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HiTeach 5 (Professional version authorization)

TEAM Model 5
Five-star smarter teaching has arrived!
Dive in to join the wise!

Here comes TEAM Model 5! HiTeach 5 has made the biggest innovation ever! Besides the most efficient and smooth interactive teaching experience, the start class structure update significantly saves all the waiting time; HTEX content format update brings the consistency of IES 5, Web IRS 5, and other applications; more comprehensive integration services of TEAM Model Cloud makes online resources integration more powerful, especially the multimedia test questions and papers that can be used in HiTeach 5 and synchronously do tests; together with OSS Script Solution (OMR and Writing answer sheet in 1 scanning system), PLAYTOL Dynamic Assessment Analytics, the new system allows teaching, assessing, diagnosing, and remediation to be interlinked, creating a perfect smarter education ecosystem that effectively realizes data decision making, differentiated teaching, and competence-oriented teaching, helping every teacher and achieving every child's goal regardless of distance or on-site classes.

HiTeach 5 New Highlights:

Improved using experience, speed, and data format across the board

New interface and format · Major upgrade
  • New interface, more intuitive to use.
  • HTEX format: ecological consistency and enhanced mixed question set (with diversified question sets such as true-false, multiple answers, cloze, and short answer).
  • Import MS Word document to quickly build a cloud-based question bank system.
Low threshold for design questions and do tests · Student precision review
  • Integrating three assessment scenarios, the platform's question banks support Smarter Classroom Assessment, Online Assessment, and OSS Script (OMR and Writing) Assessment.
  • Helps students with self-directed learning, assignments, and multimedia assessments.
  • Strategically recommend questions and provide assessment analysis, PLAYTOL Clips, and precise reviewing.
High performance · Technical renovation · Ultra fast
  • Cloud data synchronization, offline and online hybrid interactive teaching, new generation technology upgrade, and significant improvement in efficiency; start class, access, interconnection, video upload processing, and more are greatly improved!

We are ready for what the teacher needs
Exclusive tools designed for teaching and learning

Determine effectiveness and efficiency

PPT application upgrade
Writing and marking are convenient

Teachers can import PowerPoint materials directly, and the PPT pages will automatically be turned into whiteboard pages while keeping objects editable. It supports the preservation of animation such as appear, fade, pulse, zoom... and other effects. Also, built-in writing tools with various colors and thick/thin strokes can be used to mark directly on any document or web page.

Cloud platform connection is on the go

With TEAM Model Cloud  – IES 5 Smarter Teaching Service, teachers can prepare lessons on the cloud by uploading teaching materials such as HTEX, PPTX, supplementary materials, videos, and web hyperlinks; when teaching in a smarter classroom, the teaching materials will be displayed in the auxiliary panel of the HiTeach for teachers to use them instantly.

Teaching aids and functions are beyond expectations

Various built-in teaching aids, such as geometric tools, scoreboard, measuring instruments, square screen curtain, spotlight, and labeling functions. They can be used according to different teaching content, and are a necessary aid to help multimedia teaching.

Create a highly interactive and lively smarter classroom

By installing HiTA 5 TEAM Model Teacher APP on smartphones, it can connect with HiTeach and transform into a remote control. It can use functions such as switching PowerPoint or HiTeach pages, pick out students wirelessly, scoreboard, timer, and more. Teachers don't have to be tied in front of the computer, making teaching vivid, free, and comprehensively flip!

Built-in picture gallery for enriched teaching

HiTeach has a rich library of built-in image materials, such as pentatonic, ball court, grid, and other backgrounds; music symbols, traffic signs, and other materials. In addition, you can also search for related images from the cloud (e.g., Wikipedia, Pixabay) by entering keywords directly and insert them right away into HiTeach to use.

IRS Pop Quiz
Data decision

Teachers can interact with students in the classroom with a variety of question types for students to answer. Students can use the IRS Interactive Response System keypads (support single answer, multiple answers, true-false, and integrated questions), or use the Web IRS (support all IRS keypads questions plus integrated, cloze, and short answer questions) with their cell phones or tablets. Provide a variety of student feedback modes, such as:
• Pop Quiz  • Toss-up Competition
• Quiz / Survey  • Pick-out/SMART Pick-out
• Voting Statistics

Assessment Activities
Simultaneous Answering

The best way to assess the effectiveness of learning or to help with reviewing is to arrange quizzes and tests in class. HiTeach 5 can use the cloud-based test papers on IES 5 to conduct assessment activities, all students answer simultaneously, and the results are immediately graded and synchronized to the cloud at the end of the test. After class, students can use AClass ONE Learning Companion to compile their mistakes and review them accurately. Students can use the IRS Interactive Response System keypads or use the Web IRS with their cell phones or tablets.

Interactive Review: Question-by-question review and increase learning effect

After the assessment, the teacher can retrieve the records of a particular test and decide the priority of questions-reviewing based on the statistical data of the test results, helping students to clarify the problem more efficiently and to learn and review thoroughly.

Pick-out: Care for each student

With the pick function in the classroom, the system can randomly pick students according to the name list. Therefore, students can focus in class, and teachers don't have to worry about fairness in the classroom and care for each student.

Add points for promoting learning atmosphere加分表揚 帶動學習氣氛加分表揚 帶動學習氣氛

The built-in scoreboard function allows you to choose different icons to add points to groups. It is an excellent aid for TBL (team-based learning) to enhance group dynamics and increase the lively atmosphere of group discussions, student-student interactions, and teacher-student interactions to drive the learning atmosphere.

IRS keypad or Web IRS for full student participation

Interactive devices for students that pair up with HiTeach can be IRS Interactive Response System authorization of IRS keypads, as well as Web IRS authorization for smartphones, tablets, or computers. Web IRS can support more types of questions in terms of teacher-student interaction, and local (on-site) students and remote students can work together to provide simultaneous feedback on teacher-requested tasks. What's more gratifying, under the impact of the global pandemic, students can even all participate online, and still have the interactive effect of on-site teaching, asking students to answer questions at any time, making data decisions, and teaching accurately.


AI Smarter School One-stop testing and assessment service

Test, correct, comment, analyze, and remedy
Grand Leap Forward in
Competence and Learning Achievement

STEP 1 Start with question design
Innovative school question bank function

HiTeach 5's assessment questions come primarily from the cloud. Through the IES 5 school's question bank resources on the TEAM Model Cloud, teachers can choose which way to upload/edit questions on their own and use the comprehensive filtering function (by grade, subject, question type, difficulty level, cognitive level... etc.) to quickly select the questions wanted and start a test.

Various ways of designing test questions and paper

IES 5 offers a variety of ways to design test papers: SMART test paper design, manual test paper design, or import test paper design (by editing the questions in Word or Excel).

The teachers' question bank resources can be accumulated, reduce the burden of designing questions, and let the question bank become more and more complete, the questions become better and better, until designing test papers is done once and for all!


STEP 2 Test and Assessment

Diversified testing methods before, during, and after the class

· OSS Script (OMR and Writing) Assessment: Use test papers to give test directly and pair up with an automated answer sheet scanning system to correct objective questions automatically while teachers correct subjective questions online. In the same way, grade reports are automatically generated.

· Smarter Classroom Assessment: Selected classes to participate in Smarter Classroom Assessment will be notified during the smarter classroom session; use HiTeach Smarter Teaching System to allow students in using IRS feedback mechanism to conduct simultaneous student-led assessment activity. If the students use Web IRS, the question types can cover cloze, short answer, and calculation. Students can also participate in the assessment online.
· Online Assessment: Students can use the AClass ONE Learning Companion on the TEAM Model Cloud to take online asynchronous tests. Any device with access to a web browser through Internet can be used, allowing students to complete the tests within a limited time frame.
STEP 3 Learning Status Statistics and Analysis
Immediate access to statistical data
Assessment results at a glance

After the exam, the school can choose more advanced analytical applications with TEAM Model 5. In the past, the overall post-test learning status analysis report was usually only available for large exams with an answer sheet scanning system. However, PLAYTOL Dynamic Assessment Analytics can generate reports for any official test, regardless of the scale of the test. For similar or formative exams, you can generate horizontal and vertical comparison analysis! (Need to pair up with PLAYTOL Dynamic Assessment Analytics)

STEP 4 Precision review and question remediation after class
Students learn independently, quickly, and effectively

Provide students with before/after-school convenience services. Students can log in to AClass ONE Learning Companion to fully utilize the value of student learning data, extend teaching resources, and track progress after class, such as compiling incorrectly answered questions for remediation, viewing assessment records, personal diagnostic analysis reports, and E-Notes. It is a great helper for student self-directed learning and precision review.

The insights shared by front-line teachers
We value the ideas and experiences of each teacher

HiTeach 5
Give you the most comprehensive smarter teaching function

※ The following functions are based on the actual software, and we reserve the right to change them without notice.

HiTeach 5 Teaching Function List
Whiteboard Tools
Multiple pen types:Customizable general pen, soft pen, bamboo pen, highlighter, flash pen, and line pen.
Eraser:Erases writing and drawing and can also choose to erase any stroke or any chosen area. Support gesture eraser function, you can use your palm to erase writing and annotations directly.
PowerPoint file import:The original PowerPoint pages are automatically turned into whiteboard pages, and PPTX objects are imported. Teachers can directly import teaching PPT with editable objects. It also supports the preservation of animation such as appear, fade, pulse, zoom... and other effects. (Users can decide to switch on/off the animation effects.)
Page List:Can add, delete, move, copy pages, and can zoom in/out and move pages. Select 1:1 to return to default size and position.
Multi-interactive teaching
Scoreboard:Support changing score graphics and adding/deleting group numbers.
Teaching aids: Provide ruler, setsquare, compass, and protractor.
Geometric Tools:Provide circle, triangle, quadrilateral, and other geometries that can be adjusted for size, color, rotation, transparency... etc.
Multimedia library:Manage auto-recorded notes, teaching graphics, and external images for easy insertion into whiteboard pages.
Screen annotations:After making annotations on the screen, users can continue to operate the functions of various software on the computer without the annotation disappearing, so that users can annotate on other third-party software, PPT, and videos.
Screen capture:Snapshot images from other work windows can be captured for illustration, including full screen, specified areas, and cropped whiteboard page.
Focus Tool for Learning
Pick-out:Pick out one or more students randomly from the student list. 
Timer Provide timing and countdown functions.
Spotlight and screen curtain:With spotlight highlighting function and screen masking effect, and users can adjust the masking range.
Serial number stamps:You can use the stamp function to sort quickly (English or numbers) and also stamp small patterns to make teaching more versatile.
HiTA 5
TEAM Model Teacher App
PowerPoint Clicker:Can be used as a remote control for presentations, use HiTA's page up/down button to control the HiTeach page or PowerPoint presentation page when teaching or presenting.
Classroom Management:Classroom Management: HiTA can be connected to HiTeach and operates wirelessly to use the most needed function in the classroom: pick-outs, timer, and group scoreboard.
Interactive Teaching:Interactive Teaching: If combined with the IRS interactive response system function, it can remotely control the application of pop quiz, buzz-in, data statistics chart, flip cards, and other functions.
Receiving Message:Receiving Message: HiTA is the teacher's notification center. Information about learning, assignments, and assessments of teaching activities, as well as dynamic information about IES 5, Sokrates Channel, and authorization, can be tracked through HiTA.
Login access pass:Login access pass: No need to remember the account and password, HiTA is the pass for all the applications of TEAM Model 5! Whether you are teaching in a classroom and want to connect with HiTeach 5 or 928, or like to access various applications of the IES 5, Sokrates Channel, Digital lesson observation, etc., you can log in by scanning the QR code with HiTA.
Smarter Classroom Scenario

 The following functions are based on the actual software, and we reserve the right to change them without notice.

IRS Smarter Classroom Package:
Effective interactive classroom recommendation

HiTeach 5 professional version authorization1 setThe package comes with a free IRS dongle receiver and teacher keypad
IRS student keypad module

(IRS RF-09A)
1 set 
(standard quantity: 20 20/30/40/50/60)
IRS pop quiz:Students can vote and provide interactive feedback while teachers can display statistical charts with and students' answers in real-time.
Multiple Student Feedback Modes:Such as Buzz-in, Pop Quiz, Pick-out.
Set-up scenario descriptionsExample: If you need to build a class for 30 students
Then you need to purchase 1 set of HiTeach 5 professional version authorization and 1 set of IRS student keypad module for 30 students.
Detailed introduction to the IRS Smarter Classroom

Mobile Smarter Classroom Package:

Available for both remote and on-site teaching
Recommended for Hybrid/Blended Learning

HiTeach 5 professional version authorization1 setThe package comes with a free IRS dongle receiver and teacher keypad
Web IRS 5
Interactive Response System

(For students)
*According to the
purchased student number
According to the purchased student numberIRS Pop Quiz:Students can vote and provide interactive feedback while teachers can display statistical charts with and students' answers in real-time.
Buzz-in:After the teacher started the activity, the fastest student who pressed their Web IRS 5 gets the right to answer. 
Assessment Activity:Teachers can use the prepared test papers and all students can take the test activities simultaneously.
Multiple question type assessment:Support single answer, multiple answers, true-false, cloze, short answer, and matching questions... etc.
Set-up scenario descriptionsExample: If you need to build a class for 30 students
Then you need to purchase 1 set of HiTeach 5 Smarter Teaching System and 1 set of Web IRS Interactive Response System for 30 students.
Detailed introduction to the Mobile Smarter Classroom