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運籌帷幄 教師專業成長的整體數據報告


Teaching and Learning Bigdata Management Dashboard
*Overview of Science and Technology Interaction Index AnalysisWith Science and Technology Interaction Index with ranges from 0 to 100, the maturity of teachers’ use of science and technology in the smarter classrooms can be inferred. This chart shows the number of people in the science and technology interaction index at different grades and different subjects. The school teams can use this chart to infer the answers of “What is the number of students in Grade 3 falling on medium in terms of Science and Technology Interaction Index” or “Which subject performs best with respect to Science and Technology Interaction Index”.

Overview of Pedagogy Application Index Analysis
The Pedagogy Application Index predicts whether a lesson uses a multi-pedagogical approach, ranging from 0 to 100. The chart shows the distribution of the number of people using the Pedagogy Application Index in different grades and different subjects. For example, school teams can estimate “Which grade has a more diverse use of pedagogy?” or “Which subject shows a large gap concerning the Pedagogy Application Index?” 

Overview of Commonly-used Science and Technology AnalysisThis chart shows the preferences of classrooms in different disciplines for the use of smarter classroom functions. For example, school teams can learn “What are the most frequently used technology functions of teachers?”, or be able to analyze “Are there any differences between the commonly used technologies of the Chinese and the Natural Science?”