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HiTA 5 TEAM Model Teacher app

The best assistant of the teacher is in the hands 

HiTA 5 TEAM Model Teacher app is the most intimate helper for smarter teachers. You can directly browse various resources and space status on the IES cloud, remotely control various functions of HiTeach, take pictures of students' work or record videos and send them to HiTeach's page for recording and sharing. In addition, you can also quickly log in to the lesson observation app and Web IRS, view all new information about teaching and learning, making teaching interaction more convenient and opening up a new life for smarter teachers.


HiTA 5 Features

Remote control HiTeach
Teaching is convenient

With HiTA app on your phone, you can remotely use the functions of HiTeach, including Pick-out, Pop quiz, show statistical charts and students answer, Buzz-in, and other related functions with the IRS interactive response system. You can also switch the pages of PPT/HiTeach, allowing teachers to walk off the podium and interact with students anytime and anywhere.

Picture/video transfer function is very useful

Photos and videos can be quickly sent to HiTeach through HiTA's file transfer function, instantly used for teaching and presenting student work. Do work observation, sharing, and discussion in HiTeach, making it an excellent tool to promote team-based learning and competence-oriented teaching!

Cloud information
all at hand

An overview of your account in the TEAM Model world, including points, cloud space status, IES cloud smarter education platform, Sokrates teacher professional development/pedagogical review activities, and lesson observation participation.

Instant Connections of Lesson Observation and Classroom Interaction

Whether it's Sokrates Lecture Observation app for digital lesson observation, or Web IRS for interactive feedback when participating in seminar/workshop, you can now automatically log in directly from HiTA with your TEAM Model account, so you don't need to fill in your account information again!

Explore more new knowledge

We provide the latest education news, such as competence-oriented teaching, 1 student - 1 tablet application, team-based learning and digital assessment learning, and other teaching issues here.

Easier account management

Manage your TEAM Model account, such as account password, profile picture, name information, etc., and contact us easily, tell us your feedback!

Notification messages at your fingertips

Personal rights, system notification information, event participation, platform settings, authorization notification messages... you can get it all on your smartphone!

Convenient classroom remote control
and operating HiTeach

After using the HiTA 5 TEAM Model Teacher app to connect with HiTeach, select TA, and you can remotely use HiTeach's functions, including picking-out, timer, scoreboard, video/photo upload, pop quiz, set answer, statistical charts, show answer, buzz-in, and more. You can also switch the PowerPoint or HiTeach pages, so that teachers can walk off the podium and into the classroom to the students at any time.  

When using the IRS Pop Quiz function, you can use the Set Answer function to set the correct answer for the question, such as the answer to multiple choice questions and cloze questions. When using the Buzz-In function, besides initiating it, you can also Like (add points) for students who answer.

T (green light) index
, a gift from Sokrates

There is a benefit of using HiTeach in the classroom, that is, AI Sokrates Summary Notice will give the teacher feedback for the integration of technology into teaching. You can use the T-green light index on the Home page of the HiTA 5 app to keep track at a glance, and there is more detailed information for teachers in the Notification.
By using AI to help teachers become familiar with the operation of technology, they can naturally integrate technology into their teaching.

►Technology Interaction (T) Index: During the progress of smart lesson, teaching behavior characteristic data of technology interaction are automatically collected by AI Sokrates, including T1: Data channel, T2: Data feedback, T3: Decision by statistics, T4: Focus on students, and T5: Multi-assessment, and other basic functions, and then AI Sokrates will automatically present the T Index.

► For application methods, please refer to: New AI Text Analysis Module and AI Sokrates Summary Notice are available for free for a limited time!
► To learn moreAI Sokrates Teaching Analytics Service

Start simultaneous lesson observation with smartphones

You can quickly set up, start and end a digital lesson observation activity using the HiTA 5 TEAM Model Teacher app. 

Example of application scenarios: When a professor from a teacher training institution goes to each base school to instruct interns on teaching skills, he or she can simply take out the HiTA5 APP to give feedback through texting, taking pictures, recording audio, or recording video while observing the lesson, giving simultaneous instructional advice. As soon as the lesson is over, interns can view the digital lesson observation form and view all the feedback.

HiTA Classroom Using Scenario Video

How can teachers use the HiTA 5 TEAM Model Teacher app to create their own smart classrooms? Watch this video to understand!
✔ Scan to connect to HiTeach
✔ Push - Send teaching materials to student device
✔ Photos - Take photos and upload them directly to HiTeach for viewing
✔ Video - Record short videos of class and upload them directly to HiTeach


For more HiTA application scenarios, please refer to
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