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Sokrates Digital Lesson Observation Platform

Gather Public Lesson Observation Records

A Professional Development Platform For Teachers To Support Synchronous & Asynchronous Lesson Observation


Sokrates Digital Lesson Observation Platform (also known as Sokrates Exclusive Lesson Examples Channel) is equipped with an AI (artificial intelligence) engine, integrating traditional classrooms, smart classrooms and Lecture Observation app to form a perfect digital lesson observation environment. The Digital Lesson Observation Platform can connect multiple traditional classrooms and smarter classrooms. Teachers and experts use the Lecture Observation app to conduct scientific lesson observation and discussion activities. When the class observation activity is over, the class observation data such as Lesson Observation Form, expert class report (Excel file) and Sokrates Video can be automatically generated. The class observation activities in smart classrooms can further produce AI teaching behavior characteristic data and analysis indexes.

Whether it is the lesson observation records generated by the Digital Lesson Observation General Plan in general classrooms, or the Sokrates videos generated automatically of the AI ​​DLO Ultimate Plan (that is, AI Lecture Observation Lounge (LOL)), DLO AI Camera Plan or AI DLO Starter Plan environment, can be saved to the platform. Therefore, Sokrates Digital Lesson Observation Platform is a convergence platform for teachers or experts to record lesson observation data and open lesson videos. Each lesson record can be supplemented with uploaded teaching materials, lesson plans and other materials to become a complete lesson example. In this way, on the platform, online asynchronous lesson observation can also be marked, which can be used for school's classic lesson collection, teacher professional development, teacher exchange or expert guidance. etc., to provide a very convenient visual application and management mechanism.

Why is Sokrates Digital Lesson Observation Platform also called Sokrates Exclusive Lesson Examples Channel? Because the lesson examples records on the Digital Lesson Observation platform include video and lesson observation record sheets, it is like a video observation and learning channel for public lesson examples, providing school-specific curriculum and lesson development records. In addition, it is possible to share and publish the school's classic lessons with representative courses to the global Sokrates Platform, so that educators around the world can refer to the school's channels and lesson examples.


Diverse application scenarios to meet school development needs

Schools or teaching management units can use the Sokrates Digital Lesson Observation Platform for multiple demand applications. The following are a few case scenes for reference: 

•Case1:Team training room for new teaching materials and methods/pedagogies

In response to Taiwan's new curriculum, teachers need to face new teaching materials and new pedagogies. Therefore, Professor Chen's team vigorously promotes events for strategies of reading comprehension, and creates Little Owl Wisdom League School to help teachers and principals from all over Taiwan to join the platform, record lesson videos, prepare, observe, and discuss lessons together online, and organizing teacher communities to promote smarter teaching and reading. Key points of Sokrates Digital Lesson Observation Platform that help the team are as follow:

1. Including demo classic lesson examples of smarter teachers and the key points of lesson observation feedback of expert team, so that learning can be traced and the efficiency of expansion can be enhanced.
2. Lesson examples include video, timeline key point markers, expert marks, teaching materials, and lesson plans, so you can duplicate and practice in one go.
3. Distance is not a problem. During a public lesson, teachers, whether on-site or online, can watch the lesson and give feedback in real-time. After the lesson, the video will be automatically compiled online to generate a video with data, so that teachers that did not participate in the lesson can see the complete data asynchronously and add their own lesson observation feedback.


Little Owl Wisdom League School
promotes teaching and learning methods through Sokrates Digital Lesson Observation Platform

•Case2:The solution to a new school that is growing too fast

Chengdu ELDU Wisteria Primary School is a popular, new, and innovative smarter school, established in 2015, with TBL and Learning Community as its core development. Due to the fact that the school is being well-regarded and booming, the number of students has grown exponentially, resulting in an imbalance in the teacher-student ratio, and the difficulty in the recruitment of teachers, leading to teacher professional development and teaching quality being severely tested. The solution for Chengdu ELDU Wisteria Primary School is to effectively use the TEAM Model Smarter Teaching System and the teacher professional development model to quickly develop into a naturally smarter and excellent school using AI. Key points of Sokrates Digital Lesson Observation Platform that help the school development are as follow:

1. Adopting the model of "Homogeneous Pedagogy Lecture", teachers can combine the practice in the smarter classroom and upload to the channel as the basis of weekly subject pedagogical research, which shortens the growth cycle of each young teacher and allows teachers with 2 or 3 years of teaching experience to have over ten years of skills and uses it as a shortcut for their professional development.
2. The classical lesson examples are collected. The teaching group will go through the steps of lesson selection, preparation, grinding, finalization, multi-person recording, data analysis, internalization, and finally, form a classical lesson example and upload it to the channel, so that teachers can view it any time and study the excellent lesson examples on their own.
3. Through the channel, they can support rural and international interaction, and exchange through smarter classroom model.
4. The Sokrates AI Teaching Analytics Service acts as an AI smart coach for each teacher, providing feedback data and guidance for teacher professional development at any time.
upload to the channel as the basis of weekly subject pedagogical research, which shortens the growth cycle of each young teacher and allows teachers with 2 or 3 years of teaching experience to have over ten years of skills and uses it as a shortcut for their professional development.

Chengdu ELDU Wisteria Primary School
uses Sokrates Digital Lesson Observation Platform to prepare and polish lessons in a "
Homogeneous Pedagogy Lecture " model

•Case3:Innovative teaching breakthroughs under the challenge of the COVID pandemic

COVID-19 has a tremendous impact on the world, and teachers in Batangas Province, Philippines, have switched their classes online. With the help of the TEAM Model Smarter Teaching System, their online teaching can be interactive and data-driven. At the same time, using TEAM Model AI Lecture Observation Lounge and Sokrates Digital Lesson Observation Platform, combined with expert consultants and AI coaches to quickly guide lead teachers and to produce a wealth of classic lessons for other teachers to refer with, laying a good foundation and driving force for smarter education in the Philippines.
Key points of Sokrates Digital Lesson Observation Platform that help the school:
1. Online teaching is a challenge for teachers. First, the online interactive, data-decision making system of TEAM Model smart classroom allows students to ensure their learning effectiveness. Then, through the lead teachers' teaching examples on the channel, the system can be extended to other teachers for reference.
2. Self-directed double green light training. After the lead teacher demonstrates the key process of online interactive teaching, new teachers will practice independently through the Sokrates AI smart coach, aiming to achieve the double green light goal shown by the AI coach. The teaching mode and quality will be monitored and can be seen on the channel at a glance.
3. Through the public class on the channel and online digital lesson observation, teachers can synchronize their discussions despite being scattered all over the world, and their opinions are quickly gathered to accelerate the teacher professional development under the pandemic.


Enthusiastic teachers from Batangas Province, Philippines conduct online synchronous pedagogical review through public lessons and Sokrates Digital Lesson Observation Platform



Video sources are flexible. Fully automated by HiTeach or self-uploaded can all do

The videos on the Sokrates Digital Lesson Observation Platform come from Sokrates videos recorded and automatically uploaded using the TEAM Model AI Lecture Observation Lounge, as well as videos recorded with regular cameras, cell phones, etc., and then manually uploaded to the channel. 

•Sokrates Video and lesson examples

A Sokrates Video is created by combining the in-class video and automated collected teaching behavioral data (from the like of classroom teaching interactions, pedagogical application, and more) from a highly interactive smarter lesson given in TEAM Model AI Lecture Observation Lounge, the professional analysis report (machine intelligence) generated through AI technology, and opinions of lesson observation experts and teachers (expert wisdom).

The Sokrates lesson example is the integration of the four major data, namely: "Sokrates Video", " Sokrates Report", "Lesson Observation Form", and "Classroom Observation Report", as well as "TPC Lesson Plan" and "Teaching Materials" added by the teacher after the lesson to let the lesson video saved on the channel to have more reference value.


•Do I need to use the TEAM Model's HiTeach system to teach?

No need! As long as it is in the environment of TEAM Model AI Lecture Observation Lounge, even if the teacher uses other systems or blackboards to teach, the video will be generated automatically with data/mark from lesson observation, but this video will not have the data analyzed by AI.


•Traditional teaching video and lesson example

If the video is taken in a regular classroom with a camera or cell phone, it can be uploaded by the teacher through the My Sokrates interface on the channel, together with the "TPC lesson plan" and "teaching material" of the lesson, and becomes a traditional teacher professional development study example on the channel. Experts or community teachers can also access the channel to watch it and conduct asynchronous lesson observation feedback, allowing for a further upgrade of the application of traditional teaching professional videos.


Sokrates Video Timeline Multidimensional Linkage

The Sokrates video on the digital lesson observation platform has a multi-dimensional linking design that allows you to view the video clip promptly by clicking on the markers on the teaching behavioral data characteristics of the lesson. Besides, with the Expert Feedback List on the right, viewers can filter the feedbacks from different experts/different categories, and directly play the corresponding in-class teaching video of that moment by clicking on them. In addition, the hyperlink on the right is a great tool if you want to record or share videos from a certain point.

Behavioral Data Characteristics, Expert Feedback List, images, and links are all excellent tools for viewing lessons


Convenient search by category and keyword for lesson examples

As the number of videos on the digital lesson observation platform grows, the categorization and search functions are very important. The channel provides filtering by category, subject, grade level, etc. You can also use the keyword search to quickly find related lesson examples.
The data is presented conveniently and is displayed by default with large icons arrangement. Viewers can also choose to display the data in a detailed list type, which can be further listed by date, grade, subject, teacher, double green light, TPC index... etc.
The school channel administrators can define their own categorization items, so that the school can meet the diverse categorization of the school's community development and subject development.




Each channel member has "My Sokrates”

All channel members have their own registered accounts. After logging in to the cloud platform and selecting "My Sokrates ", the number of their public videos, total number of videos, number of double green light videos, number of views, number of marks, public comments, private comments, notification, etc. will be displayed. The My Videos section lists all the individual's lesson examples on the channel.

"My Sokrates" can display individual lesson statistics, channels, videos, etc


Security design for digital lesson observation platform

•Privacy design of channel content

All lesson examples in the digital lesson observation platform can only be viewed and accessed by members of the school by logging in to their accounts, ensuring the intellectual property rights of the school and the teachers. In addition, the school channel administrator can set the lesson examples to be public, hidden, or share in the channel only. By public settings, it means that the lessons can be posted to the global Sokrates Channel for teachers around the world to browse, exchange, and learn. However, even if it is public, it can only be seen by users with registered accounts, so there is still a layer of protection.

•Security of data storage

The Sokrates Digital Lesson Observation Platform is one of the cloud services of the TEAM Model Cloud, which uses the latest cloud service technology, making full use of microservice technology and cloud big data storage technology to develop SaaS (Software as a service) cloud application products.
TEAM Model Cloud adopts the world-renowned mainstream cloud service infrastructure, mainly Microsoft Azure cloud architecture, to provide stable and secure system services. The cloud computing service infrastructure of this large platform is laid out globally and the server rooms are globally distributed to ensure reliable service quality and conform with international security compliance. The system and data protection, security, anti-malware design, confidentiality, regulations, privacy, etc. are all provided in accordance with international standards, which is much safer than the private clouds we used to build!



Management of Digital Lesson Observation Platform
The school's Digital Lesson Observation Platform administrator can use the administration interface to view and maintain the school's lesson examples, assign member authorization, customize the channel logo, view statistics, and more.

Channel Name and Logo
You can set your school's channel name and school logo in the administration interface.

Member management
Administrators can add/remove channel members, as well as each member's identity and authorization, etc. through Member management.


Video management
Besides clear information about the lesson name, instructor, grade level, and subject, detailed course content files are also indispensable for a lesson. Using the lesson management function, you can edit lesson details, video thumbnails, E-Notes, TPC lesson plans, and teaching materials. Experts can assign scores for the Content Implementation of the lesson (C index of TPC, T and P indexes are automatically generated by AI). In addition, lesson examples can be hidden in the channel or shared on the Sokrates platform for global exchange.

Data analysis
The school's Digital Lesson Observation Platform is one way to demonstrate the school's soft power. The school management team can see clear statistical charts of channel applications to view the results of teacher professional development in the school, including channel statistics and member statistics, such as total videos, double-green light videos, views, and comments.


School District Channel: Entrance to multi-school exclusive lesson examples channels

In the case of the school district departments, if all the exclusive lesson examples channel of each school in the district are brought together, the departments can systematically carry out the management of smarter education. For example, in response to the global trend of competence-oriented teaching, it would be the most systematic, replicable, and scalable way to implement the proposed teaching materials and pedagogical implementation framework to all smarter schools in the school district by promoting it through the construction of school district channels.
The development of smarter education is indispensable to the development of smart cities, TEAM Model welcomes school districts that are interested in developing smarter education to work with us.



Sokrates Channels of GTERI: A grand platform for the exchange of lesson examples from around the world

The Sokrates Channels is a public service platform supported by the Global TEAM Model Education Research Institute. School administrators can share selected lesson examples from their exclusive lesson examples channel to this platform. All schools are welcome to share their own exemplary school development lesson examples to this platform to exchange and share with schools and teachers around the world.
Currently, the Sokrates Channels has already gathered more than 200 public school channels from over 10 countries and regions. Through the platform, the world can share and exchange wonderful examples of excellent lessons, which not only allow schools to contribute to the development of smarter education, but also for schools to show their soft power. TEAM Model invites enthusiastic schools to join us for this exciting achievement.