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HiTA Smarter Classroom

Smartphones plus Touchscreen
Provide a New Smarter Teaching Approach

HiTA TEAM Model Smarter Classroom provides an introductory Smarter Classroom format. When HiTeach Smarter Teaching System and HiTA Teaching Assistant App that links to the teacher's smartphone that has been set up in the classroom, the classroom will generate interactivity and convenient of teaching and learning and transform the traditional teaching and learning.

Classroom Situation 

Classroom- Haboard TEAM Model Smarter touchscreen
Teacher- Use HiTA Smarter Teaching Assistant to sign in HiTeach by screening QR Code for teaching and interaction in the class

Sign in by screening QR Code
Easy and User-friendly

Teachers can use HiTA Teaching Assistant App to sign in HiTeach Smarter Teaching System by screening the QR Code after registering and logging in TEAM Model account, which saves time of entering the account number and passwords and starts the smarter class immediately.

Smart remote control to enhance the interaction 

In the HiTA classroom, the teacher's smartphone can remotely control HiTeach, which can easily complete the teaching interaction without standing on the platform and improve the teaching efficiency.

Real-time photography and no limits for sharing

Through photographs taken with smartphone camera, use of micro-videos and real-time photography function to present students’ works, discussion process or team results to the whole class for observation and guided discussion.

Teaching material transmission in the cloud to make resource integration easier

HiTA Teaching Assistant App can quickly transmit text or image files on the teacher’s smartphone or stored in the cloud to HiTeach as the teaching materials. Teachers can more easily share files with students, and the teaching content is more diversified.

Successful Case
Affiliated Experimental Elementary School of Chengdu Normal University

The school implements Nine-year Persistent System, and in 2013, it became one of the first pilot schools for future school construction in Chengdu.
The school has set up 41 TEAM Model HiTA Smarter Classrooms, 7 TBL Smarter Classrooms. The teachers of the school also participated in Smarter Education Movement initiated by TEAM Model.

The school has established the smarter education workshop of the affiliated school of Chengdu, realizing the five-step circular development approach of “teaching-learning-exercise-use-thinking”. With the integration of information-based teaching, the experimental class ranked sixth in the grade was successfully promoted to the first place in the grade through the application of smarter classroom for two years, and the experimental class of the eighth grade also ranked the first place in the grade all the time.

Purchase Information
HiTA TEAM Model Smarter Classroom
TouchscreenHaboard Smarter Touchscreen (75'' or 86'') Or Haboard Interactive Whiteboard
Smarter Classroom SystemClassroom computer- HiTeach Smarter Teaching System
Teacher smartphone- HiTA Teaching Assistant App