TEAM Model AI Smarter School

TEAM Model Smarter Classroom + TEAM Model Lecture Observation Lounge + Data Decision

Lecture Capture Smarter Classroom

Collection of Lesson Examples & Production of Superior Instructional Videos

The full series of TEAM Model Smarter Classrooms, combined with AI Terminals (ezStation), can be upgraded to Lecture Capture Smarter Classrooms, which perfectly record the teaching courses of teachers and generate teaching videos after class. If combined with the IRS interactive response system, students can also create special personal remedial learning videos. 

Classroom Setting

Various types of TEAM Model Smarter Classroom + AI Terminal (ezStation) + IP Cameras (shooting teacher, student) + Microphone
⇒ Teachers can record each classic lesson during class. 

Coupled with HiTeach, easy to use!

In the Lecture Capture Smarter Classroom, HiTeach Smarter Teaching System and AI terminal (ezStation) are highly integrated. Teachers can start the recording function with one click, and the photography screen can automatically track the teacher's movement during the process, or automatically switch the video source screen (camera or computer screen, that is, automatic guide), and automatically upload to the cloud platform at the end of the course. For classroom teaching records, students self-study audio-visual after class, or the classic lessons of the school collection, they have become very automated. 

Live class, Expand participationLive class, Expand participation

In addition to being able to record classrooms locally, they can also broadcast live at the same time and share the teaching site in real time. Locally, live broadcasts can be broadcasted in different venues through the local area network(LAN); in remote locations, live sharing platforms such as YouTube can be used to expand sharing and participation.
► Large public lecture recording
Large-scale public lectures are displayed in school halls, gymnasiums, and other venues. On-site recordings are performed according to the environment, and live broadcasts are synchronized.

Smart tags, Create individualized videos 

Students can mark or create individualized videos using their IRS clickers.
► Students- automatically generating individualized remedial videos
Students can do Critical Marks and Difficult Marks in the classroom at any time, and can automatically generate individualized remedial learning videos using the TEAM Model Cloud. This allows students to check their learning objectives more closely and perform remedial learning after class.
► Teachers- analyzing state of learning in the classroom 
Classroom marking of information helps teachers analyze students’ grasp of knowledge, perform after-class educational research and reflection, and adjust their teaching strategies.

Ref. Recording Results
Example of a multi-picture recording result movie: split picture (2 equally divided)-2 camera picturesExample of a multi-picture recording result movie: picture-in-picture(1 large, 2 small)
Example of a multi-picture recording result movie: split picture(1 large, 2 small)-computer screen is the large one.Example of a multi-picture recording result movie: split picture (2 equally divided)-1 computer screen, 1 camera picture
Successful Case
Da You Junior High School

To promote the teacher professional development, Da You school let teachers participate in training activities to understand modern educational concepts, and recording the public lesson in the Lecture Capture Smarter Classroom.

Purchase Information
TEAM Model Lecture Capture Smarter Classroom
Touch terminalHaboard Smarter Touchscreen(75'' or 86'')  or Haboard Interactive Whiteboard   (need to be equipped with a short-throw projector)
Smarter classroom systemAll types of TEAM Model Smarter Classroom
Recording and processingAI terminal (ezStation)
Video camerasIP Cameras (teacher, student)
Other equipmentLCD display equipment (used with AI terminal for operation guide and setting), microphone, amplifier, audio, various cables and integrated construction