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HiTeach 5 Smarter Teaching System
Download and Install
HiTeach 5
is one of the latest products of TEAM Model 5. It is mainly used in classroom teaching, providing complete interactive whiteboard teacher-student interaction, data decision making, cooperative learning, multiple assessments, and teaching students according to their abilities, and other key functions.

HiTeach 5, according to its authorization properties and functions, can be classified as HiTeach 5 professional version authorization or HiTeach 928 educational charity authorization. They use the same download installation, only the authorization mechanism is different, please see the following description.

Download and install
Before installation, please check if whether the hardware and software environment of your computer system meets the recommended requirements. An environment with a poorer hardware performance level may cause the software to lag or suffer from unexpected problems caused by insufficient resources. 
HiTeach 5 installation recommended software and hardware environment requirements:

1.   Recommended Hardware Requirements
1-1 CPU Intel ® Core i5 quad-core @ 2.0GHz or higher (Recommended)/ CPU Intel ® Core i5 dual-core (Minimum)
1-2 RAM 8G or more(Recommended)/ RAM 4G (Minimum)
1-3 Graphics card: 24bit True Color 1366 x 768 1G VRam or more
1-4 Hard disk space: 100 GB or more available hard-disk space, SSD recommended
1-5 USB 2.0 Interface

2.  Operating System and Software Requirements
2-1 Windows 10, 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
2-2 Edge 91 or above version
2-3 Microsoft Office 2013 / 2016 / 2019  (Import pptx)

If the environment meets the requirements, then please download the HiTeach 5 installer to your computer and follow the prompted steps to install.

Language interfaces supported by HiTeach:
•    HiTeach 5 currently supports multilingual interface switching including Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Arabic, Vietnamese, Thai, Bulgarian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Turkish... etc. We welcome Regional partners work with us to improve the language families that have not yet been supported, and expand the localized language version.

HiTeach 5 Authorization
After the installation of HiTeach 5 is complete, the    icon will appear on the desktop and in the lower right corner of the taskbar to run the HiTeach Agent. By default, a login window will pop up. If you already have a free-registered TEAM Model account, you can log in directly to use it.


You can view the HiTeach authorization through the HiTeach Agent, as well as access the HiTeach 5 operating interface.

HiTeach 5 has two authorization status, the default is the HiTeach 928 educational charity authorization for a public benefit authorization, and can be used by login to your account; the other is the HiTeach 5 professional version authorization with full functionality, enter the obtained serial number and activate it to use the advanced features.

About HiTeach 928
•    HiTeach 928 is an educational charity authorization for HiTeach 5 and is used to promote smarter education for the public benefit provided by HABOOK Group. We welcome all teachers to download and use it.
•    This authorization cannot be resold, sold, pre-installed, or included in any system or product. Please contact HABOOK Group for authorized cooperation if you need it.
•    This authorization is for specific functions and uses. If you need more supported functions, please purchase HiTeach 5 professional version authorization and related modules.

If you are a user who purchased the HiTeach 5 professional version authorization or obtained the serial number of the professional version authorization through collaboration, training, etc., then please click on License in the HiTeach Agent, enter the serial number and execute the activation. After completing the activation, you will be able to see the detailed authorization information of the professional version.


HiTeach 5 Novice Tutorial: Interface and Basic Operation
HiTeach 5 is very simple to use. After installation, refer to the HiTeach 5 Interface and Basic Operation Tutorial to help you quickly get started.

Move the HiTeach Agent icon to the taskbar
By default, the Windows system will place the HiTeach Agent icon in the hidden icons area of the taskbar. You can move it to the external taskbar by holding down the left mouse button on the icon and dragging it.