TEAM Model AI Smarter School

TEAM Model Smarter Classroom + TEAM Model Lecture Observation Lounge + Data Decision

Five Curriculum Systems

The five curriculum systems, which include TEAM Model, TEAM Model Based Smarter Learning, Teachers’ Professional Development, TEAM Model AI Smarter School and Smarter-based Educational Philosophy are provided by Global TEAM Model Education Research Institute, will satisfy the demands of school development and teacher training at all stages.

The core objectives of the five curriculum systems are to train TEAM Model smarter education technology experts, smarter classroom teaching experts, AI smarter school guidance experts and to promote the professional development of smarter teachers as well as enhance the concept of smarter education by combining theories and practices, in addition to applying educational big data and AI, which is a systematic, scientific, professional and online-offline-integrated smarter education-based curriculum.

TEAM Model Series

Train the professional technology and application ability of the TEAM Model Smarter Teaching Support System for smarter teachers, including pre-class, in-class and after-class teaching and learning activities, smarter assessment and data collection, cloud-based diagnostic analysis and automatic remedy, smarter learning integration, smarter school district and smarter city integration program, etc.

TEAM Model Based Smarter Learning Series

The Sokrates platform of Global TEAM Model Education Research Institute is used to assist smarter teachers to refine TEAM Model Based Smarter Learning lesson examples with data-based decision-making, operational thinking, interaction, differentiation and autonomy that combine the philosophy, cases and practices together, so as to accelerate the inspiration and enlightenment of the class.

Teacher Professional Development Series

With the promotion of teachers’ professional development as the core, it researches and studies the theory and practice of the deep integration of  new technology (T), new pedagogy (P) and new contents (C). AI is used to assist teaching discussion and improvement of various disciplines, to study TBL, PBL, one-to-one learning, and to develop modern classroom which can be reproduced, such as smarter Chinese, smarter Mathematics and precise teaching.