TEAM Model AI Smarter School

With Technology, teachers can easily flip the traditional classroom

Premium Smarter Classroom

Combining AI and smarter teaching is the utmost showcase of smarter classrooms. 

It can support various versions of TEAM Model Smarter Classrooms, providing a variety of teaching models, and can be used flexibly while instantaneously commending all kinds of teaching circumstances. Additionally, AI Sokrates is equipped to conveniently proceed post-lesson observation feedback, assisting students and teachers to develop effectively.

Classroom Situation

Classroom- Haboard TEAM Model Smarter Touchscreen
Teacher- Sign in HiTeach Premium by screening QR Code with HiTA Smarter Assistant App for teaching and interaction in the class.
Student- Every student holds a IRS clicker or uses HiLearning Mobile App  in class for learning and feedback
              - Employs AClass ONE Learning Companion to conduct after-class review, pre-view and individualized remedial teaching after class.

Smarter classroom once-in-all

Gather all types of smarter classrooms, teachers can use all the functions of the Smarter Teaching System. Teachers can flexibly apply smarter classroom and grasp the situation in real time when facing various teaching situations.

Students’ involvement in classroom, diversified and convenient

In Premium TEAM Model Smarter Classroom, students can participate in various classroom activities through tablet, smartphone or even Line robot, which is convenient and interactive.

Make the professional development of teacher more efficient

Premium TEAM Model Smarter Classroom imports AI Sokrates, which can generate teaching behavior data after class. After class, Sokrates Classroom Observation App is used for post-lesson Observation feedback to make teachers' professional growth faster and more effective.

Purchase Information
Premium TEAM Model Smarter Classroom   
TouchscreenHaboard Smarter Touchscreen (75’’ or 86’’) Or Haboard Interactive Whiteboard
Smarter Classroom SystemClassroom computer- HiTeach Smarter Teaching System
Teacher smartphone- HiTA Teaching Assistant App  
StudentIRS Clicker for students
Support ezStation Lecture Capture System with Critical Marks and Difficult Marks.
Students’ smartphones
HiLearning Mobile App
- AClass ONE Learning Companion

1. Students can dynamically obtain e-notes, assessment records, learning videos, and diagnostic reports, etc.
2. Provided with  IES Smarter Teaching Service
Student tablet─ HiLearning App