TEAM Model AI Smarter School

TEAM Model Smarter Classroom + TEAM Model Lecture Observation Lounge + Data Decision

Data Analysis Service

“TEAM Model AI Smart School” is a school that makes full use of AI and Internet of things (IoT) technology. It can not only master the use status of each TEAM Model Smarter Classroom through the Internet of things technology, but also use AI to help teachers grow professionally. The school team can view various dashboards from the Service Management Center to obtain detailed data reports, such as the “Teaching and Learning Big Data Management Platform” to understand teachers’ mastery of technology, or the “Smarter School Big Data Dashboard” to analyze the appropriate rate of smarter classroom.

Based on the data, the consultant will regularly report and discuss with the school team, assist the school team to analyze the current situation, and roll-revise the progress or goal of the teacher professional growth plan, so as to gradually and concretely realize the school’s vision of science and technology.