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Video System for Remote Interactive Teaching

The Best Solution for Remote Interactive Teaching

Based on the Video System for Remote Interactive Teaching solution provided by the TEAM Model series, it integrates ezVision PTZ Camera, USB plug-and-play, compatible with various cloud video conferencing platforms, and also provides the most powerful HiTeach 5 smart teaching system, which can accelerate deployment synchronous or asynchronous remote teaching. This solution will allow teachers to easily create a remote or hybrid interactive teaching environment whether in the physical classroom or at home.

Key Features
Suitable for Multiple Situations
-On-site Teaching
-Online Remote Teaching
-Hybrid Teaching
Superb High-definition Image
-Up to 1920x1080 with Frame
Rate Up to 60fps
-12X Various Optical Zoom
-Auto Focus Technology
-2D/3D noise reduction technology
Contains Remote Interactive Teaching Functions
-HiTeach 5 Smarter Teaching System
-Web IRS 5 Interactive Response System
1080P High-Resolution, More Clear Images

ezVision PTZ Camera uses 1/2.8-inch high-quality CMOS sensor. The highest resolution is 1920×1080, and the output image is clear and smooth, no matter the classroom blackboard, teacher portrait or long-distance close-up shots, you can see clearly.
Optical Zoom, Keep Every Moment of Reality

ezVision PTZ Camera uses a 12x optical zoom lens and a wide viewing angle of 72.5°. The picture is not distorted or deformed, and faithfully presents the teaching situation, allowing teachers to display their teaching creativity more vividly.


Autofocus + Noise Reduction, Get Wonderful Pictures

The auto-focus function of ezVision PTZ Camera can capture images quickly, accurately and stably, and the leading 2D/3D noise reduction technology can ensure the clarity of the image, and never miss every moment of the wonderful picture in the teaching site.
Step Driving PTZ - Stable, Quiet, Fast

ezVision PTZ Camera adopts a stepper motor driving, which makes the steering smooth, fast and noise-free, and the picture will not shake or blur, giving you the most true and smooth teaching images.
Multiple Scenarios to Meet All Needs at Once

Online remote teaching, classic course records, expert lecture videos, remote training, online video conferences, etc., apply to multiple scenarios in one machine.

During & Post-Pandemic Era, Online Remote Teaching Solutions

In the era of the epidemic, online remote teaching has become the mainstream. You have to consider not only the camera, but also the corresponding effective interactive teaching functions. Using the environment constituted by the Video System for Remote Interactive Teaching solution, including ezVision PTZ Camera not only has high-quality photographic images, TEAM Model's most powerful HiTeach 5 smart teaching system and student-side Web IRS 5 instant feedback system, together with video conferencing software (such as zoom, Google Meet, Cisco WebEx), you can simultaneously interact with students online to achieve online interactive lessons like on-site. Teachers can use the system's data statistics to allow remote teaching to add data interaction and real-time graph presentation during the teaching process. Accurate teaching based on data-driven decision-making. 

►For the remote teaching scenario composed of HiTeach 5 and Web IRS 5, please refer to: Distance Hybrid Learning Smarter Classroom

Powerful Hardware, Software Is Even More Critical!
Contains Value-added Interactive Teaching Tools. You Can Get...

Choosing the Video System for Remote Interactive Teaching program, you will get the most cost-effective and most favorable price:
✅high-definition ezVision PTZ Camera
✅HiTeach 5 Smarter Teaching System
✅Web IRS 5 with 40 Web IRS connection authorization

Purchase Information
Video System for Remote Interactive Teaching   
For Teacher•Camera:ezVision PTZ Camera(CM-212A) ezVision PTZ IP Camera(CM-212A) 
•Install on PC / Laptop: HiTeach 5 (pro. authorization)
•Install on Smartphone: HiTA 5 TEAM Model Teacher APP
•Cloud Service:IES 5 Smarter Teaching Service
For Students•Students use Web IRS 5 on their tablets or mobile phones or NB
Including 40 Web IRS connection authorization in this solution.
•Students before and after class AClass ONE Learning Companion
Online assessment, voting activities and questionnaire surveys
Set-up scenario
Example: Purchasing this solution, you will get an ezVision PTZ Camera and a set of HiTeach 5 including 40 student Web IRS connections.
**After purchase, the following items can be used for free with advanced applications: HiTA app, IES (personal course), AClass ONE (personal course)