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IES 5 Smarter Teaching Service (Personal)

Integrate teaching resources before, during, and after class
HiTeach’s classroom teaching assistance cloud platform

Free registration & use for teachers

IES 5 (Instructional Expert System) is TEAM Model's new generation platform that integrates cloud technology and resources. Teachers can use IES Smarter Teaching Service, which is free for individuals, to organize the teaching resources needed for each stage of HiTeach Smarter Classroom teaching, including cloud-based courses, student lists, teaching materials, question banks, lesson notes, and assessment results. Teachers can also assign online homework, online assessments/tests, surveys, and other activities.


New Generation and New Structure
Excellent integration with lessons!

Easy integration before, during, and after class
 Create personal courses for students to join online on their own.
Online personal syllabus and teaching materials can be used in the classroom (HiTeach) on-demand, support files including HiTeach teaching materials, PPT, videos, pictures, audio, and more.
Online question bank preparation. Supports multimedia question types, including single answer, multiple answers, true-false, cloze/text questions, and question sets. Not only can teachers launch online assessment activities, but also do tests in classrooms with HiTeach.
Homework / Assessment / Surveys / Poll
Diversified Activities
Online tests can be launched and students can log in and take tests through AClass ONE Learning Companion. Students can view the results immediately after tests, and can review and remedy their mistakes.
Online surveys and polls can be conducted for more diversified classroom activities.
Online assignments/homework can be launched, allowing students to submit their assignments through AClass ONE. Students can see the results at a glance and teachers can mark them online.
Students can view teaching e-notes, personal notes, and lesson & test records of HiTeach lessons.

Privacy & Security
Using the cloud infrastructure of major manufacturer

√ The main web application uses HTTPS encryption and secure login management, and conforms to the OWASP® Foundation's OWASP Top 10 specification, allowing schools to use them with greater peace of mind and teachers to save their materials with greater confidence! 
√ Use Microsoft Azure cloud service architecture, operation is guaranteed.


Syllabus Catalog: Structured Chapter Arrangement
Easy access to online resources

Lesson preparation is one of the main parts of every teacher's daily work. If lesson planning resources can be cloud-based, teachers can unify teaching materials and test/exam papers in a structured and systematic way, which will make them more convenient to access and use.

IES provides "Personal Syllabus", which helps teachers to prepare lessons in the cloud and arrange teaching materials (PowerPoint, HTEX, PDF, images, videos, web hyperlinks, etc.) and test papers (questions) into the syllabus. The teacher's prepared syllabus can also be shared with other teachers to share their resources.

In addition, when using HiTeach for smarter teaching in the classroom, HiTeach's Teaching Resource Area displays the syllabus resources from the IES 5 platform, with a tree-like display of Personal Syllabus. The teaching materials can be saved, imported, opened, or tested according to the teaching scenario, making it more convenient to access prepared materials.

►For a detailed description of the syllabus catalog, please refer to: A structured syllabus catalog, a more efficient co-preparation platform, and more convenient access to teaching materials and test papers!

After preparing resources on IES, teachers can easily access them on HiTeach


Multi-media material storage
Online resource library for on-the-go use

The teaching materials, files, multimedia resources, and more that are created on the IES can all be accessed at any time. When using HiTeach, even if you are in a different classroom or using a different computer, you can access all the data on the cloud and teach at any time by logging in to your own TEAM Model account, making it much more convenient.

Individuals can store teaching materials (HTEX files, PPT files), pictures, audio, video, PDF, WORD, EXCEL... etc. If the school has purchased the school-level IES management service, teachers can further use the abundant teaching resources shared by the school.

Multi-media test questions
Diverse question types & MS Word import function

MS Word can be used to import test questions and create test papers

With IES 5 question bank management function, teachers can quickly upload the most commonly used MS Word test papers and turn them into cloud-based test questions and papers. It also provides the function of setting the attributes of the test questions (e.g. question type, difficulty, cognitive level, etc.) and adding remediation resources for students to review for self-study. 

In addition, the platform provides a variety of ways to quickly
design test papers, such as SMART test paper design and manual test paper design. The more questions you accumulate over time, the more resources you will have to produce test papers.

●Whether you are accustomed to using cloud-based test questions, paper-based test papers, or CD-ROMs, all types of question databases can be imported and designed into the IES cloud, and question resources can be shared among each other.
●True-false, multiple choice, cloze, writing (short answer and essay), and even calculation questions can all be integrated into a cloud-based test paper. The questions can also contain different materials such as pictures and multimedia. You can use it to test listening, essay writing, and mathematics calculations!

► If the school has purchased the IES Smarter School Management Service, teachers can also use the school question bank and school exam file!

Create Course and Student List
Activity Record: Easy for teachers to view and for students to review after class

Teachers can create courses on IES, and students can join the courses by scanning QR codes, using hyperlinks, or entering the course invitation code on AClass ONE. If a school purchases the IES school management function and helps teachers create lists of classes and corresponding courses in advance, it will be even more convenient for teachers to use it, as they can directly select the School Course and view the student list.

Teachers create their own personal courses or use school courses created by the school

With IES course lists, teachers and students can enjoy the added benefit of lesson records. For example, if a teacher uses HiTeach in class and selects an IES course, at the end of the class, the teacher can log in to IES to view the activity history data generated from the class, including e- notes, lesson activity records, assessment results...etc. Students can log in to AClass ONE to view not only the activity history data, but also personal notes taken by themselves when using Web IRS during the class.

Teachers can view lesson records and e-notes, download student work, and export data after class

After class, students can view teacher's e-notes, interaction records, and personal notes made by themselves.

In addition, teachers can also access information on previous homework, assessments, and lesson records of all courses at any time, which is very convenient.

Access to course homework, assessments, lesson records, and other information

View assessment data

Learning activities are fully mastered

Homework / Assessment / Poll / Survey

Homework (assignment) assigning, student submission, and teacher review are all convenient

The distribution and collection of homework/assignments and study sheets is a frequent activity in the classroom. If digital tools can be used to assist, it will not only improve efficiency, but also be an indispensable tool for online teaching or online/on-site hybrid learning.

⭐ Teachers assign homework/assignments

Teachers can be flexible in setting up homework assignments, submission forms, or restrictions, and can set the start & end times and the homework description (pictures and hyperlinks can be inserted). Teachers can also add attachment files if needed, and add additional requirements for the homework.

⭐ Students submit homework/assignments

Once students log in to AClass ONE Learning Companion, they will see the homework assigned by teachers and can view and conduct them.

⭐ Teachers review and mark homework/assignments

Once students have submitted their homework/assignments, teachers can review them on IES. Teachers can give the homework a score or feedback in the form of stars, and then enter a comment. If you have a common comment for a specific subject or class, you can save the comment and use it directly next time.

⭐ Students check homework feedback and teachers manage students' scores

After teachers have marked the homework, students can log in to AClass ONE and view the teacher's score and comment.

►For detailed instruction, please refer to: Operation methods of homework (assignment) assigning, homework submission, and homework review

Assessment and testing activities before and after class

IES 5 has a complete mechanism for learning assessment activities, teachers can select test papers from the question banks and start an assessment. Different assessment types can be selected for different usage scenarios.

Multivariate assessment type:
  • Smarter Classroom Assessment: When teaching in a smart classroom, teachers can use HiTeach to allow students to use the IRS real-time feedback mechanism to conduct simultaneous student-led assessment activities. Teachers can use test papers/exam files from IES, and if they choose to take the test with IES course lists, the test record can be viewed on IES.
  • Online Assessment: Students can use the AClass ONE Learning Companion to take online asynchronous tests, allowing students to complete the tests within a limited time frame.
  • OMR and Writing Assessment: Use test papers to give tests directly and pair up with an automated answer sheet scanning system to correct objective questions automatically while teachers correct subjective questions online. In the same way, grade reports are automatically generated.

Online Assessment is the most suitable tool for students to practice online before and after class. After the teacher arranges online assessment, students can use their computers or tablets to take asynchronous tests, and if the teacher has specially arranged question analysis for the test questions, students can review and study after the test, and even practice again the incorrectly answered questions.

Teachers can start online self-assessments for asynchronous testing

Students can take the test by logging into AClass ONE on their devices

After tests, students can use AClass ONE to check their scores and question analysis or practice their mistakes

Manage all classroom events
Full-featured polling activities

● Can be used for classroom or cross-class voting
● Teachers can enter poll descriptions and options, and can add pictures, links, etc.
● Set polling cycle, the number of votes, anonymity, repeat voting .... etc.


Online Survey

● Can be used for classroom or cross-class survey
● Can enter descriptions and options, and can add pictures, links, etc.

► If you have registered for a TEAM Model account, you will receive 1G of free personal data storage space and can experience IES 5 Smarter Teaching Service immediately. In addition, you can download HiTeach 928 and use it for free for highly interactive cooperative learning teaching. We welcome you to use our services.

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IES 5 Smarter Teaching Service Features
 IES 5 Smarter Teaching Service
My MaterialCan store teaching materials (HTE files, PPT files), pictures, audio, video, PDF, WORD, EXCEL, etc.
Various files can be used directly together when teaching with HiTeach.
Personal Question BankYou can add questions to the personal question bank, and set the difficulty level, cognitive level, question type, key concept, links to remedial resources... etc.
Provides various ways to design test papers:
● SMART test paper design
● Manual test paper design
● Import test paper design (Directly use MS Word or Excel to design questions and upload)
My ActivityPersonal Assessment
● OMR and Writing Assessment: Use test papers to give tests directly and pair up with an automated answer sheet scanning system to correct objective questions automatically while teachers correct subjective questions online. In the same way, grade reports are automatically generated.
● Smarter Classroom Assessment: Selected classes to participate in Smarter Classroom Assessment will be notified during the smarter classroom session; use HiTeach Smarter Teaching System to allow students in using IRS feedback mechanism to conduct simultaneous student-led assessment activity. If the students use Web IRS, the question types can cover cloze, writing (short answer and essay), and calculation. Students can also participate in the assessment online.
● Online Assessment: Students can use the AClass ONE Learning Companion to take online asynchronous tests, allowing students to complete the tests within a limited time frame.
Homework Activity
● Can be used for classroom or cross-class homework.
● Teachers can enter homework descriptions and can add pictures, links, etc.
● Set whether allow supplement assignments, students to mutual evaluate, or whether students must upload files.
Personal Poll
● Can be used for classroom or cross-class voting.
● Teachers can enter poll descriptions and options, and can add pictures, links, etc.
● Set polling cycle, the number of votes, anonymity, repeat voting .... etc.
Personal Survey
● Can be used for classroom or cross-class survey.
● Can enter descriptions and options, and can add pictures, links, etc.
My ClassClass list data can be added and set for easy matching of student learning portfolios and assessment information.
● Provides teachers with the function to add and assign groups, and can also allow the system to automatically assign groups.
● Provide student's list export function.
My CourseNew cloud-based course information can be set up for students to join courses.
● Provide curriculum schedule/course information list
● Subject-class list
● Course lesson records
● Activity records (assessment/homework/poll/survey records)
Recommended cloud services to pair up with
 IES Smarter School Management ServiceUnified management by the school through the cloud platform, including:
1. Teacher Management
2. Student Management
3. Classroom Management
4. Course Management
5. Authorization Management

6. School Syllabus
7. School Content

8. School Question Bank
9. Key Concept Bank
PLAYTOL Learning Assessment Analysis SystemLearning status analysis is the data analysis function of student learning outcomes. It can be used to study students' learning effectiveness, strengths and weaknesses of key concepts in each subject, and provide differentiated teaching and counseling strategies for different classes and individual students to optimize the teaching process, achieve teaching and learning goals more effectively, and improve the efficiency of teaching and learning. Under the modern "student-centered" teaching philosophy, learning status analysis is an important supporting application tool. 

In the past, the only way to get a learning status analysis report is to take a large-scale test and pair it with grade statistics of an answer sheet scanning system. However, TEAM Model's PLAYTOL Learning Assessment Analysis System can generate reports for any official test, regardless of the scale of the test. For similar or formative exams, you can generate horizontal and vertical comparison analysis!