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Haboard 5 Team-based Learning IWB

More Smarter Classrooms, More Smarter Learning

The best way to promote e-campus and implement smarter learning is to build teaching touch devices!

Haboard 5 Team-based Learning IWB can be quickly upgraded to a smarter classroom environment by simply pairing it with a classroom computer and projection equipment.

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Bigger and Wider Touch Panel

Haboard 5 is available in 101" and 16:9 display ratio
►More space for writing
►Back Row students can see clearly, front Row students can see comfortably
►Ultra-wide screen display
Eye-protective touch devices

►No visual pressure and neck pain.
Reflective light source to reduce visual fatigue.
The most comfortable classroom

Infrared touch technology with fast response time and multi-touch support.
►Cleaner classroom air with less chalk.
►Does not heat up and is more comfortable in summer.
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40% effective energy saving

The whiteboard + projector uses about 260W of power, which is more energy-efficient than the 440W of LED touch screens, making it an effective energy-saving choice for touch devices.


Sturdy, durable and long-lasting

Haboard 5 touch panel is made of scratch-resistant nano-laminated impact-resistant high-density material, and then sealed by galvanized steel plate to prevent rusting of the touch panel for guaranteed device management.

Good choice of touch devices

   35 kg ultra-lightweight Multi-classroom desig

The Haboard 5 interactive whiteboard has a large 101-inch touch panel, weighs only 35 kg, and can be installed in a variety of ways; with a slim 3.75 cm body, the Haboard 5 interactive whiteboard does not take up much space, allowing for unlimited classroom design and creating more diverse learning spaces.


Fixed installation

Rail installation


Integrated Installation

3.75 slim

Flexibility in hardware construction and stress-free classroom upgrades

Haboard 5 supports a wide range of classroom designs and offers more flexibility in construction costs.
By purchasing
Haboard 5 Team-based Learning IWB, you can use the existing computers and projectors in the classroom, which is faster and cheaper to upgrade, and the existing equipment can be reused in the classroom, making the purchase and management of equipment easier.


The Haboard 5 Team-based Learning IWB can be used in a variety of installation designs at an affordable price. Taking fixed installation as an example, the procurement cost of Haboard 5 is only half that of LED touch devices, and purchasing Haboard 5 is like building a smarter classroom twice as fast, which is a fast way to upgrade smarter schools.

Haboard 5 + HiTeach Hardware + HiTeach Software is more powerful

Haboard 5 comes with the most powerful Smarter Teaching System, easily upgraded to TBL Smarter Classroom.

Multi-technology interaction
HiTeach Smarter Teaching System provides a variety of interactive features (Pick-out/ Scoreboard/Timer/Ruler/ Push/ Fast Deliver/Screen recording/ E-Note...) that not only focus on group learning, but also promote expression and multiple ideas based on data, allowing both teachers and students to fully enjoy this lively learning atmosphere.

Team-based Learning
The teacher can Push the page to the student tablet, and the students can discuss in groups, and then gather the information to the teacher with the functions of HiMessage, Fast Deliver, and Submit.
Teachers spend less time talking and students spend more time on self-learning, thinking and discussing.
HiTA Teaching Assistant
Using smartphones to take photos or videos, presenting student interactions on the whiteboard, as well as Work Comparison, Pick-out, and Push, are all great features to help with classroom interaction.

Product Specifications

Specifications of Haboard 5 Team-based Learning IWB
Product ModelHBI-101V
Effective Range2187mm X 1232mm
Core TechnologyIR Surface Light Wave Technique
Touch-control Points20 points
Surface MaterialHigh-strength, low-glare material with high wear resistance.
Resolution32,768 X 32,768
Cursor Rate180 points/s
Interface with PCUSB interface
Touch-control FunctionUse a stylus or finger to operate on the screen and control various applications, web searches, moving objects, and more.
Current Consumption≤300mA
Power SupplyPower supplied with USB wiring without the external power supply.
Operation Temperature-10 to 45
Projector RequirementsNo special restrictions, any brand's projectors can be used.
Standard PackageInteractive Whiteboard, Telescopic pen, USB wiring, Wall Mounted Parts, HiTeach 5 Smarter Teaching System with 6 HiGroup.