Empower Teaching, Inspire Learning

Foundation for Education Profession

From the Teaching-for-Students to the Student-Centered Learning, the biggest difference between the TEAM Model Smarter Education Support System and competitors lies in the guidance of up-to-date educational principle.

The members our R&D and founder teams are highly qualified; either masters or doctorates, with rich teaching experience, fully aware of teachers and students need. Thus, the system is designed in fully professional, convenient and practical way to meet the contemporary demand. Following the latest technology available and updates we have travelled a long journey of 20 years in this field.

360°Systematic Integration

TEAM Model Smarter Education Supports System to establish significant smart classroom with the integration hardware and software, implement AI technology with big data to analyze teaching, pedagogy and content, and establish. To stimulate students’ autonomous learning and motivation, we provide self-study environment before the class, boost them in class activities and facility to review whole class after they back home. TEAM Model System connect teachers, students and campus administration team though smarter school management. It is 360° complete ecological system of TEAM Model AI Smarter School. 

Smart Technology Leads the Industry

TEAM Model insists on using the latest technology and leads the industry with its educational technology. In 2016 we have implemented AI technology to develop AI Sokrates, which automatically collects and analyzes teaching, pedagogical and content (TPC) data and produce report. AI Sokrates reports are further several purposes such as research, reference, teachers’ professional development and advancing the smarter teaching under Global TEAM Model Education Research Institute.