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Student-tablet Smarter Classroom

The Smarter Classroom that can best practice teaching according to students' aptitude!

In the Student-tablet TEAM Model Smarter Classroom(TMSC), each student is equipped with a tablet computer. The teacher pays attention to each student through data interaction, provides suitable textbooks for each student, and cultivates independent thinking and inquiry skills. The 1-to-1 learning (one-to-one computing, referred to as 1:1) effects is the smart classroom that can best teach students according to their aptitude.

Classroom Setting

Classroom- Touch device (such as interactive touchscreen or Haboard Interactive Whiteboard) for teachers to operate/write/mark with their hands
Teacher- Use HiTA App to scan QR-code to connect toHiTeach Pro, and obtain cloud resources for classroom teaching and interaction.
Student- In-class, use HiLearning App to learn and feedback on personal tablet
              - After class, use AClass ONE Learning Companion to do post-class review, pre-class preview and personalized remedial teaching.

Not only IRS but also express deep thoughts

Students can use HiLearning App for classroom feedback and interaction. In addition to using IRS functions, each student can use texts and pictures to express their opinions and ideas.
Students use the HiLearning App on the tablet for classroom feedback and interaction. In addition to using the voting selection function like IRS (using a virtual remote control), they can also use the function of miniNote to express their reasons for choosing this answer when choosing an option or idea. Therefore, in addition to answering statistics, students can also see more in-depth opinions and ideas, so as to achieve student-centered, highly interactive, emphasized expression of learning.

One student, one tablet,
Training independent thinking

In addition to searching for knowledge individually through the tablet computer, students can summarize their achievements. More importantly, they can use HiLearning's functions such as Fast Deliver, Submit, and HiMessage to send works or ideas to HiTeach Pro in the form of pictures, photos, and text. Teachers can quickly summarize these materials, and pick out the content that can be shared or discussed, post it on the page to concentrate on observation and discussion, and even push good content to each student. This environment, which takes into account highly personalized learning, as well as group sharing, discussion, and expression, creates an ideal one-to-one learning situation for group learning.

Smarter decision-making,
Realizing synchronous differentiated teaching

One of the most important roles of technology in the classroom is to generate statistics instantly! Like the function of IRS, teachers can accurately grasp the differences of students 'overall learning situation or ideas through the statistical results of students' responses, and teachers can make use of statistical data to adjust teaching pace. In addition, in a Student-tablet TMSC environment, teachers can also provide different teaching materials to students of different levels with Push functions according to statistical conditions, and use technology to achieve synchronous and differentiated teaching to help each student more willing to participate in learning and achieve the effect of teaching according to his aptitude.

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Demonstration and Application Videos
Student-tablet Smarter Classroom demo

Tablet computer (Pad) is a good learning aid. If you want to use it in the classroom as a tool for interactive teaching, you need the assistance of a teaching expert system. With the help of HiTeach Pro + HiLearning student-tablet learning system in the Student-tablet Smarter Classroom, the teachers who have used it will be amazed, and they really provide the tools needed for teachers ’classroom teaching and student learning. Through this video demonstration, you should be able to watch Out of focus.

Open demo video


1-to-1 Case in Bulgaria

This is a 1-to-1 pilot project with Regional Inspectorate of Education of Sofia City in Bulgaria. The schools showed their amazing open class after 2-3 weeks of training and practices.

Open this video

For more practical teaching examples of the Student-tablet TMSC and various types of smart classrooms, please refer to:
►The Sokrates Channels of Global TEAM Model Education Research Institute
Successful Case
Affiliated Experimental Elementary School of University of Taipei

Affiliated Experimental Elementary School of University of Taipei is a well-known school with a history over 100 years that puts emphasis on the “student-centered” teaching philosophy and stresses individualized learning and cooperative learning. In 2011, TEAM Model Smarter Classroom was introduced to establish digital learning process for students and cultivate their logical thinking and expression ability. Many teachers in the school carried out individualized teaching using Student-tablet TEAM Model Smarter Classroom on a regular basis, with excellent learning outcomes, which were highly recognized by students’ parents and government units. At the same time, teachers’ study community was initiated to improve teachers’ professional competence. The school has held many wrap-up presentation and study activities, and teachers in the school have been invited to be lecturers of smarter teachers' study activities in various places. Affiliated Experimental Elementary School of University of Taipei has become a famous smarter school in Taipei.

Purchase Information
Student-tablet TEAM Model Smarter Classroom   
 System RequiredDescription
For TeacherInteractive Touchscreen/ Haboard Interactive WhiteboardTeaching control platform for all media integration
Teacher PC / LaptopInstalled with HiTeach Pro teaching software
HiTeach Pro Software
(With HiTA app)
For the integration of interaction from IRS, HiLearning & interactive display and for teachers to conduct smarter 
IES Smarter Teaching ServiceAn online platform that integrates teaching resources of before/during/after class in smarter classrooms
For StudentStudent TabletsInstalled with HiLearning. Total units depend on class size
HiLearning Software ﹒To be installed on the students’ tablets 
﹒Equipped with AI Terminal, students can mark Critical Marks and Difficult Marks in class, which can be reviewed in individualized learning video for each student after class
(Purchased according to the number of students)
(Can also choose to use Web IRS)
AClass ONEFor students to study online before and after lessons. Students can obtain E-notes, assessment records, learning videos, and diagnostic reports
OtherWireless NetworkA good internet connection is needed for transferring data between teacher and students devices