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HiTeach Smarter Teaching System is the world's leading classroom teaching software, which has won the Taiwan Excellence Award, COMPUTEX Taipei Best Choice Award & Jury's Special Award, and other awards. The version now, HiTeach 5, supports modern teaching methods and strategies with modules such as synchronous content, synchronous interaction, synchronous task, and synchronous test, making teaching, assessing, diagnosing, and remediation more interlinked. It effectively does data decision-making, differentiated teaching, and competence-oriented teaching. Whether it is remote or on-site, it can help every teacher and every child to achieve their goals.

HiTeach 5 is a powerful whiteboard software, a teacher-student interaction tool, a learning assessment tool, a classroom management tool, as well as an application terminal that integrates online cloud resources. Before, users often needed to learn how to use many software or platforms, and needed to constantly switch between them: They may use whiteboard software (Sketchboard, Jameboard, myViewBoard, Miro, Whiteboard, Klaxoon, etc.), another software (Kahoot, Google Form, Quizizz, Pear Deck, Slido, etc.) for tests and interactive activities, and for further applications, they require additional learning aid platforms (Moodle, Google classroom, etc.). With HiTeach 5, all these can be done!


HiTeach Free download to use

Free License-HiTeach 5 AI coach-assisted Enhancement Plan 1: HiTeach 333 Self-enhancement Plan How to buy HiTeach License?

HiTeach 5 Features :

Intuitive user experience, classroom management, IWB teaching tools,
and teacher-student interaction tools are all available

HiTeach 5 is the world's only smart classroom teaching software with multi-AI engines, integrates major classroom teaching functions: classroom management, interactive whiteboard, teacher-student interaction, and learning assessment, and fully supports modern teaching methods and strategies, including interactive learning, task learning, multivariate assessment, peer assessment, team-based learning, group collaboration, and differentiated learning.

The multi-AI engines of HiTeach 5 include the AI Text Analysis and AI Sokrates Summary Notice. The former helps teachers quickly process the large number of words, phrases, and sentences from the students simultaneously. It is the teacher's lesson Q & A smart helper. The latter, at the end of lessons, provides immediate feedback on the technology interaction index and frequency analysis. It is a personal coach to help teachers get familiar with HiTeach 5.

HiTeach 5 has been refined for over 20 years and is suitable for one student - one tablet environment, TBL collaborative learning environment for groups, online and offline hybrid teaching environment, IRS Instant Response System clicker/keypads environment, and students to bring their own devices (BYOD) environment. HiTeach assists teachers in implementing one-to-one interactive teaching in these multi-learning application situations at any time.

HiTeach 5 automatically records learning portfolios of classroom activities, including attendance, scoring, task learning, interactive learning, test learning, and lesson performance summary, helping teachers to teach more effortlessly and students to learn more effectively.
Classroom Management Tool

Easy to Manage & Get Started ⦁ Strong Focus

✨Attendance Sheet: Record attendance, absence, sick leave, official leave, etc.
✨Group scoreboard for adding points to promote cooperative learning!
✨Manage the Points page and view grades in the Learning Performance Summary Form after lessons.
✨Spotlights, screen curtain, and numbering stamps provide focus to the teaching content.
✨Pick-out (draw lots) & timers
✨Dynamic grouping: The list can be grouped in regular, random, S-shape, or manually.
Personalized settings, customizable toolbar according to individual operating habits.
Live Camera function can be used as a document camera for teaching materials or a resident camera when sharing screen for online teaching.
HiTA app: Upload picture/video to HiTeach, remote control HiTeach (add points, switch pages...), etc.

Interactive Electronic Whiteboard (IWB) Tool

Strong Integration ⦁ Easy to Use

✨Multiple Pen types: Customizable general pen, soft pen, bamboo pen, highlighter, flash pen, etc.
✨Eraser: Erase a partial or circled area. Support gesture eraser function, use palm to erase directly.
✨Teaching Aids: Provide ruler, setsquare, compass, and protractor.
✨Geometries: Provide circle, triangle, quadrilateral, and more that can be adjusted for size, color, rotation, transparency, etc.
✨E-Note: Contents produced during operating on all pages will be automatically kept and saved.
✨Transparency Mode: Presentation (PowerPoint, Canva...), eBooks, web pages, videos... can all be integrated. Intuitively switch between writing, operating application/software, and interaction.
✨Multimedia Library: Teaching pictures, customized materials, and web-searched pictures can be used.
✨Can add/delete/move/copy/zoom pages and expand the writing area without having to erase.
✨Intuitive Notation: Screenshot any screen, including full screen, designated area, and make notations!
✨PowerPoint can be imported, and objects and animations can be used.
✨PowerPoint & WPS presentations are automatically detected when they are played, with page up/down control, and can annotate immediately.
✨Support collaboration, whole class collaboration, group collaboration, and differentiated collaboration activities.

Teacher-Student Interaction Tool

Synchronous Tools ⦁ Multiple Question Types & Tasks

✨There are four master tools in a synchronous lesson: synchronous content, synchronous interaction, synchronous task, and synchronous test.
✨Pop Quiz: Start whenever you want and no need to prepare beforehand. Including single answer, multiple answers, true-false, cloze/text, and subjective questions.
✨Multiple Tasks: Students can send works like pictures, audio, and other files. Works can be quickly collected, sorted, and observed, and support SMART Rating for peer assessment, comments, and anonymity.
Differentiated Push: Teachers can make differentiated teaching decisions, send differentiated materials, and do differentiated works collection, realizing teaching students by their aptitude.
Subjective Questions: Answer type includes text, picture, audio, and file, and supports peer assessment.
✨Student-centered teaching approaches such as retake questions and smart pick-out.
✨Can set interactive pages with PowerPoint to automatically start interaction when playing PPT.
✨AI Text Analysis module: Smart classification of students' synchronized text feedback, analysis of keyword frequency, and presenting AI text cloud.
✨Support collaboration, group collaboration, and differentiated collaboration activities.
✨Real-time speaking exercises and automatic rating by AI.

Learning Assessment Tool

Synchronous Test ⦁ Interactive Review
Question Remediation ⦁ Learning Status Analysis

✨Synchronous Test: Give a quiz at any time to check student learning situations, including instant paper-based tests and the pre-prepared IES tests.
✨Interactive Review: The test results are analyzed immediately, helping teachers to focus on the key points when reviewing. Can select students on test data, making reviewing accurate and in-depth.
✨There are multiple types of test questions, including single answer questions, multiple answers questions, true-false questions, cloze questions, subjective questions, question sets, etc.
✨Students can review test results after class, practice incorrectly answered questions, and view answer explanations, so they can study independently and review precisely.
✨Can start cross-class tests. Do learning status analysis of results, which is scientific and effective.
✨Support Smart Rating, providing Grand Rating, Multi-rounds Voting, and Peer Assessment to achieve peer and student self-assessment.
✨Support peer grading for cloze and subjective questions.
✨Support clouDAS Diagnostic Analysis module, test results can further generate diagnostic analysis reports for student learning.
✨Multi-media tests. After the test, students can exchange and mark the test.
✨Test results can be auto-recorded on IES cloud, and can be summarized at the end of the semester.

Quickly grasp the advantages and features of HiTeach, choose the best classroom teaching software tools, and ensure success!


HiTeach is ready for what teachers need

Exclusive tools designed for teaching and learning
Effective and efficient

Use PowerPoint directly
Instant use your teaching materials

Use your PowerPoint or other multimedia materials such as e-books and web pages to interact with HiTeach immediately. Marking, quiz, task, and work collection can be used at any time, with low threshold and super convenience!
You can also use PowerPoint to prepare for a lesson by setting quizzes, answers, or tasks in advance.  Learn more here.

PowerPoint retains Objects & Animations

Teachers can also import PowerPoint materials directly, and the pages will automatically be turned into whiteboard pages while keeping editable and movable objects. It supports the preservation of animation such as appear, fade, pulse, zoom... and other effects. In addition, any computer screen (e.g. e-book, web page, video...) can be directly captured/screenshot into HiTeach, and built-in writing tools with various colors and thick/thin strokes can be used to mark directly

Teaching aids and functions are beyond expectations

Various built-in teaching aids, such as geometric tools, scoreboard, measuring instruments, screen curtain, spotlight, and labeling functions. They can be used according to different teaching content, and are a necessary aid to help multimedia teaching.

Convenient control with phone APP
Teach more freely

By installing HiTA 5 TEAM Model Teacher APP on smartphones, it can connect with HiTeach and transform into a remote control. It can use functions such as switching PowerPoint or HiTeach pages, pick out students wirelessly, scoreboard, timer, and more. Teachers don't have to be tied in front of the computer, making teaching vivid, free, and comprehensively flip!

Built-in picture gallery for enriched teaching

HiTeach has a rich library of built-in image materials, such as pentatonic, ball court, grid, and other backgrounds; music symbols, traffic signs, and other materials. In addition, you can also search for related images from the cloud (e.g., Wikipedia, Pixabay) by entering keywords directly and insert them right away into HiTeach to use.

IRS Pop Quiz
Data decision

Teachers can interact with students in the classroom with a variety of question types for students to answer. Students can use the IRS clickers/keypads (support single answer, multiple answers, true-false questions, etc.), or use the Web IRS (support all IRS keypad questions + cloze, writing questions, etc.) with their phones or tablets. Provide a variety of student feedback modes, such as:
• Pop Quiz  • Toss-up Competition
• Quiz / Survey  • Pick-out/SMART Pick-out  • Voting Statistics

Assessment Activities
Simultaneous Answering

The best way to assess the effectiveness of learning or to help with reviewing is to arrange quizzes and tests in class. HiTeach can use paper-based test papers or cloud-based test papers on IES 5 for assessment activities and students can answer simultaneously, using IRS clickers/keypads (support single answer, multiple answers, true-false, questions, etc.) or Web IRS (support all IRS keypad questions + cloze, writing questions, etc.) with their phones or tablets. Results are immediately graded and synchronized to the cloud at the end of the test and students can use AClass ONE Learning Companion to review their mistakes after class. 

Interactive Review: Question-by-question review and and review efficiently

After the assessment, the statistical data analysis of the test results will be displayed immediately and teachers can decide the priority of questions-reviewing, helping students to clarify the problem more efficiently and to learn and review thoroughly.

SMART Pick-out: Care for each student

With the SMART Pick-out function in the classroom, HiTeach can randomly pick students according to lists, the options of students' answers, right and wrong answers, etc. Therefore, students can focus in class, and teachers don't have to worry about fairness in the classroom and care for each student.

Add points for promoting a learning atmosphere

The built-in scoreboard function allows you to choose different icons to add points to groups, which is an excellent aid for TBL (team-based learning) to enhance group dynamics. Teachers can also add points based on student feedback, such as the options of the student answers, the students who answered the questions correctly, the work submitted, and the text, which makes it more convenient to practice multiple assessments!

IRS keypad or Web IRS for full student participation

Interactive devices for students that pair up with HiTeach can be IRS keypads or Web IRS (smartphones, tablets, or computers). Web IRS can support more types of questions in terms of teacher-student interaction, and local (on-site) students and remote students can work together to provide simultaneous feedback on teacher-requested tasks. Students can even all participate online, and still have the interactive effect of on-site teaching, asking students to answer questions at any time, making data decisions, and teaching accurately.

Cloud platform connection is on the go

With TEAM Model Cloud  – IES 5 Smarter Teaching Service, teachers can prepare lessons on the cloud by uploading teaching materials such as HTEX, PPTX, supplementary materials, videos, and web hyperlinks; when teaching with HiTeach, teachers can use them directly. After class, IES will also keep lesson records, assessment activities, and other data, making it easy to keep track of grades!

Support various student feedback devices 
Create your own diversified smart classroom

Student devices that can interact with HiTeach can be IRS clickers/keypads, as well as Web IRS connections through smartphones, tablets, or computers. The following are four refined smart classroom tools, The 4As of Synchronous Teaching (Allocation, Activity, Assignment, and Assessment,) that can be used in combination to achieve highly engaging and inspiring teaching effects.

  Synchronous Interaction (Synchronized Activity)

With the synchronous interaction function, you can ask questions, synchronous feedback, real-time statistics, data utilization, and other high-performance synchronous interaction modes anytime.
  • IRS clickers/keypads: Supports single answer, multiple answers, true-false questions, and Buzz-in (Applicable to on-site classes. Click to learn more).
  • Web IRS: Supports single answer, multiple answers, true-false, cloze/text questions, and Buzz-in  (Applicable to on-site, online, and hybrid classes. Click to learn more).

These are familiar teaching questioning strategies for teachers in the classroom. By pressing the function button, the system will activate the corresponding function to allow students to answer questions, and automatically receive feedback data from the whole class. When teachers press the statistical charts, various feedback data will be presented, which can be used for further discussion or follow-up questions.


  Synchronous Task (Synchronized Assignment)

Synchronous Task is a new function that combines HiTeach 5 and Web IRS 5. Teacher's task content (e.g. presentation, questions, or multimedia content) will be automatically displayed on the student's Web IRS. As the students are doing their works/tasks, HiTeach's work collection window provides an overview of each group or student's progress, sorted by chronological order, seat number, or grouping. Teachers can select them to do activities such as observation, comparison, mutual evaluation, praise, annotation, explanation, or sharing. It's great for homework collection, hands-on practice, brainstorming, etc.

The task function can be used on students' Web IRS, and different types of work can be submitted, such as pictures, audio, video, text, or multimedia files (PPT, Excel...), fully supporting synchronous classroom learning and practice activities. (Applicable to on-site, online, and hybrid classes.  Click to learn more).

  Synchronous Test (Synchronized Assessment)

Tests are great ways to summarize the learning results and to know the strengths and weaknesses. Before, paper tests were used mainly, but the process was complicated and time-consuming. Now, paired with the existing test paper or test questions on IES Cloud, teachers can use them with HiTeach's SelfPace Test mode function, and students can answer through IRS, Web IRS, etc. After the test, visual grade results will be displayed immediately, allowing teachers to do interactive reviews in real time. Also, when using an IES course list, these data will be simultaneously uploaded to the cloud, which is extremely helpful for teachers to track student learning situations and for students to review their mistakes and do remedial learning on their own.
  • IRS clickers/keypads: Supports single answer, multiple answers, and true-false questions (Applicable to on-site classes. Click to learn more).
  • Web IRS: Supports single answer, multiple answers, true-false, cloze/text questions, and question sets. The questions can contain multimedia materials such as text, pictures, audio, and video. If students use Web IRS, the questions will be displayed on Web IRS 5 simultaneously, so that they can answer the questions independently, and the progress of each student's answer will be displayed on HiTeach for teachers to view (Applicable to on-site, online, and hybrid classes. Click to learn more).

Synchronous Test is created in response to the global trend, allowing remote students to connect closely with teachers, and acting as a powerful tool to track student learning situations.

AI Smarter School
One-stop testing and assessment service

Test, correct, comment, analyze, and remedy
Grand Leap Forward in Competence and Learning Achievement

1. Question Design
Innovative school question bank function

HiTeach 5's assessment questions come primarily from the cloud. Through the IES 5 school's question bank resources on the TEAM Model Cloud, teachers can choose which way to upload/edit questions on their own and use the comprehensive filtering function (by grade, subject, question type, difficulty level, cognitive level... etc.) to quickly select the questions wanted and start a test.

Various ways of designing test questions and paper

IES 5 offers a variety of ways to design test papers: SMART test paper design, manual test paper design, or import test paper design (by editing the questions in Word or Excel).

The teachers' question bank resources can be accumulated, reduce the burden of designing questions, and let the question bank become more and more complete, the questions become better and better, until designing test papers is done once and for all!

2. Test and Assessment
Diversified testing methods before, during, and after the class

· OMR and Writing Assessment: Use test papers to give tests directly and pair up with an automated answer sheet scanning system to correct objective questions automatically while teachers correct subjective questions online. In the same way, grade reports are automatically generated.

· Smarter Classroom Assessment: Selected classes to participate in Smarter Classroom Assessment will be notified during the smarter class session; use HiTeach to allow students in using IRS feedback mechanism to conduct simultaneous student-led assessment activity. If the students use Web IRS, the question types can cover cloze, writing, and calculation. Students can also participate in the assessment online.
· Online Assessment: Students can use the AClass ONE Learning Companion on the TEAM Model Cloud to take online asynchronous tests. Any device with access to a web browser through Internet can be used, allowing students to complete the tests within a limited time frame.
3. Learning Status Statistics and Analysis
Immediate access to statistical data
Test results at a glance

After the exam, the school can choose more advanced analytical applications with TEAM Model 5. In the past, the overall post-test learning status analysis report was usually only available for large exams with an answer sheet scanning system. However, PLAYTOL Learning Assessment Analysis System can generate reports for any official test, regardless of the scale of the test. For similar or formative exams, you can generate horizontal and vertical comparison analysis! (Need to pair up with PLAYTOL Learning Assessment Analysis System)

4. Precision review and question remediation after class
Students learn independently, quickly, and effectively

Provide students with before/after-school convenience services. Students can log in to AClass ONE Learning Companion to fully utilize the value of student learning data, extend teaching resources, and track progress after class, such as compiling incorrectly answered questions for remediation, viewing assessment records, personal diagnostic analysis reports, and E-Notes. It is a great helper for student self-directed learning and precision review.

More HiTeach Features...

Attendance, Points, and IRS Score

  • Once the lesson started, an attendance sheet will appear. The instructor can let students join the lesson and record their attendance status. Teachers can manually click on the name box to record attendance (there are 5 categories: Present, Personal Leave, Sick Leave, Official Leave, and Absent), or allow students to scan the QR code to join the lesson (those who join are automatically converted to Present).
  • Points page can be used to add points to individual students. If a student is given points for IRS questions, Buzz-in, work collection, etc., a point will be added automatically here, too. Scores from the Scoreboard are automatically added to the group score. If you click on "Merge GP", the scores of individuals in the same group will be averaged and added to the group's score, and the group scores will be added to the individual scores.
  • IRS Score page automatically calculates scores students get from correctly answering IRS questions and their scores from SelfPace Tests. A correct answer to an IRS question will score 10 points by default, while SelfPace Tests will be scored according to the test settings.

  View, export, and manage HiTeach Lesson records

HiTeach will automatically record and save all notes, attendance, interaction records, test records, task works, etc., for each lesson on the local hard drive. 
Learn more here:
How to view, export, and delete HiTeach local lesson records?
How to export the works uploaded by students in HiTeach?

  Personalized Settings: Your own customized tool interface

Every teacher has different application habits. HiTeach provides a personalized function to remember your tool settings and teaching habits. For example, you can add or remove the buttons on the main toolbar. If you think a whiteboard page is too bright in your own teaching environment, you can switch to a blackboard page. Also, the number of options for IRS quizzes, the size of the student buttons, the displayed options (numbers or alphabetic letters), and your personal school and school system settings are all recorded and will follow each person's TEAM Model account to have the most customary and comfortable teaching environment.

Add or remove buttons on the main toolbar

  Differentiated Push/Teaching/Instruction

Differentiated Instruction is the basic skill of teaching according to students' abilities/aptitudes and the basic quality of professional teachers. Teachers design differentiated learning activities according to the learning ability, learning attitude, and learning stage of the students in their classes.

With HiTeach 5, you can use differentiated teaching materials such as text, page, file, screenshot (or photo), hyperlink, etc. These diversified differentiated teaching materials resources can be sent to groups or individuals based on statistical charts of interactive data in the lesson. The strategies of sending differentiated teaching materials include based on whether students answered correctly or incorrectly, the options students chose, the needs of individual students, etc.


Learn more here: How to use HiTeach 5 differentiated push/teaching/instruction features?

  Objectified/object-based push feature

PowerPoint-edited materials imported into HiTeach retain moveable objects and animations, and now, these pictures/pages sent to the student Web IRS can also be presented in the form of moveable objects, so that students can receive movable, rotatable, hyperlinked learning objects, and complete the tasks as required. For example, a jigsaw page can be pushed to the students for manipulation.

Learn more here: How to use HiTeach's objectified/object-based push feature (send movable object-based pages)?

  Pre-editable Interactive Pages (PowerPoint files or HiTeach pages)

When editing Microsoft PowerPoint (PPTX) files or HiTeach pages, you can pre-set questions and tasks for interaction in HiTeach. You can make settings in advance for pages where you want to do interactive quizzing (questions) or tasks. Question types include single answer, multiple answers, true-false, and cloze questions, and task types include picture, audio, and file collection.

During class, whether you play the PPT slideshow directly or import the PPTX file into HiTeach, when you switch to a preset page, the preset question or task will automatically pop up, and students, learners, or the audience can respond and interact with you.

Pre-edit interaction types, set options and answers, etc. directly in PowerPoint

When playing PowerPoint materials, HiTeach will auto-start the pre-set interaction

Learn more here: 
Using method of the lesson preparation tool for setting up HiTeach interactive pages in PowerPoint
How to pre-edit interactive questions or set tasks on the HiTeach page?

  AI Text Analysis

In a digital teaching environment, when a large amount of text data is flooding in from the students, how can the teacher quickly respond, review, and comment? This not only tests the teacher's eyesight, but also the teacher's experience and wisdom in text classification. But now, with the application of HiTeach's AI-assisted Text Analysis function, not only can it reduce the burden on teachers, but also greatly enhance the effectiveness of teaching decisions. 
AI Text Analysis module is not provided by HiTeach by default and needs to be purchased or obtained by other means. Currently, it is available through a promotional event, please refer to here.

After student text feedback, AI Text Analysis quickly generates smart categories, keyword frequency, and word cloud

Learn more here: How to use AI Text Analysis with HiTeach

  Smart Rating module (additional license required)

Smart Rating Module includes three major functions: Grand Rating, Multi-rounds Voting, and Peer Assessment, achieving a more comprehensive multi-assessment operational framework for teacher assessment, peer assessment, and student self-assessment.
At the end of the lesson, the Smart Rating and rating data will be automatically recorded in the lesson's Excel summary report, which can serve as a basis for the teacher to assess learning effectiveness.  
Grand Rating Multi-rounds Voting Peer Assessment
Grand Rating: Instant feedback pop-ups for more excitement in the classroom
Multi-Round Voting: A convenient tool for voting & polling
Peer Assessment: Instant peer feedback 

Learn more here: HiTeach 5.1 Smart Rating Application Instructions

  clouDAS Diagnostic Analysis Module (additional license required)

The clouDAS Diagnostic Analysis Module is an independently licensed HiTeach add-on module. The test results can further generate student learning diagnostic analysis reports, such as score analysis, student learning placement analysis, test question analysis, etc. Students themselves can also obtain their own personal diagnostic analysis reports through the platform.
clouDAS Diagnostic Analysis Module
Multi-dimensional and detailed learning diagnostic analysis report

The insights shared by front-line teachers
We value the ideas and experiences of each teacher

"With the use of HiTeach, providing different interactive activities became more easy. Crafting activities that give the learners the opportunity to share their own ideas and creativity became possible. It also gives them chances to decide and elaborate on their answers.
Motivating learners to participate actively became instant. The learners became more excited to have their next online class every time we announce we will use HiTeach on the next online class, and that makes us teachers more eager to design more interactive lesson using HiTeach.
I can proudly say that it is easier to become a more effective and efficient teacher after I embrace HiTeach."🧡👍

"HiTeach guarantees a complete package of teacher-students engagement. The alteration of learning modalities due to the existing pandemic may challenge the teachers, but HiTeach has carried out the possibilities to make online learning as effective as in-person.
English subject might have been thought-provoking for some students who are afraid of speaking the language in class, but I have noticed their eagerness to express themselves since HiTeach functions, particularly in group learning, motivate them to earn points for their team.
HiTeach got the whole nine yards for teachers like me for it changes the way I design my lesson, allowing me to think outside the box to make the learning activities more fun and effective."🧡👍

Xiu-Duan Xiao:
"The three most important benefits of using HiTeach in technology teaching for my "teaching" and my students' "learning":
1. Real-time analysis of "statistical charts": Classroom teaching can be adjusted according to students' learning situations at any time to enhance the effectiveness of learning.
2. "Differentiated teaching": Using HiTeach to send diverse "scaffolding" to students and arranging tasks to match the individual difference in learning.
3. Abundant resources: I can use the cloud database to share data, and you can also conduct online lesson observation through the "Sokrates Channel" for self-enhancement and help with competence teaching.

Take a quick look at HiTeach's Features
Top Teaching Software: HiTeach 5's Features

Through the introduction of this short video, you will be able to quickly grasp the major features of HiTeach 5.

View Now
Where can I refer to actual teaching cases?
Sokrates Platform
Sokrates platform has many lesson examples

HiTeach can play a wide range of supporting roles in the classroom. Together with student feedback devices and group devices for team-based learning, it can be combined into a variety of smart classroom solutions. How do you apply it to your own teaching? The most effective way is probably to learn from other teachers' applications. The Sokrates platform gathers teaching videos from teachers around the world, including videos, application features, and even lesson plans, covering various subjects and different school systems. You can filter the video examples suitable for your reference and incorporate them into your own innovative teaching, which will definitely increase your digital application skills in the shortest possible time!

Go to watch
HiTeach 5
smarter teaching functions

※ The following functions are based on the actual software, and we reserve the right to change them without notice.

HiTeach 5 Teaching Function List (For a detailed list, please refer here)
Whiteboard Tools
Multiple Pen Types: Customizable general pen, soft pen, bamboo pen, highlighter, flash pen, and line pen.
Intuitive Writing: You can write and mark directly under any software operations, such as e-book, browser, PowerPoint, or video. The writing area can be extended to get more writing space without having to erase the board.
Eraser: Erases writing and drawing and can also choose to erase any stroke or any chosen area. Support gesture eraser function, you can use your palm to erase writing and annotations directly.
PowerPoint File Import: The original PowerPoint pages are automatically turned into whiteboard pages, and PPTX objects are imported. Teachers can directly import teaching PPT with editable objects. It also supports the preservation of animation such as appear, fade, pulse, zoom... and other effects. 
E-Note: All annotations, inserted pictures, texts, and other contents produced during operating on all pages will be automatically kept and saved. In addition to the standard HTEX format, it also supports exporting to PDF or image files.
Page List/Page Zoom: Can add, delete, move, copy pages, and can zoom in/out and move pages. Select 1:1 to return to default size and position.
Multimedia Teaching
Scoreboard: Support changing score graphics and adding/deleting group numbers.
Teaching Aids: Provide ruler, setsquare, compass, and protractor.
Geometric Tools: Provide circle, triangle, quadrilateral, and other geometries that can be adjusted for size, color, rotation, transparency... etc.
Multimedia Library: Manage auto-recorded notes, teaching graphics, and external images for easy insertion into whiteboard pages. It also provides an internet image search function, inserting the desired image directly into the page for use.
Syllabus Catalog: The syllabus resources on the IES 5 platform can be displayed, and personal and school syllabus can be displayed in a tree diagram. Teaching materials can be saved, imported, opened, or tested according to the context, making it easier to access the materials for lesson preparation.
Screen Annotation: After making annotations on the screen, users can continue to operate the functions of various software on the computer without the annotation disappearing, so that users can annotate on other third-party software, PPT, and videos.
Screen Capture: Snapshot images from other work windows can be captured for illustration, including full screen, specified areas, and cropped whiteboard page.
Live Camera: Support general USB camera or document camera, can display the live video of the cameras, the size of video screen can be freely changed, maximized, or minimized, and the image can be pasted to the HiTeach page as a material. In addition, after HiTeach is minimized, the display of the camera can still be maintained, and the speaker can still see his/her own video during remote teaching.
Focus Tool for Learning
Multiple Sources of Student List: Multiple lists are available, including locally editable lists, dynamic lists for students to add themselves in class, IES personal course lists for students to add themselves beforehand, and IES school course lists created by schools systematically.
Pick-out/SMART Pick-out: Pick out one or more students randomly from the student list, or pick out a group or from a chosen group, and set whether to repeat the selection, etc. If combined with student IRS response data, you can further pick out correctly/incorrectly answered students or based on answered options.
Timer: Provide timing and countdown functions.
Spotlight/Screen Curtain/Mask Tool: With spotlight highlighting function and screen curtain masking effect, and users can adjust the curtain range. The Mask tool allows users to mask parts of the content in advance so that the content can be revealed as the class progresses.
Numbering Stamps/Stickers: You can use the stamp function to sort quickly (English or numbers) and also stamp small patterns to make teaching more eye-catching and versatile.
Dynamic Grouping: Before starting a lesson, the course list can be grouped into regular, random, or S-shaped groups, or you can manually drag to group.
Student Name List: The name list of the course can be viewed and managed, set attendance, absence, sick leave, personal leave, official leave, etc., and can be pasted back to HiTeach page for recording.
AI-assisted Text Analysis: The texts collected by the teacher can be analyzed with the help of AI Text Analysis, and 3 kinds of analysis charts: smart category, keyword frequency, and word cloud can be calculated. (This module is provided as an add-on to the project; the supported languages may be limited, please contact us for collaboration).
Lesson Performance Summary and Record: Automatically records learning assessment history data, accumulates question interaction points, test scores, etc. You can also use the group scoreboard to give points at any time, open the learning performance page to give points for individual performance, or give scores based on statistical charts during data interaction. At the end of the lesson, the lesson performance data is automatically recorded, including attendance, group work, learning tasks, question interaction, and synchronous tests. You can further export an Excel summary report of the lesson to track each student's learning data, including individual group scores, group tasks, attendance, individual scores, individual task scores, each interaction data, and each question data.
HiTA 5 TEAM Model Teacher App
HiTA 5
PowerPoint Clicker: Can be used as a remote control for presentations, use HiTA's page up/down button to control the HiTeach page or PowerPoint presentation page when teaching or presenting.
Classroom Management: HiTA can be connected to HiTeach and operates wirelessly to use the most needed function in the classroom: pick-outs, timer (can select the preset time on a smartphone), and group scoreboard (can add points with a smartphone).
Photo/Video Transmission: You can instantly send multiple pictures stored on your phone to HiTeach or instantly take pictures and send them to HiTeach to use as teaching materials or do group work observation. You can also record a short video and upload it to HiTeach.
Interactive Teaching: If combined with the IRS interactive response system function, you can remotely control the application of pop quiz, set correct answer, buzz-in (can directly add points), data statistics chart (can present bar graph & pie chart), show student answer, and other functions.
Receiving Message: HiTA is the teacher's notification center. Information about learning, assignments, and assessments of teaching activities, as well as dynamic information about IES 5, Sokrates Channel, and authorization, can be tracked through HiTA.
Login Access Pass: No need to remember the account and password, HiTA is the pass for all the applications of TEAM Model 5! Whether you are teaching in a classroom and want to connect with HiTeach 5 or 928, or like to access various applications of the IES 5, Sokrates Channel, Digital lesson observation, etc., you can log in by scanning the QR code with HiTA.
Synchronous Content
Page Deliver: Teachers can send the current page content to students' Web IRS or HiGroup for reference or to perform tasks.
File Deliver: Teachers can send files directly to the students' Web IRS or HiGroup for students' reference or to perform tasks.
Differentiated Push: Supports synchronized differentiated learning. With the data decision information from students' feedback, differentiated teaching materials (different levels of difficulty, different materials, or different portions) are synchronously and differentially sent to the entire class, groups, or each individual to help different students learn better.
Objectified Push: You can send send movable object-based pages to students, the graphical or textual objects in the pages are moveable. After the students receive the movable, rotatable, or hyperlinked learning objects, they can complete the tasks according to the requirements.
Synchronous Interaction
IRS Pop Quiz (Instant Q & A): No prior preparation is required and any page can be used to do instant Q & A, including single answer, multiple answers, and true-false questions. Students can use Web IRS or IRS (Interactive Response System) keypads to answer.
Real-time Statistics: The results of the questions can be presented immediately as bar graphs or pie charts, and the results can be pasted back to the page. In addition, students' answering results can be displayed.
Retake IRS Question: After students answered the question, upon showing statistical results or further discussion, you can let students answer the question again, and you can compare the two answering statistical results.
Set Answer: You can temporarily set the correct answer for Pop Quiz to present the result.
Buzz-in Interaction: Buzz-in is like when you let the student who raised their hand the fastest to answer your question. When you use Buzz-in, a button will appear on student devices, and the fastest student to click their button will be displayed on HiTeach.
Cloze Question: Students can use Web IRS to answer cloze (fill in the blank) questions. If the correct answer is set, the system will automatically correct it.
AI-assisted Text Analysis for Cloze/text Question: The texts collected by the teacher, including students' responses to cloze/text questions, can be analyzed with the help of AI Text Analysis, and 3 kinds of analysis charts: smart category, keyword frequency, and word cloud can be calculated. (This module is provided as an add-on to the project; the supported languages may be limited, please contact us for collaboration).
Pre-set Interactive Quiz: Use the HiTeach Question Setting Tool with your PowerPoint files to pre-set IRS questions. Set the question type (support single answer, multiple answers, true-false, cloze questions, etc.), answers, etc., and when you use the PowerPoint in teaching and go to a page with a preset question, you can activate the preset HiTeach interactive function and the IRS question will automatically appear for students/audiences to answer. Also, when you import the PPTX file into HiTeach, the IRS question will automatically appear when the page with a set question is played, and students/audiences can answer the question.
Synchronous Page: When HiTeach starts an interactive activity, students' Web IRS will automatically display the content on the HiTeach page.
Synchronous Task
Work Collection: Collecting works simultaneously. Teacher's task content will be automatically displayed on the student's Web IRS, and students have many ways to send works, including drawing/pictures, real-time audio recording, text, or multimedia files (PPT, Excel, video...), fully supporting learning and practice activities in synchronous lessons.
Task Tracking: As the students are doing their works/tasks, HiTeach's work collection window provides an overview of each group or student's progress, sorted by chronological order, seat number, or grouping.
Synchronous Follow-up: After using Synchronous Interaction functions such as single answer, multiple answers, true-false, and cloze questions to collect students' responses, teachers can use Synchronous Task functions to ask students to give answering reasons, problem-solving processes, etc. for their responses. In this way, students can provide feedback on the teacher's follow-up questions so that teachers can see more of the students' thinking process.
Work Observation:  You can paste the 4/6/9 fastest submitted student works to HiTeach page, or you can select works from the entire class and paste them to HiTeach page. Either way, you can do activities such as observation, comparison, mutual evaluation, praise, annotation, explanation, or sharing.
Task History Browsing: You can turn on or off the submission switch for each task according to the task's need in HiTeach. For tasks that are not yet closed, students can use the task history browsing function to view their task/work history. They can also submit other work to update their work.
Preset Task ActivityUse the HiTeach Question Setting Tool with your PowerPoint files to pre-set task/work collection. Set the task type (support picture, audio ,and file), and when you use the PowerPoint in teaching and go to a page with a preset task, you can activate the preset HiTeach task function and the task will automatically appear for students/audiences to submit work. Also, when you import the PPTX file into HiTeach, the task will automatically appear when the page with a set task is played, and students/audiences can submit work.
Export Student Task Work: All task works submitted by students in the lesson can be exported as a ZIP file.
Synchronous Test
SelfPace Test - IES Cloud Exam Files Mode: The IES Cloud Exam Files mode can be activated at any time in class. Select a test file from the IES exam bank, then students can start to answer the questions with Web IRS. The test content will be displayed on Web IRS, so students can answer the questions independently. As the students are answering, HiTeach will show each student's answering progress.
SelfPace Test - Instant Paper Test Mode: A paper-based test can be conducted at any time in class. By directly setting the question number and correct answers to single answer and multiple answers questions, and the question number of cloze questions and the test can begin. Students read the paper test paper and enter answers on the Web IRS on their own. As the students are answering, HiTeach will show each student's answering progress. The teacher can attach the picture of the paper test to the test as a reference for students to review online after the test.
Test Automatic Correction: When the teacher ends the test, HiTeach will automatically correct and calculate the score of each question (including single answer, multiple answers, true-false, cloze, and question set questions) and the total scores. If the students use Web IRS, they will receive the test results. HiTeach will immediately display the correct rate of each question, the student total score, the grade analysis graph, and the test data for each question required for interactive review.
Interactive Review: After the test is completed, an interactive page is created for each question, which includes the test question, answering data, pie charts, and bar charts. Teachers can browse through the statistics and test difficulty to select the questions needed to be reviewed and do interactive review by using functions like SMART Pick-out, Flip Cards, or do differentiated teaching by sending different materials to students based on their learning status. This is a very efficient way to review tests.
Multiple Questions Types: The test questions of Synchronous Test are the test files (Word, Excel) that teachers have prepared in advance and uploaded to TEAM Model Cloud - IES 5. The question types can be single answer, multiple answers, true-false, cloze, or question set. The test questions can contain multimedia materials such as text, pictures, audio, and videos.
**Note 1: HiTeach 5 currently supports multilingual interface switching such as Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Arabic, Vietnamese, Thai, Bulgarian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Turkish… We welcome regional partners to work with us to improve the display language and add new languages that are not yet supported.
**Note 2: For a more complete list of features, please refer to here.
Purchase HiTeach and Optional Modules
When purchasing HiTeach 5, the modules that can be purchased together are as follows:
1. Web IRS
(Student Connection Authorization)
Purchased according to the number of students.
The minimum number is 10 and the maximum is 200.
If your requirement exceeds the maximum quantity, please contact us.
2. IRS Student Keypad Set
(RF-09A+IRS Connection Authorization)

The standard purchase quantity is 20/30/40/50/60
(the basic purchasing quantity is 20)
3. HiGroup 
(Group Connection Authorization)
Purchased according to the number of groups.
4. Smart Rating Module Additional purchases based on demand
5. AI Text Analysis ModuleAdditional purchases based on demand
6. AI Sokrates Summary NoticeAdditional purchases based on demand
7. clouDAS Diagnostic Analysis ModuleAdditional purchases based on demand
HiTeach 5 Teacher Personal Subscription Version
For individual teachers, we provide TEAM Model Smarter Education Promotion project.
Please go to TEAM Model Products Online Shop to subscribe.
Note: Subscriptions and authorizations are limited to individual teachers only; one person can purchase one set; only natural person invoices are issued; no resale is allowed.

By pairing HiTeach 5 with the above module, it can be integrated into a diversified smarter classroom solution.
Please refer to:
TEAM Model IRS Smarter Classroom
IRS Smarter Classroom
TEAM Model Mobile Smarter Classroom
Mobile Smarter Classroom
TEAM Model TBL Smarter Classroom
TBL/PBL Smarter Classroom
TEAM Model Distance Hybrid Learning Smarter Classroom
Distance Hybrid Learning Smarter Classroom

In addition, faced with educational development trends such as literacy-oriented (competence-oriented) teaching and student-centered teaching concepts, HiTeach 5 can further integrate AI artificial intelligence technology to build TEAM Model AI Lecture Observation Lounge (LOL) or lesson study classrooms, assisting in teacher professional development. Please refer to:
TEAM Model AI Lecture Observation Lounge (LOL)
TEAM Model AI Lecture Observation Lounge (LOL)

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