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Jenelyn D. Reyes, Bayorbor National High School, Philippines

Jenelyn D. Reyes, Bayorbor National High School, Philippines
          In the landscape of 21st-century learning, where teachers and students shift from conventional to modern teaching and learning practices, the need for technological innovations in instruction is inevitable. Hence, the teachers and the learners must adapt to this transition to exist in various global scenes. 

          Digital learning is not just about using laptops or computers but how you make sense of combining technology, digital content, and instruction. With HiTeach System, I feel like my teaching method is reborn. The continuous onset of Team Model Smarter Education in our school will allow our teachers and students to lighten or ease the delivery of instruction and learning. Further, the school will serve its purpose- to deliver quality education for all.

Academic Qualification
  • Bachelor Of Science In Secondary Education, Major In English
  • Master Of Arts In English
  • Licensed Professional Teacher
Subject: English
  • 2022 11th Innovative Smarter Lecture Award - Excellent
  • 2021 10th Innovative Smarter Lecture Award - Outstanding
  • 2014 District Outstanding Teacher
  • 2015 District Outstanding School Paper Adviser
  • 1st Place Winner in News Writing for Division Training in Campus Journalism (2017)
  • 1st Place Winner in 2018 Area Level Gawad Balisong - Best Campus Journalism Implementer
  • 1st Place Winner in Radio Broadcasting and Script Writing - Team Category for 2015 Regional Training in Campus Journalism
  • Top 5 in Editorial and Science and Health Writing for 2021 Division Training in Campus Journalism
  • 3rd Place Winner in Technical Application (Radio Broadcasting and Script Writing) for 2015 Regional Training in Campus Journalism 
  • 2nd Place Winner in Area Level 2019 Gawad Balisong - Best Campus Journalism Implementer


Reflection Video From Jenelyn D. Reyes, Bayorbor National High School, Philippines

HiTeach Smarter System Learning Journey (2020)

As I quoted: "The greatest take away in teaching is not only to master the concepts that you are teaching but rather than the continuous learning you gain in discovery and make the best thing out of them". 

Getting into a virtual training for the past three months with the passionate and dedicated staff of the HABOOK Group is such an inspiring, challenging, and fulfilling teaching ventures. Personally, I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the teacher-trainees for Team Model HiTeach Smarter System and it is always been a great opportunity that I will be forever treasured. 

Talking about my learning discovery with HABOOK's HiTeach Smarter System, these really expand my pedagogical skills specifically in utilizing technological applications. With HiTeach functions and operations, I am undoubtedly convinced that these would probably maximize teacher and students' classroom interaction.

For me, HiTeach is also an ideal platform to integrate technological advancement to teaching and learning process as far as 21st Century learners are concerned. Through HiTeach functions such as differentiated push, use of randomizer or Pick out, Buzz in, Toss Up, Pop Quiz, and other assessment functions, simpler activities are converted into engaging and communicating one as these stimulate the students to perform in class. Using this system, sophisticated learning activities could also be done by the teacher and the students, encouraging them to perform analytically. 

In retrospect, I cannot deny the fact that at first hand of the training, I was felt like I am not going to make it because the functions of the system are somehow complicating. But thanks to our enthusiastic and hardworking trainer, Sir Jeric Lee, for continuously believing in our skills, for the informative inputs and instructions, and for the constant guidance he put into us during the training, to discover new learnings…

Truth be told, Bayorbor National High School was fortunate to be the recipient of HABOOK Group's HiTeach Smarter System. Given that I was one of the five key teachers who experienced rigorous training, I can say without bragging that this is one edge of the school with the others in terms of teaching facility and platforms. Why enough? It is because the design of the system program helps the teacher to flip themselves from the traditional way of teaching and learning. Additionally, it allows the students to maximize the capacity of their smartphones, which will then they could not realize that they can use these in cloud-based activities. Amazing yeah?!
On a more relevant note, my HiTeach Smarter System learning journey was very meaningful and productive. I was able to learn and discover new things and continue to improve them more for my current teaching career. 

Sharing is caring as always been quoted by most of us. Just like what our mentor told us at the end of our demo teaching, the ultimate goal is to DUPLICATE what we have learned. It is a great chance for me to share what I have learned. That is how learning and discovery must be continued…


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