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Mobile Smarter Classroom

Smartphones are the best classroom learning tools

In the smarter classrooms for mobile learning, students can use their own HiLearning Mobile App to interact and communicate with teachers, making learning more convenient and fast.

Classroom Situation

Classroom- Haboard TEAM Model Touchscreen
Teacher- Sign in HiTeach by screening QR Code with HiTA Smarter Assistant App for teaching and interaction in the class.
Student-In class, use HiLearning Mobile App on their smartphones to learn and give feedback.
              -Employs AClass ONE Learning Companion to conduct after-class review, pre-view and individualized remedial teaching after class.

Mobile APP/ communication software to create a new experience of classroom interaction

Through HiLearning Mobile , students can interact with teachers through text, data and photos, and each student can express his or her own opinions and ideas in real time.

Dynamic roster  Quickly create student profiles

By using dynamic roster technology, students in class can be quickly added to the classroom and a special roster can be established, so that teachers in colleges and universities can really grasp the list of students in the course.

Cloud-based integration Make individualized learning more precise

In combination with IES Smarter Teaching Service, the data and materials of students’ preview before class, e-notes in class and review after class are completely provided so that student can carry on the targeted remedial teaching, thereby enhancing the study achievement effectively.

Purchase Information
Mobile TEAM Model Smarter Classroom
TouchscreenHaboard Smarter Touchscreen(75'' or 86'')Or Haboard Interactive Whiteboard
Smarter Classroom SystemClassroom computer- HiTeach Smarter Teaching System
Teacher smartphone- HiTA Teaching Assistant App  
StudentSmartphone of student
- HiLearning Mobile App / HiLearning Bot(LINE/WeChat)
- AClass ONE Learning Companion
1. Students can dynamically obtain e-notes, assessment records, learming videos, and diagnostic reports, etc.
2. Provided with IES Smarter Teaching Service
Successful Case
Department of Education, Chinese Culture University

In addition, Chen, Pao-Shan, director of the Department of Education of Chinese Culture University introduced Mobile TEAM Model Smarter Classroom, allowing students to conduct peer review and classroom feedback with their smartphones in class, creating a convenient interactive teaching environment and improving students' concentration and involvement in class.