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OSS Script Solution

Digital grading test paper, easy and fast
Integrating scientific learning status analysis
Improve student performance accurately

TEAM Model "OSS Script Solution" allows students to answer directly on their answer sheet. It combines the TEAM Model Cloud's various functions for teachers to design test papers and print them directly, eliminating the need for tedious procedures of editing and positioning. It can also be used with the "PLAYTOL Dynamic Assessment Analytics" to analyze data and produce diagnostic reports with high efficiency and on a mass scale, providing accurate information to users at all levels: Principals and Education Department can understand the learning status and effectiveness of the whole school and each class, implement teaching and learning improvement strategies, and enhance the competitiveness of the school; teachers can save time in correcting test papers, and they can also keep track of students' learning status and the quality of test questions.

A new era:
Mixed question set ╳ OMR and Writing answer sheet in 1


In addition to the traditional question types, the "OSS Script Solution" will allow for mixed question set: a set of questions that consists of different types of questions such as multiple choice, cloze question, and writing (short answer and essay) response. It is designed to include the required question content and the corresponding response format to meet the needs of the test. It excludes the need for separating OMR answer sheet and writing answer sheet, and enhances the assessment level with diversified designing.

Farewell to tradition
Diverse question banks · Import and design test paper

In the face of the new competence-oriented test and question design trend, TEAM Model provides OSS Script Solution and IES 5 platform's question bank system that accommodates multiple question types. The two are highly integrated to achieve the most efficiency, from designing to correcting questions. The source of questions can be directly edited in MS Word and then imported into the cloud platform to become a database of questions and test papers. Furthermore, these questions become an accumulative resource that can be used for more tests in the future. The functions of using the question banks to design test papers include: 

1. SMART test paper design: The system automatically designs test papers from question banks according to the subject, difficulty level, and question type.
2. Manual test paper design: Teachers select questions from the question bank system to design test papers.
3. Import test paper design: Directly use MS Word or Excel to design questions and import them as cloud-based test papers

Diversification of testing methods before, during, and after class that no one else can do


Aside from paper-based exams, the test papers made from the question banks can be used in other assessment methods.

Using scenario of test papers designed with question banks on the cloud platform include:

  • OSS Script (OMR and Writing) AssessmentUse test papers to give tests directly and pair up with an automated answer sheet scanning system to correct objective questions automatically while teachers correct subjective questions online. In the same way, grade reports are automatically generated.
  • Smarter Classroom Assessment: Selected classes to participate in Smarter Classroom Assessment will be notified during the smarter classroom session; use HiTeach Smarter Teaching System to allow students in using IRS feedback mechanism to conduct simultaneous student-led assessment activity. If the students use Web IRS, the question types can cover cloze, writing (short answer and essay), and calculation. Students can also participate in the assessment online.
  • Online Assessment: Students can use the AClass ONE Learning Companion on the TEAM Model Cloud to take online asynchronous tests. Any device with access to a web browser through Internet can be used, allowing students to complete the tests within a limited time frame.

Immediate access to statistical data
Assessment results at a glance

The assessment results from the OSS Script Solution support the PLAYTOL Dynamic Assessment Analytics, which allows test data to be directly analyzed for cloud-based learning diagnostics, generating reports and statistical analysis, making it easy for teachers and school teams to obtain test results in real-time and help students address their learning weaknesses. (PLAYTOL Dynamic Assessment Analytics need to be purchased separately)

Pair with professional learning status analysis:
Over 30 different analysis reports
Systematic track school and district-level grades

In the past, the only way to get a learning status analysis report is to take a large-scale test with an answer sheet scanning system. TEAM Model's PLAYTOL Dynamic Assessment Analytics can generate reports for any official test, regardless of the scale of the test. For similar or formative exams, you can even generate horizontal and vertical comparison analyzes!

Diversified value in response to multiple roles

School leaders
Understand the learning status and effectiveness of the entire school and each class.
Automatically generate grade analysis charts to save teachers' time.
Identify student learning problems and develop individual counseling and remedial strategies for students.
Conduct self-directed remedial study for "incorrectly answered question".
Understand learning weaknesses and adjust your learning priorities.


Save time, save effort, and reduce burdens

Whether it is a big or small test, the OSS Script Solution provides convenient automatic scanning recognition and grading functions to reduce errors of manual correcting and make exam checking less of a hassle. Also, all answer information will be recorded so that students' test data can be checked at any time to facilitate appropriate remedial learning.

Fast scanning: more than a page per second

The A3 Duplex High-Speed Scanner can scan 90 pages (one side) / 180 pages (both sides) per minute. Then, the computer will automatically correct the objective questions, while the teacher will check the subjective questions online. Afterward, the system will automatically add up the scores to get the test results of each student, and then quickly and conveniently analyze the learning situation.

AI Smarter School: Integrate before, during, and after class

TEAM Model AI Smarter School can link the four essential teaching processes: teaching, assessment, diagnosis, and remediation. It also features automated grading, cloud-based data, diversified analysis, scientific questioning, refined teaching, and autonomous learning, which can truly transform schools into AI smarter schools compared to other solutions.

Auto-generated answer sheets / can also edit by yourself

Using TEAM Model Cloud to design test papers, the system can synchronously generate answer sheets. Therefore, you can directly print and use the answer sheets without the need to set up the scanning areas, saving the burden and cost of answer sheet production!

Design test papers to generate diagnostic reports in 1 go

A unique kind of solution

New Taipei Municipal Beixin Elementary School
Make good use of Online Scoring System (OSS) and grade analysis
New Taipei Municipal Beixin Elementary School has been promoting innovative teaching and teaching design with technology since 2012, and has completed the construction of 126 TEAM Model smarter classrooms. Through integrating technology with teaching, the main focus is to return to the students: interactive teaching with technology allows children to be more innovative and competitive. Also, the school uses Online Scoring System with lesson teaching analysis to help teachers quickly understand students' learning status. 
Lixia District of Shandong Province
Scan and analysis answer sheets of over 10,000 students

The Lixia's district exams were graded using the Online Scoring System (OSS) that produced an enormous amount of data and analysis (13,976 students tested, totaling of approximately 1.25 million data items produced). Such a large amount of data is almost impossible to accomplish by traditional means, but with the combination of the TEAM Model Smarter Classroom, the Online Scoring System, and the TEAM Model Cloud, the entire data analysis was completed in just two hours, resulting in district, school, classroom and individual-based analysis and diagnostic reports.
 Purchase Information
TEAM Mode OSS Script Solution
HardwareA3 Duplex High-Speed Scanner
Scanning speed90 pages (one side) / 180 pages (both sides) per minute
Answer Sheet ProductionAfter the test papers are designed by the TEAM Model Cloud, the answer sheets will be directly generated for print and use with no additional setting of answer sheets.
Test Paper ProductionChoose test papers directly from TEAM Model Cloud question banks, and you can choose to: SMART test paper design, manual test paper design, or import test paper design.
Additional FeaturesProvides "statistical data": basic information on test results, such as grade reports, average score statistics.
PLAYTOL Dynamic Assessment Analytics can be purchased, providing more than 30 different analysis reports.