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HiTA Teaching Assistant App (Android)

In the TEAM Model smart teaching system environment, connect HiTeach through the HiTA Teaching Assistant App, allowing teachers to take photos of classroom activities in the classroom at any time or select pictures of teaching materials and paste them back on the whiteboard to share content in real time; you can also take multiple photos at the same time Group works are presented at the same time for multi-image comparison.
In addition, teachers can use HiTA as an IRS teacher remote control. HiTA can perform functions such as Pick-out, Flip Cards, and real-time Buzz-in of the IRS system. HiTA is just as convenient as the intelligent assistant in the hands of teachers.
In the era of cloud data management, HiTA can access the IES platform, and HiTeach 3 can simultaneously manage the student list data of the course.

The main function:
Support TEAM Model ID Integrate smart teaching services, connect classroom-side HiTeach teaching system and IES cloud platform:
1. QRCode scan and IP input, connect HiTeach, replace IRS teacher remote control with smartphone, teachers can operate HiTeach interactive teaching system without going to the whiteboard
2. Immediately shoot works, instant sharing, instant interactive feedback
3. Instantly view related courses, students, etc. on the IES cloud learning platform, and send and receive e-papers
4. You can use the IES Cloud Learning Platform course to connect HiTeach for interactive classroom activities

Please use the QRCode below to directly download the HiTA Android installation apk file.

System requirements: Android 5.0 or higher

HiTA Teaching Assistant App (iOS)

iOS users please scan the QR code below to install HiTA 3.0.18.