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HiTeach 928 (Educational charity authorization)

HiTeach 928 Open for Public Welfare!
Distance and On-site Teaching
Never fail to deliver

HiTeach 928 is the educational charity version of HiTeach 5. It is a public welfare free version that expands support for teachers to help them better implement competence-oriented teaching. 928 is named after the anniversary of Confucius's birth, who is considered the paragon of Chinese sages. His educational philosophy: to teach students according to their abilities and to teach without distinction, has lasted for thousands of years and is recognized worldwide.

The development of the TEAM Model system fully echoes Confucius' ideology and makes good use of modern technology to effectively realize data decision making, differentiated teaching and learning, and continues to promote educational innovation. The HiTeach 928 is a tribute to this esteemed master and is available to teachers around the world. It can be used immediately for both distance learning and on-site teaching, helping every teacher and every child. (Click to learn more)

※Notice: HiTeach 928 is an educational charity authorization for HiTeach 5 and is used to promote smarter education for the public benefit provided by HABOOK Group. We welcome all teachers to download and use it.
•    This authorization cannot be resold, sold, pre-installed, or included in any system or product. Please contact HABOOK Group for authorized cooperation if you need it.
•    This authorization is for specific functions and uses. If you need more supported functions, please purchase HiTeach 5 professional version authorization and related modules.

We are ready for what the teacher needs
Exclusive tools designed for teaching and learning

Determine effectiveness and efficiency

PPT application upgrade
Writing and marking are convenient

Teachers can import PowerPoint materials directly, and the PPT pages will automatically be turned into whiteboard pages while keeping objects editable. It supports the preservation of animation such as appear, fade, pulse, zoom... and other effects. Also, built-in writing tools with various colors and thick/thin strokes can be used to mark directly on any document or web page.

Cloud platform connection is on the go

With TEAM Model Cloud  – IES 5 Smarter Teaching Service, teachers can prepare lessons on the cloud by uploading teaching materials such as HTEX, PPTX, supplementary materials, videos, and web hyperlinks; when teaching with HiTeach, teachers can use them directly. After class, IES will also keep lesson records, assessment activities, and other data, making it easy to keep track of grades!

Teaching aids and functions are beyond expectations

Various built-in teaching aids, such as geometric tools, scoreboard, measuring instruments, screen curtain, spotlight, and labeling functions. They can be used according to different teaching content, and are a necessary aid to help multimedia teaching.

Create a highly interactive and lively smarter classroom

By installing HiTA 5 TEAM Model Teacher APP on smartphones, it can connect with HiTeach and transform into a remote control. It can use functions such as switching PowerPoint or HiTeach pages, pick out students wirelessly, scoreboard, timer, and more. Teachers don't have to be tied in front of the computer, making teaching vivid, free, and comprehensively flip!

Built-in picture gallery for enriched teaching

HiTeach has a rich library of built-in image materials, such as pentatonic, ball court, grid, and other backgrounds; music symbols, traffic signs, and other materials. In addition, you can also search for related images from the cloud (e.g., Wikipedia, Pixabay) by entering keywords directly and insert them right away into HiTeach to use.

Care for each student

With the pick function in the classroom, the system can randomly pick students according to the name list. Therefore, students can focus in class, and teachers don't have to worry about fairness in the classroom and care for each student.

Add points for promoting learning atmosphere

The built-in scoreboard function allows you to choose different icons to add points to groups. It is an excellent aid for TBL (team-based learning) to enhance group dynamics and increase the lively atmosphere of group discussions, student-student interactions, and teacher-student interactions to drive the learning atmosphere.

Key Advantages

Teach in ways teachers are used to

In a smarter classroom based on HiTeach, teachers can give classes in ways they are familiar with, whether it is using PowerPoint presentations, marking notes, or writing. It is all intuitive, simple, and convenient.

You don't need to learn more software or hardware

Unlike many of the teaching software features that have been pieced together in the marketplace, in TEAM Model Smarter Classroom, all the common classroom operating aids are provided on HiTeach, eliminating the need to switch between any other software, lowering the threshold for use and reducing the burden of teaching.

Perfectly linked before, during, and after class

We help teachers with everything from pre-class preparation, to in-class interaction, to post-class E-Note generation. Whether on-site or distance teaching, we have the best teaching aids for teachers.

Online or on-site teaching is equally vivid and exciting

With the global pandemic raging and unpredictable external changes coming at an unknown time, what we can do is prepare tools that allow teachers to teach both on-site or online vividly and interestingly, and efficiently grasp student attention spans.

※Notice: HiTeach 928 is an educational charity authorization for HiTeach 5 and is used to promote smarter education for the public benefit provided by HABOOK Group. We welcome all teachers to download and use it.
•    This authorization cannot be resold, sold, pre-installed, or included in any system or product. Please contact HABOOK Group for authorized cooperation if you need it.
•    This authorization is for specific functions and uses. If you need more supported functions, please purchase HiTeach 5 professional version authorization and related modules.

Where can I refer to actual teaching cases?
Sokrates Platform
Sokrates platform has many lessons ex.

HiTeach can play a lot of supporting roles in the classroom. With student feedback devices and group devices for group cooperative learning, it can be combined into a diversified smart classroom solution. As for how to apply it to your own teaching? It may be the most effective way to see the best and to refer to the application methods of other teachers. The Sokrates platform gathers teaching examples that are enthusiastically open and shared by teachers from all over the world, including videos, application feature marks, and even teaching plans, covering various subjects and different academic systems. You can filter the movie lesson examples that suit you for your reference, and then integrate it into your own innovative teaching, and you can definitely increase your digital application skills in the shortest period of time!

Go to watch
We provide a dedicated plan for teachers (Free)
To help you with the competency-oriented teaching of the new generation
HiTeach 928
1. HiTA 5 TEAM Model Teacher APPHiTA 5 
(Installed on teacher smartphone)
2. Professional interactive whiteboard (IWB) teaching function
3. Access cloud course materials and resources
TEAM Model Cloud-IES
2. Personal course, personal question bank, personal syllabus, and 1G Data Storage Service space.
3. Upload MS Word exam files to automatically import them into the cloud personal question bank. According to the needs of the learning task, start Online Assessment, Smarter Classroom Assessment (HiTeach), or OMR and Writing Assessment.
AClass ONE Learning
Learning Assessment (Homework)
1. AClass ONE Learning Companion (For students to use before and after class)
2. Students apply for TEAM Model account for free to join the teacher's personal course, and use the self-directed learning resources sent by teachers.
3. Online learning, assignments, assessments, surveys, and polls.
HiTeach 928
Give you the most comprehensive
smarter teaching function

※ The following functions are based on the actual software, and we reserve the right to change them without notice.

HiTeach 928 Teaching Function List
Whiteboard Tools
Multiple Pen Types: Customizable general pen, soft pen, bamboo pen, highlighter, flash pen, and line pen.
Intuitive Writing: You can write and mark directly under any software operations, such as e-book, browser, PowerPoint, or video. The writing area can be extended to get more writing space without having to erase the board.
Eraser: Erases writing and drawing and can also choose to erase any stroke or any chosen area. Support gesture eraser function, you can use your palm to erase writing and annotations directly.
PowerPoint File Import: The original PowerPoint pages are automatically turned into whiteboard pages, and PPTX objects are imported. Teachers can directly import teaching PPT with editable objects. It also supports the preservation of animation such as appear, fade, pulse, zoom... and other effects.
E-Note: All annotations, inserted pictures, texts, and other contents produced during operating on all pages will be automatically kept and saved. In addition to the standard HTEX format, it also supports exporting to PDF or image files.
Page List/Page Zoom: Can add, delete, move, copy pages, and can zoom in/out and move pages. Select 1:1 to return to default size and position.
Multimedia Teaching
Scoreboard: Support changing score graphics and adding/deleting group numbers.
Teaching Aids: Provide ruler, setsquare, compass, and protractor.
Geometric Tools: Provide circle, triangle, quadrilateral, and other geometries that can be adjusted for size, color, rotation, transparency... etc.
Multimedia Library: Manage auto-recorded notes, teaching graphics, and external images for easy insertion into whiteboard pages. It also provides an internet image search function, inserting the desired image directly into the page for use.
Syllabus Catalog: The syllabus resources on the IES 5 platform can be displayed, and personal and school syllabus can be displayed in a tree diagram. Teaching materials can be saved, imported, opened, or tested according to the context, making it easier to access the materials for lesson preparation.
Screen Annotation: After making annotations on the screen, users can continue to operate the functions of various software on the computer without the annotation disappearing, so that users can annotate on other third-party software, PPT, and videos.
Screen Capture: Snapshot images from other work windows can be captured for illustration, including full screen, specified areas, and cropped whiteboard page.
Live Camera: Support general USB camera or document camera, can display the live video of the cameras, the size of video screen can be freely changed, maximized, or minimized, and the image can be pasted to the HiTeach page as a material. In addition, after HiTeach is minimized, the display of the camera can still be maintained, and the speaker can still see his/her own video during remote teaching.
Focus Tool for Learning
Multiple Sources of Student List: Multiple lists are available, including locally editable lists, dynamic lists for students to add themselves in class, IES personal course lists for students to add themselves beforehand, and IES school course lists created by schools systematically.
Pick-out: Pick out one or more students randomly from the student list, or pick out a group or from a chosen group, and set whether to repeat the selection, etc. 
Timer: Provide timing and countdown functions.
Spotlight/Screen Curtain/Mask Tool: With spotlight highlighting function and screen curtain masking effect, and users can adjust the curtain range. The Mask tool allows users to mask parts of the content in advance so that the content can be revealed as the class progresses.
Numbering Stamps/Stickers: You can use the stamp function to sort quickly (English or numbers) and also stamp small patterns to make teaching more eye-catching and versatile.
Dynamic Grouping: Before starting the lesson, the course member list can be grouped in a regular, random or S-shaped group, or you can manually drag a specific list to a group.
Name List: The name list of the course can be viewed and managed, set attendance, absence, sick leave, personal leave, official leave, etc., and can be pasted back to HiTeach page for recording.
AI-assisted Text Analysis: The texts collected by the teacher can be analyzed with the help of AI Text Analysis, and 3 kinds of analysis charts: smart category, keyword frequency, and word cloud can be calculated. (This module is provided as an add-on to the project; the supported languages may be limited, please contact us for collaboration).
HiTA 5 TEAM Model Teacher App
HiTA 5
PowerPoint Clicker: HiTA can be used as a remote control for presentations, use HiTA's page up/down button to control the HiTeach page or PowerPoint presentation page when teaching or presenting.
Classroom Management: HiTA can be connected to HiTeach and operates wirelessly to use the most needed function in the classroom: pick-outs, timer (can select the preset time on a smartphone), and group scoreboard (can add points with a smartphone).
Photo/Video Transmission: You can instantly send multiple pictures stored on your phone to HiTeach or instantly take pictures and send them to HiTeach to use as teaching materials or do group work observation. You can also record a short video and upload it to HiTeach.
Interactive Teaching: If combined with the IRS interactive response system function, you can remotely control the application of pop quiz, set correct answer, buzz-in (can directly add points), data statistics chart (can present bar graph & pie chart), show student answer, and other functions.
Receiving Message: HiTA is the teacher's notification center. Information about learning, assignments, and assessments of teaching activities, as well as dynamic information about IES 5, Sokrates Channel, and authorization, can be tracked through HiTA.
Login Access Pass: No need to remember the account and password, HiTA is the pass for all the applications of TEAM Model 5! Whether you are teaching in a classroom and want to connect with HiTeach 5 or 928, or like to access various applications of the IES 5, Sokrates Channel, Digital lesson observation, etc., you can log in by scanning the QR code with HiTA.
Web IRS 5
Interactive Response System

(For students)
*Experience Licensing x2
IRS Pop Quiz: Students can vote and provide interactive feedback while teachers can display statistical charts with and students' answers in real-time.
Buzz-in: After the teacher started the activity, the fastest student who pressed their Web IRS gets the right to answer. 
Assessment Activity: Teachers can use the prepared test papers and all students can take the test activities simultaneously.
Multiple Question Types Assessment: Support single answer, multiple answers, true-false, cloze, writing (short answer and essay), and matching questions... etc.
**Remark: If your teaching application needs more functions for synchronous interaction and data decision-making, please refer to: HiTeach 5 (pro. authorization). HiTeach 5 currently supports multilingual interface switching including Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Arabic, Vietnamese, Thai, Bulgarian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Turkish... etc. We welcome Regional partners to work with us to improve the display language and add new languages that are not yet supported to expand the localized language version.

Functional differences between HiTeach 5 and various optional modules