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The 8th Global Technology Leadership & Instructional Technology Summit and Cross-Strait Education Competitiveness Forum

With joint efforts by educational organizations and affiliated associations, the “Global Technology Leadership and Instructional Technology Summit”held by Taiwan Technology Leadership and Instructional Technology Development Association (TTLITDA) since 2012 has successfully initiated the discussion and dialogue on technology leadership and innovative smarter classroom teaching between Taiwan, China and the world. Experts, scholars, leaders and principals are invited every year from all over the world to share new knowledge on technology leadership and achievements in smart education development.

2019 is the eighth year of the Summit. Summarizing development experiences in previous years, we have set “AI Smarter School and Smarter Post-lesson Discussion” as the theme for this year with the expectation of elevating education competitiveness and expand continuously the influence of “Smarter Education, Global Synchronization, Cross-strait Companionship” through the Summit. 

As technology is flourishing, the combination of big data and AI will expedite the professional development of teachers. The various detailed teaching data recorded in classes by AI can be used to summarize and analyze the teaching interaction model between teachers and students, as well as teachers’ proficiency in technology application. It can also provide key point sections of teaching processes to help teachers effectively in refining their teaching model for further exploration of “student-centered” teaching.