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Sonny Briones Mendoza, Bayorbor National High School, Philippines

Sonny Briones Mendoza
Bayorbor National High School, Philippines
Academic Qualification
  • MASTER OF ARTS IN TEACHING, Major in Social Studies
  • Licensed Professional Teacher
Teaching Achievements & Awards
  • 2018 District Research Compendium – Best Oral Presenter (Group Category)
  • 2018 District Research Compendium – Second Best Action Research Paper
  • Population Quiz Bee – Champion (Area Level) – Coach
  • Population Quiz Bee – Second Place (Area Level) – Coach 
  • Regional Science Quest – Sci-Dama for Teachers - Champion
Professional Development Experience (Seminar Presentations / Sharing / Research etc) 
  • 2018 Conference of Basic Education Researchers – Southeast Asia – Oral Presenter
  • 2019 Research Advocacy for Community Empowerment
  • 2018 District Research Compendium
  • 2014 National Seminar Workshop on Quality Assurance Through Learner – Centered Instruction
  • 2013 Regional Mass Training for Grade 8 Teachers in the Implementation of K to 12 BEP
  • Basic Training Course for Outfit Advisor
  • 17th National Scout Jamboree

Reflection Video From Sonny Briones Mendoza Bayorbor National High School, Philippines

HiTeach Smarter System Learning Journey

Glenda.Jenelyn.Geraldine.Jane.and….. SONNY. I was literally shocked the time I heard I was one of five teachers who will be attending the TEAM Model Training sponsored by the Taiwanese government. To give you background, I have poor internet connection, have unreliable laptop and am technologically challenged individual. So normally, this kind of reaction is forgivable. Nonetheless, I have to accept the challenged and turn this to an opportunity. 

Attending seminars and trainings are common to us teachers. But this TEAM Model….. is one of a kind. First, this is international level and we’ll be trained by education experts from a different country. Second, there’s a chance that our work can be published worldwide. So, I can say this must not go without giving it a chance.

We started training in the month of July, at first we are blank on how to operate this program. I, myself is hesitant in pressing any icon on my screen, coz I know, one mistake will create confusion. Instead, we waited for every detailed instruction of our mentor and very inspiring coach and trainer, Mr. Jeric Lee. He introduced the session by giving us the background of the whole Team Model system, including the HITA app. A day had passed with a new learning and at ease as well. Finally we know how to SIGN IN AND OUT of the system. 

Few weeks later, another session has been called. In this, Mr. Lee challenged us to operate the system and know its function. He showed us a demonstration how we will utilize our teaching materials in the system. Our mentor taught us to upload files including syllabi and documents, he taught us to upload videos as well. Before the session ends, to our surprise, Mr. Lee announced that next session will be our turn to show a demonstration. Holy cow! Hahahaha! Despite all these, that day was great, another room for improvement was created for myself. It was tiring tho! 

The last session was intended for individual demonstration, when it was my turn, nerves are all over my body. But due to confidence taught to us by Mr. Jeric Lee, I know I can pull this off. With God’s guidance and with our mentor, I smoothly ended my demo just in time and with a minimal flops. Not to mention that may materials for demo is Tagalog (a native language), probably a reason for the expert to less interact. Gotcha! Hahaha. Fortunately I got a good remarks and scored accordingly. Thank you G for this. 

It was indeed an experience we’re lucky to be part of. We may find difficulties along the way but through hardwork and patience, we’re able to overcome it. May this endeavor brings us to a more successful and fruitful days to come. To the Team HABOOK and technical support, thank you for extending your passion. To our mentor, Sir Jeric Lee, thank you for sharing your wisdom. May this journey continue with you and the rest of the team. We promise that we’ll multiply all thoughts you had given us. 

Again, Congratulations to us all! 


《Modyul 1 - Katangiang Pisikal ng Asya》

Physical Feature of Asia

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