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HiTA Smarter Classroom

Smartphones plus IWB
Provide a New Smarter Teaching Approach

HiTA TEAM Model Smarter Classroom provides an introductory Smarter Classroom format. When HiTeach Smarter Teaching System and HiTA Teaching Assistant App that links to the teacher's smartphone that has been set up in the classroom, the classroom will generate interactivity and convenience of teaching and learning and transform the traditional teaching and learning.

Classroom Setting 

Classroom- Equipped with Haboard interactive whiteboard or Haboard smarter touchscreen, teachers can use this touch terminal to apply HiTeach's various whiteboard functions.
Teacher- Use the HiTA app of the smartphone to scan and connect to HiTeach to control the main functions of HiTeach and related cloud services for classroom teaching and teacher-student interaction.

Scan QR code and connect, it's really easy!

After completing the registration and logging in to the TEAM Model ID account, you can use the HiTA Teaching Assistant app on your phone to scan the QR-code to connect to HiTeach, and log in to the IES smarter teaching service, saving the time of entering the account password and starting the smart classroom immediately. After connecting, you can remotely control the up / down pages of the PowerPoint slides or the HiTeach page, or use the functions such as Pictures or Short Video recording to instantly transfer the teaching scene images to HiTeach.

IWB functions are super powerful, teaching is handier! 

The core software of TMSC is HiTeach, which has various convenient interactive whiteboard(IWB) functions and can be used on various touch devices. For example, it can be written in any software window (such as PPT, web page, animation, etc.), and you can write as you like; various types of brushstrokes include soft pens, bamboo pens, fluorescent pens, laser pens, smart pens, etc .; Rich teaching aids, such as Pick-out, Timer, group Scoreboard, spotlight, screens, serial number seals, etc. In addition, all the pages recorded during the course can be kept as electronic notes to provide reference for students to study after class.

Instant image shooting, unlimited sharing

Upload photos via HiTA (multiple split screens that can be transferred), Short Video (record a video to HiTeach), and Live Video function (live broadcast the operation process to the HiTeach of the whiteboard), so that the teacher can transfer the students' work ,  group discussion process or the results of the group team are presented in real time in the form of images. This way of showing and sharing to the whole class immediately can be published as an outcome or further guide the discussion. These functions that can be completed through the mobile phone can almost completely replace the functions provided by the previous document cameras (visualizers).

Cloud teaching materials access, resource integration becomes easier

In HiTA, you can enter the activation code of the IES smart teaching service of the exclusive school to enjoy the convenient cloud resource integration service. When HiTA scan QR-code connects to HiTeach, it also automatically logs in the IES service. In addition to using the cloud student list, teachers can also prepare lessons in the IES school-based syllabus in advance, or prepare for systematic cooperation with the school. During the class, you can select the teaching materials on the cloud in HiTeach. In addition, after the class is over, all the annotated electronic notes on the IWB can more easily share the files with students.

Reference application scenario video
Classroom Demonstration Situation-Art Class, English Class Case

Teachers, e-teaching can be done in a more relaxed way!
Now, as long as the smartphone is readily available, interactive classrooms and efficient classrooms can be created, and the students ’attention is immediately attracted by the interesting teaching mode. Take action immediately!
Open your mobile device to download the HiTA app, install the HiTeach TA on your computer, use Live Video, Short Video, and Pictures functions in the classroom, and you will immediately become an all-round modern smart teacher!

Open Video
A 10th grade chemistry lesson in HiTA Smarter Classroom.

In this video, Ms. Gergana utilized HiTA, the smarter teaching assistant app to take photos of students’ works and share on touch TV! This motivated her students to participate in the lesson, and she found them keen to share their works regardless of individual practice of team task! It was easier for her to remind students of the common mistakes when correcting their chemical formula shown on touch TV than before, giving her more time to assign complicated task for team work in the later session! 
5 steps for reference: 

Step 1 individual practice -- to review their preliminary knowledge
Step 2 pick-out & share with HiTA -- to motivate their participation in class
Step 3 correct & discuss -- check the results and explain the common mistakes made by students
Step 4 assign team task -- set task for students to collaborate and to check their understanding status
Step 5 present & evaluate -- present their ideas and solutions, then evaluate and provide feedback

Open Video
Successful Case
Affiliated Experimental Elementary School of Chengdu Normal University

The school implements Nine-year Persistent System, and in 2013, it became one of the first pilot schools for future school construction in Chengdu.
The school has set up 41 TEAM Model HiTA Smarter Classrooms, 7 TBL Smarter Classrooms. The teachers of the school also participated in Smarter Education Movement initiated by TEAM Model.

The school has established the smarter education workshop of the affiliated school of Chengdu, realizing the five-step circular development approach of “teaching-learning-exercise-use-thinking”. With the integration of information-based teaching, the experimental class ranked sixth in the grade was successfully promoted to the first place in the grade through the application of smarter classroom for two years, and the experimental class of the eighth grade also ranked the first place in the grade all the time.

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HiTA TEAM Model Smarter Classroom
Touch TerminalsHaboard Smarter Touchscreen(75'' or 86'')or Haboard Interactive Whiteboard
Teacher Side•Classroom computer- HiTeach TA
•Teacher smartphone- HiTA Teaching Assistant App
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