generated to capture the whole setup of the said demonstration.  We come out with TEAM Model TPC Lesson plan and student engagement strategies while having the teaching assessment in online pattern as well.

The application of using various tools in HiTeach made possible that we can have interactive class in this time of pandemic. Excitement and eagerness to learn were still there even there is no face to face type of classroom setup.  It is not only the learners being assessed here, teachers in the sense of use of technology and pedagogy approach in teaching were also observed.  

Thank you, HABOOK Group, for this wonderful journey! Congratulations and more POWER to share with other great mentors like you.   


Sokrates Lesson Video


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