TEAM Model AI Smarter School

TEAM Model Smarter Classroom + TEAM Model Lecture Observation Lounge + Data Decision

Student-tablet Smarter Classroom

TEAM Model Smarter Classroom best implementing the concept of individualized instruction

The 1-to-1 learning effects are available in all the environment of TEAM Model Smarter Classroom. And each student is equipped with one tablet in Student-tablet TEAM Model Smarter Classroom. Teachers pay close attention to each student through data interaction, provide suitable textbooks for each student, cultivate independent thinking and inquiry ability, which is the smart classroom that can teach students in accordance with their aptitude.

Classroom Situation

Classroom- Haboard TEAM Model Touchscreen
Teacher- Sign in HiTeach Pro by screening QR Code with HiTA Smarter Assistant App for teaching and interaction in the class.
Student- Use HiLearning App on the tablet for learning and feedback when having class
              - Employs AClass ONE Learning Companion to conduct after-class review, pre-view and individualized remedial teaching after class

One tablet for one student  Training independent thinking

Students can use HiLearning App for classroom feedback and interaction. In addition to using IRS functions, each student can use texts and pictures to express their opinions and ideas.

Smarter decision-making, realizing simultaneous differentiated teaching

Through data interaction to accurately grasp the learning status of students, flexible use of statistical information, provision of different teaching materials for students at different aptitudes and the application of science and technology to realize differentiated instruction, thereby helping each student to learn.

Cloud-based integration Make individualized learning more precise

In combination with IES Smarter Teaching Service, the data and materials of students’ preview before class, e-notes in class and review after class are completely provided so that student can carry on the targeted remedial teaching, thereby enhancing the study achievement effectively.

Successful Case
Affiliated Experimental Elementary School of University of Taipei

Affiliated Experimental Elementary School of University of Taipei is a well-known school with a history over 100 years that puts emphasis on the “student-centered” teaching philosophy and stresses individualized learning and cooperative learning. In 2011, TEAM Model Smarter Classroom was introduced to establish digital learning process for students and cultivate their logical thinking and expression ability. Many teachers in the school carried out individualized teaching using Student-tablet TEAM Model Smarter Classroom on a regular basis, with excellent learning outcomes, which were highly recognized by students’ parents and government units. At the same time, teachers’ study community was initiated to improve teachers’ professional competence. The school has held many wrap-up presentation and study activities, and teachers in the school have been invited to be lecturers of smarter teachers' study activities in various places. Affiliated Experimental Elementary School of University of Taipei has become a famous smarter school in Taipei.

Purchase Information
Student-tablet TEAM Model Smarter Classroom   
TouchscreenHaboard Smarter Touchscreen(75'' or 86'')Or Haboard Interactive Whiteboard
Smarter Classroom SystemClassroom computer- HiTeach Smarter Teaching System
Teacher smartphone- HiTA Teaching Assistant App  
StudentStudent tablet─HiLearning App
Smartphone or computer - AClass ONE Learning Companion
1. Students can dynamically obtain e-notes, assessment records, learning videos, and diagnostic reports, etc.
2. Provided with IES Smarter Teaching Service