TEAM Model AI Smarter School

TEAM Model Smarter Classroom + TEAM Model Lecture Observation Lounge + Data Decision

IES Smarter Teaching Service

Integration of before-, during-, and after-class teaching resources in smarter classrooms

IES Smarter Teaching Service integrates the teaching resources of all levels of smarter classrooms, including student roster, teaching materials, e-notes, assessing scores in-class videos, etc. It can also generate learning histories, grades and diagnostic report.

Quick and easy design of teaching materials; sharing resources with a virtual community

Teachers can share teaching resources on IES Smarter Teaching Service among teacher groups to facilitate lesson preparation.
● Teachers can compile test question databases and teaching materials needed for teaching can be downloaded from the cloud at any time when having class.
● Teachers can establish test question database, which can be shared freely among all teachers on TEAM Model Cloud; the system can automatically correct students' online tests, and can manage students' graded data.
● Teachers can assign assessment activities, homework, and online discussions to students, and also let students perform peer assessment on the platform.

Data-based decisions: diagnosis of teaching effectiveness

Various types of examination data and student answer data produced in the classroom can be imported by the clouDAS Cloud-computing Diagnosing & Analyzing Service from the TEAM Model Cloud, enabling the immediate production of various kinds of diagnostic and analytical charts. The data-based charts can facilitate in-depth analysis of students' test performance and the suitability of test questions.

Linking to the cloud and terminal; recording the entire teaching process

● Teachers' classroom instruction E-notes are automatically uploaded to the TEAM Model Cloud, which serves as a crucial after-class learning resource for students
 ● Students' classroom assessment activities are also fully recorded and analyzed, then transmitted to students' AClass ONE Learning Companion App, in which this information can facilitate communication between teachers and parents while enhancing students' autonomous learning ability.