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Romana Glenda S. Lagmay, Bayorbor National High School, Philippines

Romana Glenda S. Lagmay, Bayorbor National High School, Philippines

        Integrating AI technology in the teaching-learning environment is astonishing. The continuous implementation of HiTeach 5 in our school coupled with the TEAM Model Smarter Education escalates the learning practice of our students through the effective use of technology. 
        Given the opportunity to explore the world of AI from the HABOOK Group of Taiwan, I could say that HiTeach5 is one of the most dynamic teaching tools to motivate and educate my Grade 10 students in science. It aids me create meaningful and very interactive lessons needed to differentiate teaching instruction to meet the diverse learning needs of students. 
        Indeed, Team Model Smarter Education creates a unique high-technological learning environment for our students making them critical thinkers, self-directed learners, and innovative ones. Keep the passion going with HiTeach 5!

Academic Qualification
  • MASTER OF ARTS In Educational Management
  • Licensed Professional Teacher
Subject: Science

Teaching Achievements & Awards
  • 2022 11th Innovative Smarter Lecture Award - Outstanding
  • Best Presenter Infographic Video Presentation (VDCBER) 2022
  • 2021 10th Innovative Smarter Lecture Award - Superb
  • Gawad Parangal Award for Outstanding Performance Based on IPCRF 2019
  • Outstanding Master Teacher (Secondary Level) 2018 District World Teacher Day
  • Oral Presenter on Conference of Basic Education Research 2019
  • Writer – 2018 Division Writeshop for the Revision of Existing Lesson Exemplars in  Science 8
  • Oral Presenter on Master Teachers' Development Training Program Colloquium 2017
  • National Training on Development of New ADM Modules Based on K-12 Curriculum 2017
  • Regional Training on Innovative Approaches for Teaching Science and Mathematics  2017


Reflection Video From Romana Glenda S. Lagmay, Bayorbor National High School, Philippines

HiTeach Smarter System Learning Journey (2020)

Adapting to modernization is the most relevant thing that teachers and 21st-century learners must come to realize. In my 27 years of teaching, I had experienced lots of transformation in the educational system. I started to use manila paper for my instructional materials until modern technologies came to light. In order to keep abreast with the transition in teaching, I took part in some trainings and workshops on the use of ICT. Fortunately, I was able to enhance my skills little by little. Learning by doing suits me to gain knowledge from A to Z.

During the formal announcement from the SDO Batangas through Sir Ramil Ginete, surprisingly, Bayorbor National High School was chosen to be the recipient of HABOOK Group's TEAM Model Smarter Classroom for secondary, along with Cupang ES. Mr. Gregorio T. Mueco, the former principal of our school called the attention of five key teachers who will undergo rigorous training in HiTeach functions. Luckily, I was one of those who will take part in the training.

Am I lucky enough? Yes, definitely! 

From the start of the training, I cannot deny the shake on the nerves. Eventually, I am not familiar with the functions of HiTeach and it is really a new thing for me. But, I managed to work out the fear because I had an amazing, patient, versatile, and accommodating mentor and trainer, Sir Jeric Lee. I gained a ton of knowledge and real experiences in using this online platform suited in this new normal. 

I am very grateful that I have been part of this training program from HABOOK Group. I will never forget my remarkable experience I have in this program because this really enhanced my pedagogical and technological skills. The training equipped me to be more competent to handle TEAM Model Smarter Classroom software so that more interactive teaching-learning experiences will be incorporated into my teaching. 

For almost three months of trainings done by HABOOK Group led by Sir Jeric Lee, the level of my confidence boosted. I can say that TEAM Model Smarter Classroom system is one of the effective platforms that will surely engage the students in classroom discussion. It also aids the teacher in determining effective lesson patterns and appropriate strategies to augment and encourage learner-centered activities.

Truly indeed, we are so lucky to be given this one of a kind opportunity. Whatever we learned from the different sessions will be duplicated, because we believe that learning must not stop. It is a tedious process of discovery and commitment to professional growth. When learnings are duplicated, you have shown a good model for others, you inspire them, and you teach them to never stop learning...Let's keep the passion burning...!    

Thank you so much HABOOK Group – Mr. Power Wu, Sir Jeric Lee, Sir Johnny Tseng, DepEd Batangas, Sir Greg T. Mueco, Sir Oliver R. Guevarra, Bayorbor NHS Faculty and my co-trainees (the chosen five) and above all our Almighty Father. CONGRATULATIONS to all.

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