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TEAM Model Smarter Classroom + TEAM Model Lecture Observation Lounge + Data Decision

IRS Smarter Classroom

Instant Feedback and Statistics
Seeing Each Student's Thinking

In IRS TEAM Model Smarter Classrooms, students not only answer questions by raising their hands but also respond to teacher's questions by pressing the IRS clicker credited to the Pop Quiz and Buzz-in functions of HiTeach Smarter Teaching System. Moreover, statistical data can be generated in real-time so that the teachers can judge the learning status of teachers, thereby improving the teaching efficiency.

Classroom Setting

ClassroomConfigure touch devices (such as Haboard Smarter Touchscreen or Haboard Interactive Whiteboard) so that teachers can operate the computer with their hands, or write and mark.
TeacherSign in HiTeach by screening QR Code with HiTA Smarter Assistant App for teaching and interaction in the class.
Student-In class, an IRS clicker is provided to answer the teacher ’s questions.
-After class, use AClass ONE Learning Companion to do post-class review, pre-class preview and other remedial learning

Quiz, effective analysis & double the effect!

Quiz is a good way to sum up the learning achievements and learn from the strong and the weak! In the past, paper tests were mainly used, and the process was complicated and time-consuming. Now, teachers create topics through PowerPoint or HiTeach, and students can answer through the IRS Clicker, displaying visual results reports in real time, and mastering the learning effectiveness. These data will also form a diagnostic report in the cloud, whether it is the teacher's mastery of the student's learning situation or the student's self-systematic remedial learning, which will bring great help. Even more powerful is that even the original paper test can also use IRS's SelfPace function to answer questions with IRS digitally, and interactively review questions in real time. It can still quickly perform statistical analysis.

Inspire the enthusiasm for learning, activating the atmosphere of the class

With IRS, there can be more changes in teaching. Pop Quiz, quizzes (with correct answers, can count right and wrong), surveys (no correct answers, statistical reference), Toss-up (the system jumps out the fastest student who answers the correct answer), and Buzz-in (the system jumped out the fastest response students, get the right to speak or answer, just like picking the person with the fastest hand raise), SMART Pick-out (not only pick, but also according to statistics, categories), Knockout Game (competitive activities, students who answer the correct answer can continue to answer the following questions), score statistics, group answer statistics ... and other functional applications are designed in the teaching process, which can enrich and invigorate the teaching process and enhance students' concentration and initiative.

Visualized data statistics,
Learning status is easy to grasp!

After students answer questions through the IRS system, the teacher can present the results in a visual chart, such as a bar chart and pie chart for each option, and can also Flip Cards to display each student ’s answer and select all of the options. For student statistics, teachers can objectively make decisions based on statistical data and adjust teaching according to the data. In addition, each time the chart can be immediately captured on the whiteboard page, as a reference for the teacher to explain or answer again.

Critical Marks and Difficult Marks to individualize the learning videos

During the course of IRS smart classrooms, when teachers use HiTeach's screen recording function or ezStation's advanced recording function, students can use the IRS clicker device to mark Critical Mark and Difficult Mark points at any time. After the class, these tags will be integrated with the recorded videos to automatically generate unique personal learning videos for each student. Students can quickly browse the videos according to the Critical Mark / Difficult Mark tags through the AClass ONE Learning Companion to achieve personalized remedial learning.

Successful Case
Huaisheng Junior High School

Huaisheng Junior High School has built 24 IRS smarter classrooms. According to school’s statistics, the admission rate of public high schools has increased by 17% year by year. Among the classes in IRS smarter classrooms, the average score of Chinese is 10 points higher than that of the whole grade, 5 to 6 points higher than that of the traditional classes, and the results are remarkable.

Purchase Information
IRS TEAM Model Smarter Classroom
Touch TerminalsHaboard Smarter Touchscreen(75'' or 86'')or Haboard Interactive Whiteboard
Teacher Side•Classroom computer- HiTeach IRS
•Teacher smartphone- HiTA Teaching Assistant App
•IES Smarter Teaching Service
Student Side•IRS Cliker for students - RF-09A

Support ezStation Lecture Capture System with Critical Marks and Difficult Marks.
•AClass ONE Learning Companion App
1. Students can dynamically obtain e-notes, assessment records, learning videos, and diagnostic reports, etc.
2. Provided with IES Smarter Teaching Service