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IRS Smarter Classroom

Inspire the Enthusiasm for Learning
Seeing Every Child's Thinking

In IRS TEAM Model Smarter Classrooms, students not only answer questions by raising their hands, but also respond to teacher's questions by pressing the IRS clicker credited to the Pop Quiz and Buzz-in functions of HiTeach Smarter Teaching System. Moreover, statistical data can be generated in real time so that the teachers can judge the learning status of teachers, thereby improving the teaching efficiency.

Classroom Situation

ClassroomHaboard TEAM Model Smarter Touchscreen
TeacherSign in HiTeach by screening QR Code with HiTA Smarter Assistant App for teaching and    interaction in the class.
StudentOne IRS clicker for each student when having class-employs AClass ONE Learning Companion to conduct
              After-class review, pre-view and individualized remedial teaching after class

Replace the traditional in-class test to improve learning efficiency

In the past, the paper test process was very complicated. In IRS Smarter Classroom, the tests and questions can be set and answered with IRS Clicker through HiTeach. In a few seconds, the learning effect can be mastered in real time, and the teaching strategy can be adjusted. And these data will also form diagnostic reports in the cloud, so that teachers can teach and students can learn more accurately and effectively.

Inspire the enthusiasm for learning, activating the atmosphere of the class

Teaching can be varied with IRS. The application of functions, such as Pop Quiz, Buzz-in, and voting statistics, etc. in the teaching process can enrich and activate teaching process and improve the concentration and initiative of students.

Visualized data can facilitate the master of learning status

The questions answered by students through the IRS Clicker are all able to present the answer results and proportional analysis in a visual chart. The teacher is more able to clearly and objectively grasp the learning status according to the statistical data.

Critical Marks and Difficult Marks to individualize the learning

In the classroom, students can use IRS to mark Critical Marks and Difficult Marks. After class, these individual marks will be automatically integrated with teaching videos in order to generate individual learning videos.

Successful Case
Huaisheng Junior High School

Huaisheng Junior High School has built 24 IRS smarter classrooms. According to school’s statistics, the admission rate of public high schools has increased by 17% year by year. Among the classes in IRS smarter classrooms, the average score of Chinese is 10 points higher than that of the whole grade, 5 to 6 points higher than that of the traditional classes, and the results are remarkable.

Purchase Information
IRS TEAM Model Smarter Classroom
TouchscreenHaboard Smarter Touchscreen(75'' or 86'')Or Haboard Interactive Whiteboard
Smarter Classroom SystemClassroom computer- HiTeach Smarter Teaching System
Teacher smartphone- HiTA Teaching Assistant App  
Student IRS Cliker for students - RF-09A

Support ezStation Lecture Capture System with Critical Marks and Difficult Marks.
    Smartphone or computer -AClass ONE Learning Companion App
1. Students can dynamically obtain e-notes, assessment records, learning videos, and diagnostic reports, etc.
2. Provided with IES Smarter Teaching Service