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After several years of R&D and upgrading
We are pleased to announce

The All-New TEAM Model 5 Series

This is the biggest innovation of HABOOK Group's TEAM Model series products in the past generations, and major changes have been made in the technical architecture and content format renovation. Since the development of the TEAM Model AI Smarter School architecture, we have developed a complete and practical product line based on the TEAM Model of four major e-engineering projects including Teaching(T), assEssing (E), diAgnosing (A), and reMediation (M). The launch of TEAM Model 5 product series brings the application value of TEAM Model Smarter Education support system to a higher level! This is a step-by-step accumulation over the past 20 years. Upgrades and innovations are aimed at improving users' more and better cloud applications and integrated experience.

On top of the original teacher-student interaction, it provides newer and faster response speed and experience to save teachers' waiting time for various applications. For smarter teaching system, the new HiTeach 5 is divided into the professional version authorization and the educational charity authorization HiTeach 928, helping teachers around the world to use the best teaching software; more comprehensive TEAM Model Cloud services, student feedback mechanism, OSS Script Solution, and PLAYTOL Dynamic Assessment Analytics to create a perfect smarter education ecosystem, effectively realizing data decision making, differentiated teaching, and competence-oriented teaching.

The complete TEAM Model product series is mainly divided into classroom and cloud service, and the applications can be integrated with each other. The classroom part includes 1. HiTeach 5 teaching software, 2. HiTA 5 TEAM Model teacher APP, 3. The student-end Web IRS or IRS response device that matches with HiTeach. The cloud service part includes 4. IES 5 used by teachers, 5. AClass ONE used by students, and 6. Sokrates Digital Lesson Observation Platform for teacher professional development.
TEAM Model Products Composition and Operation Structure       IRS Smarter Classroom      

We welcome all teachers to enter the new generation together, and we will continue to help every teacher and every child.

TEAM Model 5
New Products Overview

Smarter Teaching System
For Student - Cloud Learning Platform
For Student - Real-time Feedback
  • Web IRS 5 (With HiTeach 5)

  20 years of generational evolution

Since its establishment in 1999, HABOOK Group has accumulated more than 20 years of educational technology research and development, specifically develop for front-line teachers to implement modern educational concepts such as TBL, PBL, and competence-oriented teaching, to create highly interactive and efficient smarter classrooms, to realize the ideal of student-centered one-to-one education, and to achieve the success of each child.
TEAM Model Evolution History

  New structure for new generation

The TEAM Model 5 technology framework is completely renovated, and the series of products will continue to update its functions and integrate more applications, including education big data analytics, AI, cloud computing, IoT, mobile applications, social network, and full integration and application of cloud-to-end technologies.

The latest cloud service platform makes full use of cloud computing technology and microservice technology to enhance the overall efficiency of cloud uploading and usage, while the underlying technology for teaching software development adopts Microsoft's latest generation development platform, which establishes the best development foundation for cross-platform and full integration of cloud-to-end, and significantly improves the operational efficiency of starting classes, accessing and interconnecting.
New structure for new generation

TEAM Model 5 New Highlights
Improved using experience, speed, and data format across the board


New technology upgrade
Speed and safety improvements

Cloud data synchronization, offline/online hybrid interactive teaching system.
Enhanced mixed question set
The brand new HTEX format
Import MS Word document to quickly build a cloud-based question bank system.
Diversified question sets such as true-false, multiple answers, cloze, and writing (short answer and essay).
Multi-assessment scenarios
Support by the platform question banks
· OSS Script (OMR and Writing) Assessment
· Smarter Classroom Assessment
· Online Assessment
Student learning platform
Help with precise reviewing

AClass ONE Learning Companion helps students with self-directed learning, assignments, and multimedia assessments.
Strategically recommend questions and provide  assessment analysis, PLAYTOL Clips, and precise reviewing. 
Scientific learning status analysis
Accurate improvement of student grade
Automatic collection of school or individual course assessment portfolios.

Highlight 1: New technology upgrade
Speed and safety improvement

  Cloud data synchronization, offline/online hybrid interactive

By storing teaching resources in the IES 5 cloud, such as teaching materials (HTEX files, PPTX files), pictures, audio, video, PDF, WORD, EXCEL, as well as course student lists, teaching material libraries, test papers... they can all be accessed at any time. During class, even if you are in a different classroom or using a different computer, you can use HiTeach to connect to your TEAM Model account and access all the data on the IES 5 cloud to teach, making it much more convenient.

In the eco-system of TEAM Model, it is easy to achieve hybrid interactive teaching. The tests in the class can be linked with the cloud platform, highly integrating online and offline!

  Newly upgraded technology, speed is fully improved

In terms of the loading of the smarter teaching system and the speed of the connection to the cloud, the new structure has been optimized and adjusted so that teachers will spend less time waiting and have more opportunities to interact and communicate with students during class.

  Security and privacy are more important to us than to you

TEAM Model Cloud uses the latest cloud service technology, making full use of microservice technology and cloud big data storage technology to develop SaaS (Software as a service) cloud application products.

TEAM Model Cloud adopts the world-renowned mainstream cloud service infrastructure, mainly Microsoft Azure cloud architecture, to provide stable and secure system services. The cloud computing service infrastructure of this large platform is laid out extensively and the server rooms are globally distributed to ensure reliable service quality and conform with international security compliance. The system and data protection, security, anti-malware design, confidentiality, regulations, privacy, etc. are all provided in accordance with international standards, which is much safer than the private clouds we used to build!


Highlight 2: Enhanced mixed question set
The brand new HTEX format

In the era of IES 5, we have redesigned the file format and compatibility. We understand that the integration of the cloud platform is the most important experience for all teachers, and from now on, we will get rid of the waiting time and provide the fastest and most convenient teaching experience.


  Import MS Word document to quickly build a cloud-based question bank system

The school question bank is like a treasure box of questions for the entire school assessment activities. The platform provides a comprehensive filtering function (by grade, subject, question type, difficulty level, cognitive level, etc.) for easy searching and viewing. More importantly, it provides a variety of ways to design test papers, whether you want to design them with AI or manually, you can quickly pick out the questions you want, and then start the assessment activity! MS Word question papers are the best source of questions: Many teachers use Word to edit test papers and then print them out for students to take. These Word question papers can be imported into IES as long as there is information set for each question such as the answer and type of question, and then turned into test questions and papers on the cloud!

In addition, the mathematical formulas, chemical formulae, graphs, etc. in these questions are automatically transformed into elements of cloud questions, almost like Word.

  Diversified question sets such as true-false, multiple answers, cloze, and writing (short answer and essay)

Mainstream questions are supported: including true-false, single answer, multiple answers, cloze, comprehensive, and even writing (short answer and essay), calculation questions, etc. In addition, the questions can include pictures, multimedia, and other different materials, regardless of the listening or video questions can be used!

Highlight 3: Multi-assessment scenarios
Support by the platform question banks

As mentioned earlier, the establishment of school question bank and test papers can be of great value in assessments: a single paper can be used for multiple assessment methods:

  • OSS Script (OMR and Writing) Assessment: Use test papers to give tests directly and pair up with an automated answer sheet scanning system to correct objective questions automatically while teachers correct subjective questions online. In the same way, grade reports are automatically generated.
  • Smarter Classroom Assessment: Selected classes to participate in Smarter Classroom Assessment will be notified during the smarter classroom session; use HiTeach Smarter Teaching System to allow students in using IRS feedback mechanism to conduct simultaneous student-led assessment activity. If the students use Web IRS, the question types can cover cloze, writing (short answer and essay), and calculation. Students can also participate in the assessment online.
  • Online Assessment: Students can use the AClass ONE Learning Companion on the TEAM Model Cloud to take online asynchronous tests. Any device with access to a web browser through Internet can be used, allowing students to complete the tests within a limited time frame.

Highlight 4: Student learning platform
Help with precise reviewing

AClass ONE Learning Companion helps students with self-directed learning

AClass ONE is a cloud-based platform that accompanies students with the utmost care, providing automated teaching data convergence services from online to offline, before to after school, generating exclusive learning resources for each child to learn anytime, anywhere.

TEAM Model 5 will continue to be updated with a more comprehensive AClass ONE, including homework and multimedia assessments, online asynchronous tests, more linked remedial resources for questions, strategically recommended questions, assessment analysis, PLAYTOL Clips, and precise reviewing. 


Highlight 5: Scientific learning status analysis
Accurate improvement of student grade

Automatic collection of school or individual course assessment portfolios

Besides the above-mentioned diversified testing methods, schools can further purchase the PLAYTOL Dynamic Assessment Analytics to produce more detailed statistical data such as result reports, class analysis, learning stability analysis, and test question analysis directly after the assessment. The school management team can grasp the test results immediately and help to plan remedial strategies to improve the overall school performance. (More advanced analysis needs to be done with the PLAYTOL Dynamic Assessment Analytics)

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