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AClass ONE Learning Companion

Connect during and after classes
A splendid partner for students to take online assessments and review

AClass ONE Learning Companion of the TEAM Model Cloud is a brilliant companion for students to grow and learn, assisting teachers to extend teaching activities from the classroom to after-school online learning. For example, it provides online assessments, homework, polls, and surveys. Students can take exams and do remedial learning anytime using their mobile devices such as tablets, computers, or smartphones, allowing for unlimited learning. AClass ONE's features will continue to develop, including the ability to view lessons E-Notes, submit assignments, do self-directed learning (flipped classroom mechanism), view learning diagnostic reports and messages.

AClass ONE is a smarter learning partner for students, integrating classroom teaching (Offline) and online learning (Online), reminding and consolidating in real-time, creating an O2O learning model for every student.

Never miss any school activity

Students can clearly see the list of activity tasks such as assessments, polls, and surveys from school or teachers, and the status of activities (in progress or finished), which is convenient for students to self-manage.

Online Assessment:
Multivariate Assessment and Accurate Reviewing

Online Assessment can help teachers extend classroom teaching activities to after class, either as preview-quizzes before class or as practice assignments at home after class, with the goal of helping students to have more practice opportunities. Teachers and schools can use assessment and analysis data in a more diverse way to guide students to the next level, whether it's a teacher-initiated quiz or a mock test across multiple classes, all of which can be administered online.


Support various question types
Clearly track the progress of answering

AClass ONE supports a variety of question types, including single answer, multiple answers, true-false, cloze, writing (short answer and essay), connect the dots, and question sets, etc. The questions are presented in their entirety on the page, while the sidebar dynamically presents the status of questions (those that have been answered and those that have not), so that students can clearly track their progress.

Multimedia question design
Listening tests can also be done

AClass ONE allows students to practice doing both listening and video questions more effectively. Unlike the limitations of in-classroom tests, the audio and video can be played repeatedly, and the questions can be answered after having a clear understanding of the meaning. This allows students to hear clearly and learn more.

Make good use of the image upload function
Visualize students' calculations and thoughts

The purpose of some questions is to let the students write out their ideas clearly. For example, besides the answers to a math question, the calculation process is also an important part to view the logical thinking of students. AClass ONE supports uploading pictures, so students can simply take pictures of their calculations written on paper and upload them.

Let tablets become excellent answer tools

Students who take online assessments on a tablet can use functions such as marking/annotating and dragging objects with greater ease. For example, the tablet can be used to answer connect the dots questions or questions that need marking. The tablet is transformed into an answering tool, which can be done with a simple hand touch.


Review of assessment responses
Remedial review is efficient

After the assessment activity, students can see the results, the number of correct/incorrectly answered questions, the analysis of the incorrectly answered questions, and the remediation resources in the assessment response review. Students can also practice the incorrectly answered questions again, so that students can do remedial learning by themselves, review accurately, and improve their learning ability.

Survey: No effort to fill in the answer online

In addition to the powerful online assessments, AClass ONE can also be used to conduct online school surveys and polling activities for students, such as lunch satisfaction surveys, teaching satisfaction surveys, and so on.
In the past, it took time and effort to gather all students to fill out the survey, but now, through AClass ONE, students can complete the survey online by themselves, which is efficient and satisfactory.

Variety of question design

AClass ONE allows students to easily fill out the survey online using a computer, tablet, or smartphone, making the survey easy to complete with the touch of a finger. Not only did the response rate increase, but students were also more willing to express their valuable opinions.

No effort to fill in the answer online

AClass ONE allows students to easily fill out the survey online using a computer, tablet, or smartphone, making the survey easy to complete with the touch of a finger. Not only did the response rate increase, but students were also more willing to express their valuable opinions.

Statistical results can be seen

The data filled out by the students can be uploaded to the TEAM Model Cloud in real-time, and the survey data and the completion rate can be seen through IES 5, making it easier and more visible for teachers or schools to keep track of student activities after school.
(Please refer to the introduction of IES Smarter Teaching Service)

Poll: High-efficient participation

School activities that require all students to take part together, besides surveys, class/school affairs polling activities during class meetings can also be conducted online. Whether it is the voting for the teacher appreciation banquet or the voting for class representatives, AClass ONE is a remarkable helper for student activities.
Pairing with multi-media is more vivid

AClass ONE's polling activities can use multimedia files to present voting options in the form of pictures, videos, or audio. For example, the pictures of the teacher appreciation banquet venue and the videos of the views of the class representatives can all make the polling activities more vivid, thought-provoking, and lively that increase participation rate as a result.

No pressure to vote anonymously

In the past, voting during class meetings was often influenced by peers. AClass ONE's online voting and anonymous voting features allow students to vote in a stress-free environment, creating a secure and fair voting environment.

Repeat voting mechanism for more flexible application

With a secure voting environment, the AClass ONE's poll has a mechanism to prevent repeat voting, which eliminates vote-rigging and makes the result more accurate.
It also allows repeat voting as the activities may require it, making AClass ONE the most flexible online voting tool available.

Track voting progress easily

After the students have finished voting, teachers can see the completion rate, vote percentage, and voting list on IES 5, so that teachers or schools can have a better grasp on the promotion of classroom or school affairs.
(Please refer to the introduction of
IES Smarter Teaching Service)


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