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HiTeach CC Teaching Software (Campus Version)

Integrated with the school's platform resources
Interactive Teaching ⦁ Superbly Useful
Easy access to student lists, teaching materials, and lesson records

HiTeach CC (Cloud Classroom) is a cross-platform interactive teaching software developed by the TEAM Model system development team. Using a browser, you can use HiTeach CC's whiteboard function, teacher-student interaction function, and learning assessment function on various platforms such as Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux.

HiTeach CC can be used with the IES platform or other learning platforms that support integration. The integrated application of HiTeach CC and IES platforms is called HiTeach CC Teaching Software Campus Version (Abbreviated as HiTeach CC Campus Version). We welcome all learning platforms to collaborate with our development team to develop similar integrated application models to expand the value and applications of learning platforms for the benefit of more teachers.

In addition to the original functions of HiTeach CC, the Campus Version has more IES platform resource integration functions, including school course lists and teaching resources. In the IES, after you select the course list and teaching material, it will automatically use these data in HiTeach CC, making it more convenient to use in the classroom. Also, lesson records (learning portfolios, e-notes, Excel summary,  student works, etc.) of classroom teaching will be saved on IES, which is convenient for teachers to check and students to review after class.

HiTeach CC Campus Version is a value-added service based on the optional add-on modules of the IES platform. Therefore, schools must already have the IES 5 Smarter School Management Service to purchase this service.

View HiTeach CC License on IES School Management

1. HiTeach CC Campus Version Usage Process Description

The initiation of classroom activities in HiTeach CC Campus Version is started from the IES platform and the steps are explained below:

Step 1: Enter the URL to go to the IES, choose Teacher, and log in with your TEAM Model account. You can use the scanning function of the mobile HiTA app to scan the QR code and log in, eliminating the need to remember your account password.

Step 2: After logging into IES, select My Course, then choose School or Personal, and then click on the CC button for the class/course you are going to teach.

Step 3: The teaching material selection window will appear, you can select the teaching material on the IES platform (PDF files only) or not, and then click Start Lesson.

Step 4: A new tab will be opened on your browser and you will enter the HiTeach CC page. If you have selected a teaching material in the previous step, the teaching material will be automatically brought in, and please click OK.

Step 5: The course list from IES will be displayed and students can join the lesson. Students can:
1. Enter the URL and enter Classroom No. and PIN No. to join
2. Teachers can copy the lesson hyperlink for students to join
3. Students can join by scanning the QR Code

Seat numbers of students that have joined are shown in yellow, while those that have not are shown in gray. Teachers can choose whether or not the students have to log in with their own account/password to join or can choose their own name without the need for logging in.

In Step 3, the sources of materials on the IES include your own personal uploads, as well as school content resources that are managed and co-authored by your school and other teachers.

PDF files on IES can all be used directly in Step 3.

The list of courses available in Step 2 includes School Course and Personal Course. Personal courses are created by teachers according to their own needs and then students are invited to join the course. School courses are created by school administrators for school teachers, including course names, the instructor, and corresponding class lists. When teachers use the school courses, they can use them as soon as they select them. It's like having a faucet installed and it's very convenient to open and access the course list pre-created.

The school courses are created centrally by the school so that teachers can easily use them.

2. View Lesson Records of HiTeach CC Campus Version

HiTeach CC Campus Version will automatically record lesson data to the IES platform, including interactive history, e-notes, Excel summary sheets, work tasks, etc., for teachers to check and students to review after class.

For example, continuing with the examples listed above, the class may have interactive teaching activities such as whiteboard writing/drawing, sending pages, collection of student work, multiple choice questions, text questions (cloze questions), and Buzz-in.

Students use their tablets or other device's browser to perform activities assigned by the teacher, such as writing or typing text using, answering multiple-choice questions, and typing responses to text questions.

These teaching records, including teacher-student interactions, will be automatically recorded and uploaded to the IES platform when the Hi button is clicked, followed by the Logout button.

After the lesson is over, go back to IES, select My Course, then select the course you have just taught, then select Lesson Record, then click on the lesson data you want to view.

The data for this lesson is displayed.

From the lesson record, you can download student work, view e-notes of the lesson, or export interactive data into an Excel file.

3. Students can access their lesson records through the AClass ONE Learning Companion

If the school's IES has purchased the AClass ONE Learning Companion authorization, students can log in with school-issued accounts/passwords after the teacher conducts a lesson using School Course.
If the school's IES didn't purchase AClass ONE authorization, the teacher can still use Personal Course and let the students join the course with accounts they created on their own, so the students can still log in to AClass ONE to view their lesson records.

It is up to the teacher to decide whether a lesson record can be viewed by the students. The teacher can publish a certain lesson record to the students or turn on Auto Sending so that the students can access AClass ONE to view the record once the lesson is over.
Students can enter the URL and choose Student. After the account login screen appears, there are two ways of logging in:
1. If students are using a School Course and your school has purchased AClass ONE authorization, select the School Account Login on the right, select your school first (you can enter keywords), and then enter the account/password provided by your school to log in.
2. If it is a Personal Course, students will log in with their own registered account data.

After logging in, select the lesson record to be viewed, and students can view records including the pages that the teacher sent and the history of interactions, as well as teacher's entire lesson e-note.

Set up Information
Purchasing Scenario:
If 10 teachers in the school are expected to use HiTeach CC licenses per day, a set of IES Smarter School Management Services (TEAM Model Smarter Learning and Assessment Management Platform) and 10 licenses of HiTeach CC Campus Version should be purchased. This allows 10 teachers to use HiTeach CC in their classrooms at the same time and a maximum of 500 students can interact in total (maximum 50 students per class X 10 teachers).
HiTeach CC Teaching Software (Campus Version) Procurement Items
IES School Management Service (1 year) is the smart learning and assessment management platform of TEAM Model. It provides school-level application and management services, allowing school administrators to uniformly set up school periods, subjects, grades, class time, etc.; establish school classes, student lists and accounts, and create school courses with corresponding classes and teachers; establish questions banks and teaching resources for each subject; and start cross-class assessment, survey, and polling activities..., helping schools with systematically application and management. 
Data Storage Service
(School, 100G/1 year)
Data Storage Service = data service + space storage, with space as the unit of pricing. If the school data storage service is centrally purchased by the school and is not specifically assigned to individual teachers, then the teachers can edit the school question bank, school teaching material, school syllabus, and other applications while space deductions are automatically done. 
HiTeach CC Campus Version License Number is provided based on the number of teachers that need authorization in the school. 
Other optional items
AClass ONE
(500 students/1 year)
 allows students to do asynchronous assessment tests, polls, surveys, and homework online, allowing them to view and perform activities and do remedial learning using their mobile devices such as tablets, computers, or smartphones. The 500 students refer to the number of student accounts that can be logged in daily after the student accounts (not self-registered by students) established by the school administrator are assigned to the students. 
AClass ONE Additional purchase
(1 student/1 year)
If the usage limit exceeds 500 in-school students per day, additional students can be purchased based on the number of students that need to be online. 
Note: Each school only needs to purchase one set of IES Smarter School Management Service. Students need to use AClass ONE to access the school platform to use school resources, and the standard set is 500 students per day. If more AClass ONE is needed, you can purchase more according to the demand.