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Lecture Capture Smarter Classroom

Lecture capture applications allowing the preservation of classic classroom and production of superior instructional videos

The Lecture Capture TEAM Model Smarter Classroom, incorporating the ezStation Lecture Capture System can produce superior instructional videos and individualized remedial videos during class.

Devices and Situation

All version of TEAM Model Smarter Classroom is equipped with ezStation Lecture Capture System so as to record each classic lesson. 

Coupled with HiTeach Smarter Education System, easy to use

ezStation is highly integrated with the HiTeach Smarter Teaching System. The teachers can start the recording function with one click, automatically track and direct, and upload the classic lesson examples to the IES Cloud Platform at the end of the class; For students, individualized remedial videos can be generated after class to provide students with after-class review.

One-click Recording & Streaming

In addition to recording classes, ezStation Lecture Capture System can also be used for live broadcasting to share live teaching scenes.
► Open-class capturing
Allows teachers to perform on-site recording and streaming in public situations, such as open classes in school auditoriums and gymnasiums.
► Routinely produce high-quality instructional videos
When classrooms are equipped with recording/playback systems, teachers can routinely record superior instructional videos, preserve outstanding teaching cases, and accumulate resources, promoting teachers professional growth.

Smart tags, Create individualized videos 

Students can mark or create individualized videos using their IRS clickers.
► Students- automatically generating individualized remedial videos
Students can do Critical Marks and Difficult Marks in the classroom at any time, and can automatically generate individualized remedial learning videos using the TEAM Model Cloud. This allows students to check their learning objectives more closely and perform remedial learning after class.
► Teachers- analyzing state of learning in the classroom 
Classroom marking of information helps teachers analyze students’ grasp of knowledge, perform after-class educational research and reflection, and adjust their teaching strategies.

Successful Case
Da You Junior High School

School to promote the professional growth of teachers, let teachers participate in training activities to understand modern educational concepts, and recording the Public Lesson with ezStation Lecture Capture System, and using the Sokrates Classroom Observation system for discussion, improve teaching skills.

Purchase Information
Lecture Capture TEAM Model Smarter Classroom
TouchscreenHaboard Smarter Touchscreen(75'' or 86'') Or Haboard Interactive Whiteboard
Smarter classroom systemAll version of TEAM Model Smarter Classroom coupled with ezStation  Lecture Capture System and AI Sokrates service
Lecture capture system  ezStation Lecture Capture System
Video Codec device.   ( 
Standard type , Professional type)

Other equipmentLCD equipment (used as a set with codec device), audio mixer, amplifier, speakers, wires and cables, and installation