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HiTeach CC: Free Cross-Platform Interactive Software

Classes are exciting and eye-catching
Students all enjoy learning

HiTeach CC (Cloud Classroom) is a cross-platform interactive teaching software developed by the TEAM Model system development team. Using a browser, you can use HiTeach CC's whiteboard function, teacher-student interaction function, and learning assessment function on various platforms such as Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux.

HiTeach CC is a free, easy-to-use, and installation-free smart teaching software that teachers can use as long as they register for a TEAM Model account. Students use the cross-platform Web IRS to join the cloud classroom, quickly connect to HiTeach CC, and immediately experience convenient services such as interactive learning, task learning, and multi-assessment.

The usage scenario of HiTeach CC:
1. All students are in the classroom and use tablets/computers to participate
2. Some students participate in the classroom and some students participate through an online video conference (of course, all students can participate online!). This accommodates online/onsite hybrid teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Because of the convenience of cross-platform, whether it is a school classroom teaching application, distance teaching integration, or general meetings and training, all are suitable to use the easy-to-use HiTeach CC. The application scenarios include:
1. Tablet/PC for school students
2. College students use mobile phones or other devices of their own
3. Corporate meeting room
4. Large-scale events

What useful teaching functions are included in HiTeach CC?

HiTeach CC can be said to be a lightweight version of HiTeach 5. Its mainly integrated functions include the following:

1. Whiteboard function (e.g. Jamboard)
2. Teacher-student interaction function (e.g. Pear Deck)
3. Assessment functions (e.g. Kahoot!)
4. Class management function (e.g. pick-out tool
In the past, teachers need to switch windows, pages, log in, and log out between different software. Now, with just HiTeach CC, you can make the classroom exciting and students learn happily.

HiTeach CC Features

Just open a browser

No need to download any APP/software, you can use a computer or tablet to enter the URL in the browser, and use a third-party account to register and log in!
**It is recommended to install the HiTA 5 app on your smartphone and log in with the scan code function, which can allow more students/participants to participate.

It's convenient to log in via HiTA scan code

HiTeach CC is currently free for teachers to use, and you can use a third-party account to register and log in to HiTeach CC. To have more participant connections, please install the HiTA 5 app on your smartphone, and use HiTA to scan and log in to HiTeach CC. HiTA is not only convenient, but you can also receive more educational information or apply more functions on it.

Prepare a PDF file in advance or start directly with a blank artboard

You can prepare the presentation content and interactive design in advance, save them as a PDF file, and import it into HiTeach CC to use it. If you didn't prepare in advance, you can use the blank page of HiTeach CC, combined with the rich and diverse drawing board functions, and you can also have wonderful interactions.

Easy for students to join HiTeach CC classes online

Participants/students participating in the HiTeach CC interaction have several ways to connect, including scanning the code with their smartphone camera, directly entering the URL and classroom number, or using the hyperlink URL generated in real-time. Participants can easily join the speaker lessons and interact!

Simple but
comprehensive artboard

Even if you use HiTeach CC by importing PDF files, you can use the simple and easy-to-use draw board functions at any time, including different brushes to draw, insert different shapes/pictures/texts, do page switching, zooming, etc. The basic application functions are very comprehensive.

Diverse interactive tools

When the class is in progress, teachers can send the content of their page to students, and initiate interactive activities at any time, including multiple-choice questions, text/cloze questions, work collection, buzz-in, pick-out people, and timers. Teachers can also view statistical charts in real-time, and use data for teacher-student interaction!

Student operation screen is simple and intuitive

Students/participants use Web IRS to connect with teachers, and the screen will automatically switch depending on the teacher's action, keeping students focused on in-class activities!

Students have artboard and can view history

When students use Web IRS to perform interactive tasks designated by teachers, there are convenient drawing board tools to use, including brushes, arrows, inserting pictures, entering text, etc., allowing students to have rich creative ideas! In addition, students can complete the task on paper without using the drawing board, and then take a photo and upload it to the teacher. During the class, students can view the lesson portfolio, or re-do ongoing tasks.

Online teaching/training: More convenient to use dual devices

In the application of distance teaching, students or trainees can choose their own suitable Web IRS connection method in conjunction with the video conferencing software. For example, with a single PC, you can switch between the video conference interface and the Web IRS browser interface; if students have another device (e.g. tablet), they can use dual devices, and the video conference screen can be viewed all the time, while the other device is used to interact with teachers and perform tasks using Web IRS!

Advanced Application
HiTeach CC Teaching Software (Campus Version)

The integrated application of HiTeach CC and IES platforms is called HiTeach CC Teaching Software Campus Version (Abbreviated as HiTeach CC Campus Version). HiTeach CC Campus Version integrates IES platform resources, including school course lists, teaching materials resources, and other data services. After selecting the course list and teaching materials on IES, these data will be integrated into HiTeach CC, which will be more convenient to use in the classroom. In addition, lesson records (history, e-notes, Excel summary, student works, etc.) will be recorded to IES, which is convenient for teachers to check and students to review after class.
► More Information: HiTeach CC Teaching Software (Campus Version)