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HiTeach 5 Teacher Personal Subscription Version (Home)

HiTeach Smarter Teaching System is the core of TEAM Model Smarter Classroom that integrates software and hardware. It simplifies the complicated processes of before, during, and after lessons, and helps teachers easily flipped traditional classrooms into smarter classrooms.

In order to accelerate the promotion of the vision of smart education, help every teacher and achieve every child, the TEAM Model Smarter Education support system developed by HABOOK has specially launched the HiTeach 5 personal subscription version for teachers (for home use). The purpose of this project is to help first-line smart teachers with extremely favorable prices to have the latest teaching support system. In the classroom, teachers can more easily practice modern education concepts such as student-centered, team-based learning (TBL), data decision-making, and teaching in accordance with their aptitude. HiTeach & Web IRS not only makes offline physical classrooms easy to use, but also makes online synchronous teaching similar to face-to-face teaching!

TEAM Model Smarter Education Promotion Project for teachers, and teachers can subscribe independently.
limitation factor:
⦁ Individual teacher
⦁ Only for online order and payment
⦁ Invoices are only for natural persons (not schools, institutions)
⦁ Authorization is only for the individual teacher, not the school
⦁ One set per person
⦁ Not for resale

※The payment page adopts NewebPay for payment and invoicing operation
1. SSL 256bit encryption mechanism is implemented in the whole system.
2. PCI-DSS Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) 3.2.1 certification. (Information security certification reference)


Teacher side: HiTeach 5 (Professional version authorization) (1 set)
Student side: Web IRS 5 Interactive Response System (according to student number)
※TEAM Model Smarter Education Promotion Project: Only teachers can subscribe to the program (teachers can only subscribe to this program on behalf of themselves); each person can only purchase 1 set; no resale is allowed.
HiTeach 5 Teacher Personal Subscription Version
Subscription Price List



Because of the exchange rate, the actual price may be slightly different
HiTeach 5 & Web IRS x 10 /1 Year1,250/42/≈2,205
HiTeach 5 & Web IRS x 20 /1 Year1,450/48.8/≈2,558
HiTeach 5 & Web IRS x30 /1 Year1,590/≈53.5/≈2,805
HiTeach 5 Web IRS x 40 /1 Year1,720/≈57.9/≈3,034
HiTeach 5 Web IRS x 50 /1 Year1,845/≈62.1/≈3,255
HiTeach 5 Web IRS x 100 /1 Year2,350/≈79/≈4,146
HiTeach 5 Web IRS x 200 /1 Year3,250/≈109/≈5,734

More about Subscription Version

※HABOOK is one of the representative vendors verified by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA). HiTeach also won the Taiwan Excellence Award organized by TAITRA when the previous generation was launched. HiTeach 5 was also found on the website organized by TAITRA. Good products of HABOOK can be seen all over the world.
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